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Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift is a non-surgical eye lift that promises to deliver a temporary solution to drooping eyelids, without the surgery. The makers of this product promise that quickly lifts eyelids into place — for an instantly more youthful appearance with use.

Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift consists of a transparent strip, plus an adhesive you add when ready to apply. The product is made from transparent, hypoallergenic plastic that stays in place throughout the day.

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Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift Ingredients and Side Effects

Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift is more of a sticker than anything else—so beyond the potential for a reaction to the glue, consumers don’t need to consider the ingredients of this product in too great of detail.

With the eye lift stickers, users must deal with the possibility that their eyes will be pulled into place and stuck to the lid with, as one person described the product—a very aggressive adhesive. This pulling effect may stretch out the eyelids over time, causing the eyelids to droop even further.

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Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift Quality of Ingredients

Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift is offered as this surgery free approach to lifting the eyelids for a younger, wide-eyed appearance. The application process is pretty straightforward—users apply adhesive to the plastic strips and move the product into the desired position.

Eyelid tape is commonplace in places like Korea, where those with monolids attempt to create a double eyelid—they’ve also gained some traction in those who wish to find a low-cost surgery-free fix to skin that’s lost considerable collagen.

In theory this sounds pretty good, but there are some risks associated with use. For one, having something sticky on the eyelid can cause stretching—which is the exact opposite of the desired effect.

The constant stretching can also cause the skin to thicken—altering the appearance of the lids permanently.

In some cases, people mentioned that the product looks a little awkward—the plastic sometimes sticks out—which some people reported made them feel self-conscious.

The site also mentions that users who sweat a lot or live in hot climates will have trouble keeping the strips secured—the strips may whiten when exposed to sweat, making them more noticeable in many cases.

Additionally, some users have reported that the adhesive caused some irritation when worn overnight or for hours on end.

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The Price and Quality of Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift

Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift is sold directly from the manufacturer—for $24.99 for a box when 64 strips—just over a one-month supply.

Users may also purchase this product from Amazon at a slightly lower rate–$21.99 for the same amount. We’ve seen a few iterations of this product before—it’s a solution made by a number of brands—at a range of price points.

While there’s another version of this item that costs more, there are solutions for ~$5-10 for the same amount, with higher ratings, on average.

While roughly $25 for a one-month supply doesn’t seem so bad, the product provides no skincare benefits, no health benefits, and holds the potential to damage the skin. So, we’re not so sure this is the best value for the average person who wants firmer, younger-looking eyelids.

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Business of Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift

Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift was created by a company known as Eye Magic. Here’s what we learned about their business, as well as how you can get in touch with someone in customer service:

Address: 605 Elm Pl

Highland Park, IL 60035-3122

Phone: 847-433-9116

Eye Magic Inc. has been in business for 27 years, according to the Better Business Bureau. The company doesn’t have any mentions on the BBB site, good or bad.

The actual Eye Magic website features a range of products—including eye creams and face serums, but their main offering is the eye lift strips.

While it seems this business is legitimate—due to longevity, website functionality, and a presence on a handful of retail channels, we’re not entirely sure that Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift is actually a good product—it reads more like a gimmick promising instantly younger eyes, not so much an anti-aging tool that’s practical for daily use by the average consumer.

Still, Eye Magic does make an effort to educate users on how the product works. They’ve made diagrams showing how to apply the strips and get them into place. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t mention how to remove the strips after use.

The consensus is—we’re not in love with the product, but this company does a fair job creating a shoppable e-commerce hub for consumers.

Customer Opinions of Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift

We looked at a variety of customer comments from people who actually gave Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift a fair shot, but in all, the product received mostly negative reviews. Some users felt the product wasn’t especially user-friendly—stating it was hard to get the strips in place, and once on, they didn’t always provide the most natural appearance.

“I really didn’t like this product. The adhesive was so strong it tugged at my eyelids the entire time I had them on. It was uncomfortable—a painful reminder that these strips could possibly cause more wrinkles.”

“Tried wearing these out of the house once. They aren’t easy to put into place and fail to blend into the eyelids for a “natural” look. I felt like I looked silly. Wouldn’t use these strips again.”

“These are dumb, to be honest. A sticker you place on your eye—these strips tug at your eyelid and create more wrinkles. Honestly, this seems like a bad idea for someone looking for an anti-aging product.”

“Gave these a fair chance, but found that they tugged at my eyelids, they bubbled up a little and they weren’t invisible at all. I followed the instructions, I don’t know why they worked so poorly.”

With these comments in mind, it looks like many customers felt that this product didn’t quite meet expectations. Unfortunately, Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift isn’t the miracle replacement for eyelid surgery it promises to be.

Instead, users felt that this product was uncomfortable and noticeable to others — which may be embarrassing to a great many users.

Additionally, many of the reviews suggested that the product made them worry about developing more wrinkles or stretching the skin—the adhesive is reportedly quite strong and you’re wearing a piece of plastic attached to your eye the entire day. It’s not exactly an appealing concept.

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Conclusion – Does Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift Work?

We looked at the reviews and product details for Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift and we’re not totally sold on this solution.

Consumers cited a number of problems with the strips—noting that they felt like they were not as discrete as the website had promised.

Additionally, some people reported that the adhesive caused them to break out or that their skin was itchy or uncomfortable with use.

It’s worth pointing out that Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift is nowhere near being a permanent solution. While it’s understandable that not everyone can afford eyelid surgery or even wants to take that step—this product does nothing to improve the quality of skin surrounding the eye.

In fact, users may be subjecting themselves to damaged skin in the form of stretched-out eyelids that droop further than ever before.

Our recommendation is—users should seek out a solution that works to minimize the appearance of loose skin. A firming eye cream can do the trick—but users need to keep in mind that some patience is needed.

In more extreme cases, where the eyelid is stretched out to the point its hindering vision, eye surgery may be the only option. Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift reads as a gimmick to us, not a practical solution to an issue that toes the line between vanity and necessity.

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