Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream is a lightweight eye cream designed to soften skin and improve texture. This formulation may be used at any time of day and keeps skin refreshed for up to 24 hours.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream is made almost exclusively to moisturize dry skin—featuring a blend of oils, as well as hyaluronic acid and squalane for fast absorbing, lasting moisture. This unscented eye cream may be worn with or without eye makeup and may be layered with other skin care products.

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Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream is made with the primary goal of hydration in mind. Here’s a quick look at some of the key components you’ll find in this blend:

Aloe Vera Witch Hazel Retinyl Palmitate
Squalane Avocado Oil Sodium Hyaluronate

Aloe Vera: Best known for its sunburn soothing properties, aloe vera is used to accelerate healing, fight the signs of aging and treat acne. This plant may also help keep skin smooth and moisturized.

Retinyl Palmitate: A form of vitamin A used to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and stimulate new cell growth.

Some scientists believe that retinyl palmitate may also speed the growth of tumors and skin lesions with use.

Avocado Oil: Avocado oil is used to soften and hydrate dry skin cells, as well as for soothing itching or skin conditions like eczema or inflammation.

Witch Hazel: Witch hazel is loaded with tannins, which act as an astringent—helping the skin get rid of excess oil. This ingredient may be used to treat acne, itching, and ironically, dry skin.

Squalane: Squalane is a stable oil used in a number of skin care products to hydrate skin. In addition to its powerful moisturizing potential, squalane is rich in antioxidants, making it a potent defense against aging.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Nearly identical to hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate is made up of tiny molecules that work to keep the skin hydrated for the long term—reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with use.

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Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream does contain some good ingredients—aloe vera, squalane, witch hazel and avocado oil—but it’s telling that these are the most “active” ingredients in the blend.

Yes, this product is advertised as being an under eye moisturizer, first and foremost, but it doesn’t contain a whole lot of other benefits. Most users shell out for an eye cream made by a reputable brand in search of something that will improve their appearance.

In this case, the product feels a bit incomplete, more like something one should be able to find at a drugstore for less than $15.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream does have some merits. It doesn’t contain petroleum products or parabens, nor does it contain anything known to cause major irritation.

Our main issue with Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream is, the formula doesn’t impress us much. Many users certainly value a highly hydrating product, but this lacks the elements that would take those benefits to the next level. There’s no antioxidants, vitamins or peptides to be found.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream is sold directly from the Bobbi Brown website for $52 for a jar containing 0.5 ounces of moisturizer. Sephora offers this item at the same price point, as do major department stores like Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman and more. The QVC website offers the cream for a slight discount–$46, while Amazon has it for $51.99.

It’s really difficult to find an ingredient label for this product, making it hard to justify spending $52. Sure, there are many eye creams out there that cost significantly more, but they tend to include high end ingredients advertised in the web copy. In this case, many consumers have mentioned a lack of efficacy after using as directed for weeks or even months—for that reason, we believe there are products that bring greater value than this.

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Business of Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream was created by makeup company, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Their contact information can be found below:

Phone: 877-310-9222

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was created by makeup artist Bobbi Brown in 1991 and purchased by Estee Lauder in 1995.

The Bobbi Brown website is a really great source for people who would like to learn more about all things beauty. From makeup application to skin care regimens, Korean beauty to sculpting the perfect brow, this website is loaded with useful information. That said, they could be more descriptive on the individual product pages. We had to look elsewhere for a comprehensive look at the ingredients used to make this eye cream.

Bobbi Brown has long had a solid customer following—with makeup pros and end consumers alike vouching for the quality of the products. We don’t believe that Bobbi Brown is made from harmful ingredients or that the products aren’t effective, we just like to have an easy-to-find list of ingredients—a critical element in making an informed buying decision.

The site allows users to upload a photo to try different shades of makeup, to select samples with orders over $50 and chat with a makeup artist for more information. The customer service experience is truly impressive.

That said, we don’t have a ton of information about the eye cream and can’t be sure this is the best choice for users seeking meaningful results.

Customer Opinions of Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream has mixed reviews. While many people liked the cream, others took issue with things like the packaging (it’s in a jar), as well as the price and lack of results.

Here are some of the reviews we found from past consumes of Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream:

“I received a sample of this cream and it is very moisturizing, as the name suggests. There’s no scent and it works well under makeup. But, after 3 weeks, there were no changes in dark circles or fine lines.”

“I bought this upon receiving a recommendation from a coworker. It moisturizes really well, but does little else. There are no key ingredients though, meaning the $52 is really asking a lot. I won’t buy again.”

“I cannot justify spending $50+ on an eye cream that works just as well as my favorite drugstore brand. If it had more nutrients or repairing ingredients, sure, but this is just a basic lotion.”

“My under eye area looks the same after two solid months of use. It feels hydrating, but it doesn’t help with dark circles or fine lines.”

The general consensus is, Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream doesn’t do anything besides moisturizing-which is fine for those without wrinkles or dark circles, but we’re having a hard time finding the value in this product.

There’s nothing in the ingredient profile that suggests that it might be worth the $52 price tag, especially as many competing products do a lot more for the same price, sometimes even for a lot less money.

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Conclusion – Does Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream Work?

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream does not seem to live up to the reputation that the Bobbi Brown makeup line has long enjoyed. The price point indicates that the company has priced this item so that it’s at a similar level as the other products featured on the site, but lacks any key ingredients that justify spending that much.

The Bobbi Brown website doesn’t even list an ingredient label or discuss anything about the formula. Instead, they offer a vague description of the product, which is essentially an overpriced lotion.

Reviewers seemed disappointed in the results they received with use, claiming the cream felt nice upon application, but never made any difference—big or small—in users’ appearance after extended periods of use.

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