Mystere Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Mystere Eye Cream is an eye cream marketed as a “mini eye lift” in a jar. The product claims that it works to improve skin elasticity with use, making the skin around the eyes look younger and tighter.

Mystere Eye Cream claims to fight against pollutants, sun damage and other factors that may make the skin look older. Additionally, this product works to reduce the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags.

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Mystere Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

The makers of Mystere Eye Cream never actually let us know what this product is made from. The site mentions peptides, but no other active ingredients—so the full scope of what’s inside the formula is largely a mystery.

Regardless, here’s a little more information about peptides and what they do:


Peptides: Made from amino acids, peptides aren’t quite a protein, but they are fundamental building blocks for skin, connective tissues and organs. As we get older, we lose some of the peptides naturally present in the skin—decreasing firmness, elasticity and structure.

When used in skincare products, peptides are thought to smooth out wrinkles and firm up loose or sagging skin.

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Mystere Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Mystere Eye Cream could contain a whole number of things. Whoever is responsible for making this product has not disclosed what is in the formula.

The site mentions peptides, but most of the information feels like vague, copy and pasted info about how delicate the skin around the eye is, how our expressions can lead to wrinkles and so on—but they never explain how these products aim to tackle these issues.

We like peptides as an ingredient and if they truly do make up a significant portion of this product, then maybe it could have some potential benefits. But, without any concrete information, we can’t recommend this product.

The bottom line is peptides need a strong support system in order to be a potent antiaging tool. When combined with rich oils, hyaluronic acid or antioxidants, they do work to improve wrinkles, texture and more.

The makers of Mystere Eye Cream fail to even provide readers with cohesive web copy that explains their choice in ingredients.

All speculation aside, we do not know what is in this product. That in and of itself highlights that Mystere Eye Cream is a poor anti-aging solution, especially given the fact that there’s no shortage of eye creams and serums at any price point. For this reason, we’d advise avoiding this solution and instead, finding something that comes complete with ingredient labels and great reviews.

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The Price and Quality of Mystere Eye Cream

Mystere Eye Cream is not sold in any straightforward fashion. This eye cream appears to be yet another case of a free trial scam, put on by a company located in Santa Ana, CA.

This product is advertised on Facebook in a series of videos, as well as on website ads—each time featuring an impressive before and after photo of someone who saw their wrinkles “disappear.”

Mystere Eye Cream sells this product by inviting consumers to sign up for a free trial, then asking them to pay the small shipping and handling fee. The company saves the information and automatically enrolls consumers in a monthly autopay program, charging roughly $90 a month for a cream that has no legitimate credentials.

The product is somewhat of an investment. Based on the reviews, this may be a good choice, despite the high price tag, but for those who aren’t sure they want to shell out $50-75 for an eye cream they’ve never tried may want to look at the ingredients and shop around.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

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Business of Mystere Eye Cream

Mystere Eye Cream is made by a company that has not disclosed any critical information about themselves. Like many of these other products that follow the same business model, this company appears to be based in Santa Ana, CA.

We don’t know the official name of the company, but we do know they’ve been associated with fraudulent marketing practices, unauthorized charges and poor customer service.

This company copies and pastes the same information across several websites, changing the name of the product after people start to notice they’re being taken advantage of.

The official website leaves out a significant amount of critical information. They never make clear how much this product is supposed to cost. We also never find out what is inside this particular eye cream. The site only mentions peptides, but clearly there are other components in the mix. It would be nice to know what they are, as some users may have sensitive skin or require a different formulation in order to meet their skin’s unique needs.

Finally, the site isn’t secured. Not only are you signing up for a free trial that enables the makers of Mystere Eye Cream to charge your card at random, you’re also entering your information in an unsecured portal—exposing yourself to potential hackers or additional scams.

Customer Opinions of Mystere Eye Cream

Mystere Eye Cream did not have any reviews posted online. There were some mentions of RipOff Report, but most users mentioned that they were being scammed by a company in California.

We didn’t see any reports that outlined whether or not this product works, much less if it contains any irritating or harmful ingredients.

The official website hardly does anything to back the claims advertised in the copy. And aside from some doctored before and after photos and a few Facebook videos with no credentialed professional attached—there’s no information about how this works.

There’s no way around the fact that this company is actively taking advantage of people—especially older folks or those who aren’t especially tech savvy.

Aside from the fact that this company has been engaging in countless free trial scams (they keep creating a new product name each time they get reported or threatened), there’s literally no one vouching for this product.

We’re inclined to avoid products with no reviews, regardless of compelling studies or great ingredient profiles. Anecdotal evidence is a powerful part of the buyer’s decision making process, and since this product doesn’t even have a fan base, it’s best to skip this one in favor of something with a better reputation.

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Conclusion – Does Mystere Eye Cream Work?

Mystere Eye Cream is not a legitimate product. For one, an eye cream containing just a single anti-aging ingredient (as per the official website) isn’t going to do much for sagging skin, crow’s feet or any other visible signs of aging.

And when that single ingredient is simply listed as “peptides,” not something more specific, that gives us some pause.

As we’ve mentioned before, peptides might yield some benefits when used alone, but they are much more powerful when they’re part of a blend loaded with antioxidants (vitamins E & C, for example), moisturizing oils, or AHA, retinol or another acid that breaks down dead cells and lets other nutrients penetrate deeper into the skin’s many layers.

However, it’s almost not worth discussing the formula of

Mystere Eye Cream. Regardless of whether it works, the company that makes this eye cream has been taking advantage of people through a large web of fake e-commerce pages and Facebook ads—misleading people into signing up for free trials and charging them repeatedly without authorization.

This product serves as a reminder that it pays to be careful. Do your due diligence and make sure you handle e-commerce with the right amount of caution. Buy from reputable sites and read customer reviews before you make a decision.

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