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What is it?

Estrovera is a pill that addresses a range of symptoms associated with perimenopause. The makers of this supplement claims that users can expect to see improved moods, reduced hot flashes and night sweats and more.

Estrovera is made with a strain of Siberian rhubarb known as ERr731, an estrogen-free herbal solution to menopause symptoms. While this product promises relief for a number of women, it’s still not entirely clear how the product works to deliver the desired outcome.

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Estrovera Ingredients and Side Effects

Estrovera is made from a single active ingredient, a form of Siberian rhubarb, known as ERr731. Here’s a look at the benefits associated with its use, as well as the potential risk of side effects:

Siberian Rhubarb Extract (ERr731)

Siberian Rhubarb Extract (ERr731): An extract derived from the vegetable, rhubarb, research suggests that there may be a link between this ingredient and the ability to reduce hot flashes and other symptoms commonly associated with menopause like depression and anxiety, mood swings, night sweats and more.

ERr731 is thought to be most useful in helping women through perimenopause transitional stage, where hot flashes and night sweats begin to emerge.

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Estrovera Quality of Ingredients

Estrovera, if it works as promised, may well be a good solution for women suffering from hot flashes, night sweats and changes in mood affecting their day to day lives as they enter menopause.

It’s easy to see why users may want to explore the use of rhubarb extract rather than start a hormone replacement therapy, as HRT can raise the risk of breast cancer, heart disease and other potentially life-threatening conditions.

This particular extract does not contain any estrogens, which makes it a relatively safe option for women who have been advised by their doctors to avoid estrogens, yet still seek some relief from discomfort.  Unfortunately, while the site does do a good job laying out what this product can do over the course of three and six-month periods, there’s not much of an understanding as to how this Estrovera actually performs.

We don’t know what affect, if any, the rhubarb has on the hormone levels in perimenopausal women, which is generally the root cause of the night sweats and hot flashes this product seeks to alleviate.

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The Price and Quality of Estrovera

Estrovera is only sold on the official website to third-party wholesalers or registered practitioners, though consumers can easily buy this product from other sources. The suggested retail price for this product is $34.95, and most platforms we came across are selling Estrovera for $30-$40 a bottle.

Amazon is currently not selling Estrovera, but the listing remains active and still shows the reviews and product information. At this time no major supplements retailers sell this product though you can find it for sale on sites like, and a handful of others.

The price seems a little high, considering this is not a prescription drug and is made exclusively from concentrated rhubarb. We’re not sure that this ingredient is proven to work, which makes it even more difficult to justify the price point.

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Business of Estrovera

Estrovera is made by a company known as Metagenics, a company that makes and sells  plant-based supplements to retailers and healthcare practitioners. Their contact information is located below:

Phone: 800-692-9400

Address: 25 Enterprise #200
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

The Metagenics website is hard to navigate and looks a little outdated. The text is small and it’s unclear why they don’t make this supplement available to the public, opting to sell wholesale only to registered healthcare providers, as well as some retailers.

The product is not a prescription drug, so selling to doctors only seems a bit unnecessary. Either way, they do list some information about studies conducted on this product, and there are some demonstrated signs this rhubarb supplement could have a positive effect on users.

When we looked into this company a bit further, we found that Metagenics had an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, due to a failure to substantiate the claims listed on the website—for Estrovera, as well as a few other supplements.

Additionally, there were a couple registered complaints on the BBB website, both citing issues with the product, as well as unauthorized charges.

Yes, menopause products do often take a few weeks to kick in, but three months is a quite an investment for a supplement that may or may not work, even if they do offer a discount.

Customer Opinions of Estrovera

Many of the reviews we found for Estrovera were relatively positive, though we did see a range of experiences from users who documented their thoughts after giving this product a try. Here are some of the consumer accounts we came across:

“Estrovera started working for me pretty quickly, it only took about a week to work, yet two months later, my hot flashes have returned in full force. While those 2 months were great, I need a long term solution.”

“I’ve long been having issues with dryness, irritation and infection. Since I started taking Estrovera, the symptoms have subsided and have yet to return.”

“It could work just fine for other people, but Estrovera gave me some intestinal problems that just didn’t go away. Had to quit using this.”

“I don’t recommend this product at all. It’s really expensive and it did not help with a single menopause symptom. Save your money and look for something with more demonstrated results.”

Estrovera did receive a number of good reviews, but there were enough complaints about this product that led us to believe there may be some better options for women who are looking for more solid results from a menopause product.

There’s not much proof backing the use of Siberian rhubarb to fight against night flashes and the other effects that losing estrogen can have on the body. For a product that doesn’t contain any form of estrogen, there is some evidence it might work. But between the lackluster reviews and the lack of information about this ingredient on the web, we’re not completely sold on Estrovera.

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Conclusion – Does Estrovera Work?

While we do see the appeal in a completely hormone-free product like Estrovera, we’re not sure that it’s the best solution for addressing the discomfort associated with perimenopause. The only active ingredient in this product is rhubarb extract, which simply doesn’t seem to provide a potent enough fight against the hormonal imbalances that occur at this stage in life.

In looking at the reviews, we did find that this worked for some people. We also saw instances of people claiming it did not work at all, as well as women who mentioned this product worked for a bit and then stopped. Within the customer opinions, we just didn’t find that there was enough consistency to get a clear picture of whether or not this worked.

Additionally, when we looked at the formula of Estrovera there’s not much evidence available for those who want to read more about the research behind this product or this rhubarb extract. Sources like Dr. Oz and other smaller natural medicine-focused online publications mentioned use of this product, but there’s hardly anything detailing rhubarb’s use as a menopause treatment from the mainstream medical community.

Besides the issues with the formula and inconsistent reviews, the manufacturer, Metagenics have repeatedly posted unsubstantiated claims on their site for this product, as well as others, which doesn’t do much for consumer trust—particularly if they are forced to buy from a third-party outlet and may not be protected by any return policy or product guarantee.

After looking into this product, we feel that there are a number of solutions on the market that better address menopause symptoms. Because women going through menopause experience a loss of estrogen, leading to all these adverse effects like night sweats, anxiety, irritability and hot flashes, it’s likely a more effective solution to use a product that works to balance hormone levels in the body.

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Gail Skvirsky says:

I have been having stomach irritability since starting estrovera please advise me if a side effect & possible remedies thnks

Tash Parkin says:

I have experienced intestinal issues since taking the estrovera tablets. Been take them 3 weeks at night but still get hot flushes night sweats, now added stomach issues taken tablets.
I will stop taking them.

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