Arimidex Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Arimidex is a prescription drug approved for hormone-receptive forms of breast cancer in women who have already gone through menopause. While it does address hormonal issues, this product targets cancer more than any other issue.

Arimidex works to target tumors in the body by lowering estrogen levels. Arimidex is intended to be taken daily for best results, and ideally should be taken with food.

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Arimidex Ingredients and Side Effects

As noted on the Arimidex website, this product is made from one active ingredient, a drug called anastrozole, a prescription drug approved for early-stage, post-menopausal breast cancer. Here’s a look at what users can expect to see when using this product:


Anastrozole: This ingredient is a prescription medication approved for use in the United States for the treatment of a specific form of breast cancer known as hormone receptive breast cancer, or HR+.

Anastrozole inhibits the body’s production of estrogen, which causes tumors to shrink, and ideally, disappear over time. HR+ breast cancer is the most common use for this drug, it may also treat certain forms of metastatic breast cancer or ovarian cancer. In some cases, it may be used to prevent the previously mentioned diseases.

  • Patients are advised to be careful with the product, as the product can be absorbed through the skin, and therefore should not be handled by children pregnant women, or women trying to conceive.
  • Side effects may include constipation, loss of appetite, body aches, tenderness and pain in the breasts, coughing, itchy throat, hair thinning, changes in weight and mood changes.
  • Additional side effects may include tingling and numbness, vaginal discharge or odor, bone pain or bone fractures, swelling and redness in the arms and legs.

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Arimidex Quality of Ingredients

Arimidex is meant to reduce the levels of estrogen in the body, which could exacerbate certain symptoms associated with menopause, which lowers estrogen naturally, in and of itself.

As we’re discussing this product’s use in relation to menopause, this product is intended for users who have breast cancer and have gone through menopause already.

Based on the reviews we found for this product, it’s clear that Arimidex has been shown to help users further their cancer treatment, with many people giving this fairly high ratings, despite some of the clear drawbacks.

Again, women seeking treatment for menopausal symptoms should look into something that provides them with more estrogen, not less, and should probably skip this product unless they have cancer, and it’s been recommended by their physician.

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The Price and Quality of Arimidex

Arimidex is not sold in the US without a prescription, which makes sense, as there are a number of unpleasant side effects associated with this product, and it’s intended specifically for post-menopausal cancer patients.

Arimidex in most cases, is covered by the insurance provider, at least partially. On average, this product costs about $186 per pack of 30 pills. There are a number of generic versions of this product available as well, which brng the cost down a bit lower.

If you have been prescribed this product, asking for the generic version may help you save some money if your insurance doesn’t cover the entire expense. Additionally, the manufacturer offers some coupons, which can further dirve down costs.

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Business of Arimidex

The company that makes Arimidex is known as AstraZeneca, a biopharmaceutical company that specializes in oncology, immunology and more. Here is their contact information below:

Phone:  0800 783 0033

The Arimidex website itself is informative and lists out all the potential side effects for this product, as well as who the drug will work best for—in this case older women with early stage breast cancer. It’s easy to navigate and offers a friendly tone to readers likely suffering through a difficult time in their lives.

AstroZeneca’s corporate website is well-designed, clean and lays out the many areas of focus this company directs its focus. There’s an area dedicated to the science behind their full scope of products, as well as sustainability efforts, testimonials and more.

Overall, users will get the sense that AstroZeneca seems like a trustworthy company that’s been well-established in this space.

Because Arimidex has so many side effects associated with its use, it’s likely heartening for consumers to see a website that publishes studies on the products and plenty of information detailing how, exactly, these products can help fight life-threatening diseases.

That being said, it’s hard to find contact information, should users want to talk to someone at the company. The global corporate headquarters may be worth a shot, but it will surely be hard to find the right department. You’re better off calling your doctor or your pharmacist.

Customer Opinions of Arimidex

Based on the reviews we found for Arimidex, it’s clear that this product has a very specific indication, but menopause relief is not it. Here’s a look at what consumers had to say about this cancer drug, and how it worked for them:

“I started on this medicine after having breast cancer surgery, and it made me cry all the time. I had mood swings and just generally was having a hard time. I think it was effective though.”

“This product gave me pain all over with use, as well as symptoms like hot flashes and weight gain. I really felt sick.”

“Cancer-free after taking this product for two years. Not sure if it was Arimidex or something else, but either way, I’m definitely pleased. Yes, there are some side effects, but it’s been worth it for sure.”

“I’ve been taking this product for years pretty successfully. It’s shrunken some of my tumors, and it seems like I’m recovering nicely. It does cause some hot flashes and has also reduced my libido a lot.”

Arimidex did have some positive reviews, but again, this product is exclusively targeting women who have gone through menopause and also have a specific form of cancer. It’s clear from the reviews that the further reduction in estrogen in the body contributes to more menopause symptoms, rather than taking them away.

Users with breast cancer (most that we saw were over 60 and diagnosed with stage 1 HR+ cancer) Arimidex did give this overwhelmingly positive reviews, so it’s clear that this product works really well for its intended use. In the end, if you think you have breast cancer, or are searching for a solution that addresses menopause, it’s really important to go see a doctor.

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Conclusion – Does Arimidex Work?

In the context of looking at pills associated with treating the symptoms of menopause, we do not recommend that people try to seek out Arimidex, unless they have also been diagnosed with breast cancer. Even so, this drug specifically targets HR+ breast cancer and not all forms of the disease.

Overall, it’s clear that Arimidex is meant for a more specific cancer treatment, and it may be effective in women who are also suffering from menopause. This product is not intended for those users who don’t have cancer and want relief from hot flashes, mood swings, or other menopausal symptoms should look elsewhere for a product that better targets those needs, rather than treating a disease they do not have.

If you are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and would like to try Arimidex, it’s definitely worth bringing up, but it does seem to have some limitations, and certain types of breast cancer may not be treated all that effectively by this particular drug.

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2 Responses to Arimidex Review

Jennifer Marmet says:

I completed 5 years of Aramidex and stopped only one week ago. I cannot find anything on line about what to expect re reversal of problems
So far, I find I am hungry and getting hot flushes’ again. What I wonder is….will my hair loss stop and start to grow again.
Will my nails look better
Will my irritable bowel improve

Peggy Smith says:

I have been following this drug for years because I wanted to know why I wasn’t told that my hair would fall out while taking this medication. I had a recurrence of breast cancer in 2007 and after my surgery was over, I was placed on Arimidex. I had taken it for almost a year when I woke up one morning to find quite a bit of my hair on my pillow. Over the next few days, I noticed more and more coming out. I ended up cutting the remaining strands off. I was very upset because that was the only thing that I was taking that could have taken my hair out.

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