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What is it?

Rejuvena is a skin cream that is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to smooth the skin of the users’ face.

Its advertising compares its effects to those of Botox as they both relax the muscles of the face, which takes pressure off the skin and allows expression lines to disappear temporarily. Their product is needle-free and also claims to moisturize and condition the skin.

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It has shown that it can help increase cellular health and activity in users without any harsh or invasive side effects.

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Rejuvena Ingredients and Side Effects

 Syn-Ake: A recently synthesized skin care ingredient that is designed to mimic the effects of the venom of the Malaysian temple viper. It is not as poisonous to humans as the natural version is, however the synthesized version is not without its drawbacks as well.

Syn-Ake is a form of protein and peptide chain that works by acting as a muscle paralytic, which smoothes the skin over the deadened tissues. This effect has caused many people to compare the chemical to Botox, the highly cosmetic treatment that works by using a similar mechanic.

The main difference between the two chemicals in terms of application is that Botox needs to be injected, where Syn-Ake is generally applied topically. Proponents of the peptide cream point to how this is a much less invasive way to deliver the drugs, as needles can sever nerves in the face and cause infections that can lead to abscesses and weeping facial sores.

Unfortunately, rubbing Syn-Ake onto the skin is also not without its complications. The reason that Botox must be injected is because the dermis is a tough, protectant barrier that attempts to repel or absorb whatever it contacts to prevent it from coming in contact with the sensitive tissues underneath. If Botox were applied topically it would never reach the muscles below, and users would just be smearing their skin with botulism toxins.

This is exactly what happens with the Syn-Ake molecules, although some particles do tend to get through the dermis to the muscles below. Many though just end up absorbed into the skin, which not only reduces their effectiveness, but can also have some negative consequences for the skin cells.

Skin cells get no benefit from absorbing Syn-Ake, however it can destroy their cellular membrane and cease cellular action in the cells. The result is that cells expand and disrupt the orderly structures that they are a part of, making the skin start to sag and loose its luster. Not only does this make users look older and contribute to wrinkling, but it also makes the skin more vulnerable to future damage.

While these effects are unsightly and essentially the opposite of why most users are using them in the first place, they are not the most concerning aspect of Syn-Ake products. The way that Syn-Ake deadens the face is that it blocks the neurological transmissions from the brain to the muscles.

This can start to have consequences on the mental and neurological functioning of the user. Many people have reported experiencing a condition they call “fuzzy brain” that they describe a general decrease in mental functioning. They complain of difficulty recalling information, trouble concentrating, and slower reaction times.

This is highly concerning given the sensitivity of the brain and nervous system. There are no long-term studies yet about the effects of Syn-Ake, so this is just the beginning of our understanding of what it is doing to the users’ ability to think and control their facial muscles.

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Rejuvena Quality of Ingredients

The two greatest concerns that our panel of experts had when analyzing the contents of Rejuvena were the ingredients in it that we don’t know about and the ingredient in it that we do know about.

It should be said first that our reviewers will not recommend any product that does not disclose its ingredients. Consumers have a right to know what they are putting onto their body, and the fact that a skin care company would deliberately keep that information from its clients is highly concerning.

There could be allergens that users are unaware of in the blend, there could be ingredients that have unpleasant side effects, and there could be ineffective or low-quality filler ingredients in the mix that manufacturers use to make consumers think their products are more effective than they actually are.

Not only that, but the main ingredient that they do choose to highlight is not one that our experts recommend to our readers. Our team’s philosophy is that a skin care product should improve the health of the user’s skin, not just temporarily affect its appearance. Even if Rejuvena is successful at penetrating the dermis, it has no positive health benefits and succeeds only in creating an optical illusion of younger skin.

After that effect has worn off, the effects of Syn-Ake are counter-indicative to what it is used for, causing skin to sag and become wrinkly and vulnerable. As frustrating as that is, however, it is not nearly as serious an issue as affecting user’s brain chemistry and mental functioning is.

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The Price and Quality of Rejuvena

Rejuvena is not sold in stores or through any independent retailers online. It can’t even be purchased through its own website, as users are funneled constantly toward a “Free Trial Offer” that is not exactly what it sounds like.

The “Free Trial Offer” is actually a sign-up form for their automatic renewal program that charges users $97.21 per month for a 1 oz. jar of skin cream. This price is far above market standards, however most users seem to be unaware that they have even signed up for this program until they have already been charged.

There are also additional fees for cancelling the program, restocking supplies, and not returning the “Free Sample.” This is not a business model that our team supports. Customers have a right to know what they are paying for products up front, and it says a lot about a manufacturer if they feel they have to trick customers to get them to pay for it.

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Business of Rejuvena

Rejuvena is one brand in a network of companies that all use this dishonest marketing model. They list several different parent companies in their materials, however Rejuvena offers the contact info for an organization called Revived Youth. Their contact information is:

Phone Number: (800) 836-0752

Address: PO Box 35395

St. Petersberg, FL 33705

Email: [email protected]

The Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission have both been alerted to Rejuvena’s tactics and have sent cease and desist letters to some of their partners. Many customers have threatened legal action against them, however there is no evidence that there are any currently pending court cases that involve Rejuvena, Revived Youth, or their affiliates.

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Customer Opinions of Rejuvena

Former customers aren’t just angry at the lack of transparency in Rejuvena’s business tactics, they also were upset at the quality of the product that they received. Many of the complaints were similar to these:

“My face still hasn’t forgiven me for trying Rejuvena.

“Dried me out worse than before I put it on.”

“The most disgusting skin cream that I’ve ever tried. Made me break out like crazy.”

Users complained about nearly every aspect of Rejuvena, from its smell and texture to the wide variety of unpleasant side effects that it caused.

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How Does Rejuvena Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Rejuvena
  • 43/100
Conclusion – Does Rejuvena Work?

Our team prefers to recommend products that improve the health of the users’ skin, not merely its appearance. Rejuvena only has cosmetic results and does nothing positive for the skin care process.

Our team prefers to recommend products that are open and honest with their customers about their ingredients and their pricing. Rejuvena uses trick pricing structures and refuses to disclose its ingredients publically.

Our team prefers to recommend products that are mild on users and have no known serious health consequences. Rejuvena can make the skin conditions that it is taken worse and it can have long term neurological consequences for users.

When all of these factors are considered together, it is impossible for our panel of experts to recommend Rejuvena to anyone. There are hundreds of safer, cheaper, more effective options available.

Our panel suggests users try Kremotex. They have an ingredients blend that naturally stimulates the skin’s own defense mechanisms in a safe and effective way. It encourages cellular turnover and collagen synthesis, all without causing any stress on the skin itself. Click here to learn more about the effects that Kremotex can have on the skin.

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