Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is a line of vaginal cleansers designed for reducing odor causing bacteria. Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is made to gently clean the intimate area, while helping maintain a natural pH.

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is soap-free and lightly scented, meaning its safe for sensitive skin. This product is intended for external use only and is to be used like a body wash in the shower.

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Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash Ingredients and Side Effects

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is more of a body wash than a product that contains active ingredients. This product contains a list of sulfates, glycerin and other lab-made substances.

We’re not sure if this product poses a high risk of side effects, but the presence of glycerin may be off putting for women dealing with menopause, as this ingredient may have a drying effect on the vagina.

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Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash Quality of Ingredients

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash doesn’t contain any ingredients that come across as dangerous or irritating for most people, though everyone’s body chemistry is different, and some people may find the scented wash to cause some mild itching.

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash isn’t exactly designed with menopausal dryness in mind. The purpose of this product is to reduce vaginal odor through the use of pH balanced wash. Based on the ingredients present, we’re not entirely sure this product offers much, aside from a pleasant smell—something that may be enough of a selling point for a certain subset of potential users, to be sure.

Based on looking at the ingredients, we’re not really sure why this product is any better than a body wash for cleansing the outside of the vagina.

In terms of providing any benefits, this is also unclear. There are no ingredients listed in this formula known for their ability to provide lasting hydration to the vaginal area—a top concern for women dealing with menopause symptoms.

Additionally, there are a lot of ingredients present like glycerin, which may cause yeast infections, as well as sodium laureth sulfate, an ingredient that many people are sensitive to.

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The Price and Quality of Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is sold in a number of grocery stores, drug stores and countless online platforms. You’ll be able to find this product at Target, CVS, Albertson’s Walmart and more. Additionally, it can be purchased through just about any major online retailer — Amazon, Jet and

Because Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is essentially just a body wash, it’s relatively affordable. This product is sold in two sizes, a 9 oz. bottle and a 15 oz. bottle — both of which can be found for under $5.

Sure, Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash only costs a few dollars, but we’re not sold on whether there are many benefits associated with its use. Users may be better off taking a probiotic supplement if they are concerned about odor or pH. For sensitive or dry vaginal areas, users may want to consider a moisturizer or a hormone-balancing supplement instead.

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Business of Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is a brand owned by the CB Fleet Company. Besides the form included on the “contact us page,” the only way to reach someone at this company is through their Facebook page or YouTube channel.

The Summer’s Eve website looks really nice — it’s clean, bright and easy to read. Although it doesn’t feature any e-commerce capabilities, users can easily view the range of product offerings like wipes and washes, as well as the myriad scents available.

The site provides a brief rundown on the benefits of using Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash, as well as some FAQs for using this product. Unfortunately, they don’t provide much information about the active ingredients found inside the formula.

We found the list of ingredients through Walmart’s website, as mentioned above, and we’re not sure what makes this formula any different than a body wash, and Summer’s Eve doesn’t really give us a good answer — it just seems to exist for the purpose of convincing women they need to add another product into their routine.

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash, of course, has been around for such a long time, so clearly there’s a large fan base who appreciate the gentle wash, as well as the light scents.

Aside from any issues we have with this product, it’s worth pointing out that this website provides some good info for younger women who may not understand the ins and outs of their anatomy—providing some information about vaginal health and properly taking care of your reproductive system.

Customer Opinions of Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash has primarily positive reviews associated with its use, though some users felt the cream was a little cumbersome for their tastes and others brought up some other issues regarding its efficacy. Here’s a look at some of the feedback we found:

“I’ve tried just about every scent of Summer’s Evev and I really like the floral — it’s light and pleasant and doesn’t irritate my skin. Definitely helps me stay fresh throughout the day.”

“I bought this product because I wanted my vagina to smell flowery, or you know, less like a vagina. After a couple days I was happy, but after about a week, I noticed a weird, fish smell I didn’t have before.”

“It’s pretty good — I mean, it’s just a body wash. I like that it’s gynecologist-tested and it doesn’t seem to mess with my body chemistry and provides a nice scent.”

“Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash seems good enough — I don’t feel like it makes me smell good — I guess it just eliminates any sort of bad smell.”

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash appears to do what it claims to do, provide a gentle cleansing to the intimate area. A few people mentioned they didn’t love the smell, but it might not be right for everyone’s body chemistry.

There were no mentions from menopausal users who need some additional moisture. This product isn’t meant to be drying, but it does contain glycerin, which when included in lubrication products may dry out the skin—the opposite of what those experiencing vaginal dryness need from a product.

Overall, it seems like Summer’s Eve might not be a necessary product in most people’s routines. A gentle soap is likely just as effective, and there’s no benefit here, aside from their full range of feminine scents.

In the end, this product seems more about personal taste than anything. It’s akin to women’s shaving creams or other single-use products deemed unnecessary by many people, but beloved by others.

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Conclusion – Does Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash Work?

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash is not a product we feel inclined to recommend, but it does have several positive reviews, so it may well be a worthwhile purchase for some people.

The main reason we don’t recommend this product is, Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash doesn’t offer any benefits to users aside from a pleasant scent.

Users concerned with the smell of their vagina should consider the cause of any odor—bacteria, pH balance, etc. These issues can be addressed with the use of a probiotic supplement or by treating things like BV or yeast infections with antibiotics.

Finally, this product does not contain any ingredients known to provide moisture or anti-aging benefits to the vaginal skin cells. While younger users might not think about this, women dealing with menopause may want to find something that nourishes the skin and provides moisture where needed, not just a nice floral scent.

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4 Responses to Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash Review

Hailey says:

About a month ago I used a Summer’s Eve vaginal wipe and it caused me a Batholin Cyst which was very painful and annoying. I threw the wipes away and never used it again and it healed. This time, without thinking, I used my Summer’s Eve vaginal wash like I do once a week and now I have a very painful, itchy and irritated yeast infection. I’m 20 years old and I won’t be using Summer’s Eve or any products near my vaginal area. Water works just fine since vaginas clean themselves. Do not get if you’re afraid of getting a yeast infection or something of the sort.

Amaris says:

I’ve been using summers eve for a few months now. When i use it, it does leave my intimate area with a nice scent and I do feel fresher down there. But the only problem that i have is that the freshness doesn’t stay there for very long. I want a product that can leave my area fresh even while i’m sweating and its hot outside.

Anonymous says:

it works

ThisGameSux says:

I’ve used summers eve for a month and now I can’t even get wet when I know I’m aroused. It is frustrating that I went from being nonstop WAP to using their products to now having dry unpleasant times down there. I do not recommend summers eve unless you wanna be frustrated and dry.

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