Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera an encapsulated form of aloe vera. Aloe vera is used for a number of applications ranging from soothing sunburns to softening and soothing the skin—in this case, it is used to support digestion.

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera has proven analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits—which both play a role in its ability to provide relief to uncomfortable skin, but it may also be used to treat chronic bladder or digestive issues. In addition to these typical uses for aloe vera, there are some people who believe this plant-based ingredient may naturally tighten the vagina and fight inflammation.

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Desert Harvest Aloe VeraIngredients and Side Effects

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera is pure aloe vera. We’ll take a look at the key benefits users will receive with this ingredient, as well as how likely it is to provide vaginal and digestive benefits with use.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel: A succulent plant containing a soothing gel, the aloe vera plant has a long list of uses, though it’s most commonly used in helping soothe burned skin, itching, rash and more.

When taken by mouth, aloe vera may help with internal inflammation leading to conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or joint pain, as well helping with digestive issues.

It may also help with weight loss, diabetes, itching, asthma and more.

The makers of Desert Harvest Aloe Vera also claim that this product is useful in treating a condition known as interstitial cystitis, or IC—a chronic condition that causes ongoing bladder and pelvic pain and frequent urination.

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Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Quality of Ingredients

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera relies almost exclusively on aloe vera to deliver the benefits advertised on the website, but the primary benefits you’ll get from aloe vera are from applying topically or from taking an oral supplement that contains the plant’s latex.

The latex part of the plant provides users with relief from constipation, menstrual issues and more. The makers of this product have left the latex out due to its laxative effect.

Aloe is such an effective and beloved topical healing gel, but it’s hard to know whether there are equivalent benefits to taking the product by mouth.

In terms this product’s use as a tool for menopausal women, we’d suggest looking for something with a more definitive lineup of benefits—this one just comes with the potential to help those with internal inflammation and may help some women keep their weight off.

Both strong selling points, but there’s nothing that suggests this product is effective for vaginal dryness or tightening (things that may* occur from topical application) or hot flashes and mood swings.

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The Price and Quality of Desert Harvest Aloe Vera

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera is sold by the maker of this product, Desert Harvest for $68 for a bottle containing 180 capsules, but the dose is 6 capsules per day. Meaning, this is a rather expensive supplement.

Free shipping is offered along with enrollment in their autopay program, but we’re usually wary of such schemes, as they can be challenging to cancel.

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera is also sold on Amazon, but they’re not offering the product at a lower rate.

Based on the information we have, $68 for a one-month supply seems awfully high for an ingredient known to be fairly inexpensive. Sure, it’s encapsulated and the laxative properties have been removed, but there’s not much there in terms of obvious benefits.

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Business of Desert Harvest Aloe Vera

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera is made by natural supplements manufacturer, Desert Harvest. Potential buyers can reach them using the contact info below:

Phone: 800-222-3901

Email: [email protected]

Address: 437 Dimmocks Mill Road,

Suite 17B
P.O. Box 1412

Hillsborough, NC 27278

Desert Harvest has a website dedicated to showcasing all their aloe vera products, from gels, sprays, and the encapsulated supplement.

The site looks a little older, but appears to promote a transparent set of ideals—including all team members on their “about us” page, along with some information about each person on staff.

Overall, you get the sense that this company cares about the people who purchase from them and makes it easy to get in touch with customer service.

They’ve provided a good amount of information on the connection between taking aloe vera pills and the condition, interstitial cystitis (IC).

Aside from IC, which remains a mysterious condition, the product page for Desert Harvest Aloe Vera does not offer much information as to why someone might want to take aloe vera orally, as opposed to using the gel—a far more common use of the plant.

Because IC is rather uncommon, and there’s not much research backing the use of aloe vera in its treatment, we’re not totally sure if we would recommend this product to our audience.

Desert Harvest seems like a reputable company, but their aloe vera pills appear to have a very narrow customer base and are seemingly rather costly, as noted in the above section.

While this company may be transparent in some regards, we feel that they are overcharging for an ingredient containing only one active ingredient—the typically inexpensive, aloe vera.

Customer Opinions of Desert Harvest Aloe Vera

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera does have positive reviews, but the bulk of them come from people suffering from IC. Based on the comments people left, it’s not clear if there are benefits to taking this product for any other indication. Regardless, here’s a look at what people had to say:

“This stuff is really great. It’s definitely helped with IC flares, but you do need to take about six pills a day for best results. It’s a little expensive, but I’m glad to have this as opposed to having to take medication.”

“This product has helped me deal with IC quite a bit. I can’t take most medications, as I’ve experienced some pretty negative side effects in the past. Would absolutely recommend this product to others.”

“I thought I had chronic UTIs, but was instead suffering from IC. This product has helped me get through life with fewer flare ups. It’s unbelievably nice to not feel like I need to pee at all times.”

“Desert Harvest Aloe Vera was a disappointment for me. I have interstitial cystitis and was expecting more after reading such positive reviews. The price is insane, especially for something that doesn’t work.”

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera clearly has an effect on those people suffering from IC. While not a super common illness, this product seems to have addressed a need, and is clearly charging high price to provide the natural relief consumers are looking for.

Unfortunately, this product does not seem to have any other indications, meaning, for most of our readers, Desert Harvest Aloe Vera is likely a waste of money that would be better spent on a vaginal support product, or on a menopause supplement.

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Conclusion – Does Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Work?

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera is kind of a one note product. While aloe vera gel provides so many benefits to the skin from acne relief to burn soothing and beyond, aloe vera tablets seem to primarily have an effect on people suffering from IC.

Desert Harvest Aloe Vera had mainly positive reviews, but it’s get a sense of how this product works for people who don’t have IC, but are perhaps experiencing other types of pain or inflammation. Aloe vera supplements are thought to help with digestion, depression and weight loss, but we didn’t see any first-hand accounts of people finding relief from these particular issues.

Additionally, while aloe vera is thought to have some vaginal benefits, most of these are topical — soothing irritation or potentially tightening up the skin. Menopausal users may benefit from aloe vera, if they’re suffering from dryness, but there’s little evidence Desert Harvest Aloe Vera will do much unless they also have IC.

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4 Responses to Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Review

Virginia McPeak says:

Thanks for your review. I do have IC and am leery of taking the prescribe med. Elmiron. Only 28% of patients taking if for 6 months found it effective. And it is extremely expensive with potential side effects.

So, Desert Harvest Aloe Vera looks like worth a try.

Debbie Akin says:

I’ve been taking this for IC for about 3 years now and it has given me 100% relief from chronic bladder pain I’ve had since the 1980’s. I started out at 3 pills twice a day for a few months, then dropped to 3 pills once a day. If I stop taking it, my pain begins to surface after 3 or 4 days. I get right back on it and the pain subsides. I highly recommend it for people with this condition. However, I’m currently in menopause transition and I don’t believe it helps me with those symptoms.

Thank you.

Evangeline LIRA says:

My daughter ordered your product she said its working very satisfied. I have severe heartburn not only in my throat but also in my stomach will this product help me.

Alice says:

As a person who suffers from IC I found the product to not help after three months of usage. Not to mention how expensive it is not worth me continuing to keep using the product.

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