Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel is a solution designed to reduce the appearance of under eye puffiness. Additionally, the makers of this product claim that it works to iron out wrinkles and fine lines with use.

Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel has a unique, iron-shaped metal applicator, meant to glide across the skin. This product contains peptides, as well as some oils—but beyond that, it’s more of a cosmetic than a skin care product.

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Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel Ingredients and Side Effects

While this product contains a lot of ingredients, few are actually what we’d call “active.” This product is more of a cosmetic, but we’ve included a few items below that may have some benefits on the skin:

Peptides Sunflower Seed Oil

Peptides: Peptides, small chains of amino acids, work to boost collagen and elastin production, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, as well as firm sagging skin at the site of application.

Sunflower Seed Oil: Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, beta carotene and a handful of fatty acids. This ingredient provides moisture to dry skin and has the potential to tighten and firm the under eye area.

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Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel Quality of Ingredients

Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel doesn’t really contain any active ingredients. The product isn’t made to be a restorative treatment, so it’s hard to evaluate this on the same plane as the eye creams made to repair skin from the inside out.

This product contains peptides—which may well be the only active item in the blend. Peptides do have the potential to rebuild some of the proteins lost to age and environmental damage, but they work best when paired with other skin-friendly nutrients. This formula does not contain vitamin C, retinol or anything else that penetrates into the deep layers of skin, stimulating collagen production and cell turnover.

The product contains several filler chemical ingredients like acrylic and nylon, red and yellow dyes and more. Users should be aware of this before they purchase this product, as some people may be misled into thinking this has a lasting, cumulative effect.

The real intention is that this product is meant to be used as a primer of sorts—reducing puffiness before you apply your makeup.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel

Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel is widely available from a variety of retailers—Ulta, Sephora, Amazon, Macy’s, Nordstrom and countless others. Shoppers may also purchase this product directly from the Benefit website. Most sellers offer this product for $29 for a container with 0.34 ounces of product.

While $29 isn’t a whole lot for an eye cream, most competing creams and serums in this category come with 0.5 ounces of product. It’s also worth pointing out that this product doesn’t contain much in terms of anti-aging ingredients—which may make some consumers feel like they are getting ripped off to some extent.

Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel is a well-reviewed product, though, made by a brand with a fairly large following. Dedicated shoppers do often shell out $29 for this item, as it seems to work fairly well.

But, those users who are more budget conscious may want to consider that this product does not offer any restorative benefits—meaning, you’ll likely need to shell out some extra cash for a product made to repair and prevent skin damage.

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Business of Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel

Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel is made by the company, Benefit Cosmetics. Here is their contact information, along with some background:

Phone: 800-781-2336

Benefit was founded by two former models in the 1970s. the company focuses more on makeup and primers than skin care, designing cult favorite products with cheeky names.

Benefit is a global brand, featured in a number of stores like Sephora and Ulta as well as in department stores. The brand is a little pricey for some users, but it consistently gets good reviews—mainly for pore minimizers and highlighters, as well as their popular mascaras and brow perfecters.

The official site features makeup tips and tricks—like how to get the perfect brows, ask an expert features, and more. Consumers get a lot of information and the site is easy to navigate.

It’s worth pointing out, that this brand seems primarily concerned with offering products that make you look good while you wear them—lipsticks, eye liners, etc. They never claim to be making the kind of items that actually repair skin, so we do understand we may be looking at Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel in the wrong context.

Customer Opinions of Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel

Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel has many good reviews across multiple channels. People have reported primarily that this product is ideal for reducing puffiness in the morning, and improving the appearance of the skin surrounding the eyes before applying makeup.

Here’s a look at some of the comments we encountered during our research:

“It’s not a magical transformation, but it does make a difference. You need to apply enough product to let it spread out and seep in—there’s a film that needs to dry, but it does reduce puffiness.”

“Not a permanent solution, but this does help reduce puffiness in a pinch. I put it on before applying makeup and it definitely makes a difference. That said, it’s not going to repair damaged, wrinkled skin.”

“I like Benefit products a lot and decided to try this for puffiness. It’s great for applying before you put on concealer and really provides an awake look.”

“Pleasantly surprised! It blends perfectly and doesn’t leave any marks. I like how quickly this gets rid of any puffiness—perfect for when I don’t get enough sleep.”

Most of the comments echoed these same sentiments. People really seemed to like this item, but it’s clear that it’s meant to be used more as a primer—something to put on before you apply makeup, not so much this nourishing cream designed to stave off crow’s feet, crepey skin or other obvious signs of aging.

No consumers reported any lasting changes with use, but it’s worth noting that no one seemed to purchase this product thinking it would offer permanent results.

Based on the reviews, as well as our look at the formula, we think this product might be a good tool to add to one’s makeup kit, but it’s not a skin care product and should not be evaluated as such.

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Conclusion – Does Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel Work?

Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel is a beloved product that fills the need for people looking to combat puffiness upon application. This is a good tool for people who wish to look more awake, despite waking up with puffy eyes, but it doesn’t seem to offer any benefit to the skin.

Ingredients like nylon and acrylic create the appearance of smooth skin, but they don’t have a cumulative effect—smoothed wrinkles likely disappear when you wash your face, and may even clog pores when present on the face.

We likely wouldn’t recommend Benefit Puff Off Under Eye Gel to someone looking for an antiaging solution, but it may be a good temporary fix for people looking for an enhanced appearance in an instant.

Users who understand the purpose of this product—think under eye concealer—may well be happy with the results. But, those considering this against a product designed to offer a more lasting effect may need to purchase a traditional eye cream geared toward their skin type.

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