Silqueskin Review

What is it? Silqueskin is an anti-aging skin care product that is designed to moisturize and tighten the skin. It advertises itself as a topical Botox alternative that freezes and smoothes the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and making … Continue reading

Roloxin Lift Review

What is it? Roloxin Lift is a dermal mask that is designed to cleanse the skin and provide nutrition while also tightening pores and giving the skin a “lifted” feeling. Their advertising recommends its use either when preparing for bed, … Continue reading

Revyve Skin Review

What is it? Revyve Skin is a topical skin care product that is designed to be a moisturizer and collagen generator. Their advertising calls it a potent anti-aging cream that can help repair damaged skin while also preventing future damage … Continue reading

Revitaline Review

What is it? Revitaline is a skin care product that advertises itself as a moisturizer and anti-wrinkle compound. Their website claims that it can improve collagen production, as well as healthy cellular action, skin texture, and skin tone. They say … Continue reading

Revita Youth Cream Review

What is it? Revita Youth Cream is a skin care product that is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve overall skin hydration. Its advertising says that daily use of Revita Youth Cream increases collagen production, reduces the … Continue reading

Retinolla Review

What is it? Retinolla is a skin cream product that is advertised as a daily moisturizer and color corrector. They claim that it can help increase collagen levels, smooth out skin textures, and increase overall cellular hydration. Retinolla’s website also … Continue reading

Renee Rouleau Review

What is it? Renee Rouleau Bio Calm Repair Masque is a nightly skin conditioner that is used to reduce redness and increase hydration levels in the skin. Their advertising recommends it for people with rosacea, that have been exposed to … Continue reading

Rejuvena Review

What is it? Rejuvena is a skin cream that is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to smooth the skin of the users’ face. Its advertising compares its effects to those of Botox as they both relax the … Continue reading

Rejuvelix Review

 What is it? Rejuvelix is an anti-aging serum that is designed to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Their advertising also claims that it can promote skin repair by helping reverse dark spots and blemishes caused by … Continue reading

Rejuva Essence Review

What is it? Rejuva Essence is a beauty cream that’s designed for improving the skin’s appearance by relaxing the muscles of the face. It’s advertising compares it to a topical version of Botox, but without the dangers that are associated … Continue reading

Ombia Derma Review

What is it? Ombia Derma is a non-prescription skin care supplement that compares itself to an injection-free Botox alternative. Ombia Derma claims that their cream freezes the muscles and smoothes the skin, making users look younger and healthier. Their advertising … Continue reading