Rejuva Essence Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Rejuva Essence is a beauty cream that’s designed for improving the skin’s appearance by relaxing the muscles of the face. It’s advertising compares it to a topical version of Botox, but without the dangers that are associated with facial injections.

They claim that Rejuva Essence reduces wrinkle depth, increases moisture levels, and leaves the skin looking younger and healthier.

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Rejuva Essence Ingredients and Side Effects

There is no ingredients list for Rejuva Essence posted anywhere on their website or in any of their advertising across the Internet. In their advertising they only mention one of their active ingredients:


 Peptides: A kind of amino acid chain that is used in skin care products as a skin-smoothing agent. Even though this is the only ingredient that Rejuva Essence mentions by name instead of by effects it is still a highly ambiguous entry. There are quite a few different peptides that are used in skin creams and advertised as “injection free Botox.”

Botox became famous in the skin care community several years ago for its ability to smooth the appearance of the skin by deadening the musculature below with botulism toxins. This treatment had visible results but also became known for all of the potential negative side effects that can result from the injection procedure.

Beyond just the initial pain of the needle, the injections became known for a fiery, burning sensation that accompanied the botulism toxins flooding the musculature. The procedure could also cause the affected areas to swell, redden, and become tender and sensitive to the touch. Even more concerningly, the injection sites could often develop infections that could lead to open sores and abscesses of the face.

The needles could also sever nerves in the face, deadening the area permanently. People lost the ability to control their faces and express themselves, often leading to drooping and asymmetrical features.

As a result of these concerns, skin care scientists began looking for less invasive alternatives and over the last several years started experimenting with peptide creams. They found that peptides such as argireline, Syn-Ake, and gatuline could achieve the same muscle-deadening effects of Botox by blocking the neurological signals that the brain uses to control facial muscles.

Peptides are smaller molecularly than Botox and as such are thought to be more easily absorbed by the skin and into the muscles, where they can help ease the appearance of expression lines and other wrinkles. Despite their smaller size, there is still some debate about how much of the active chemical actually reaches the musculature below.

What is less debatable is that in the process a considerable amount of the chemicals are absorbed by the cells of the skin. The paralytic effects of these chemicals do not perform any beneficial functions when absorbed by the skin, however they can have some rather unpleasant effects over time.

Peptides can warp and destroy the membranes that keep skin cells in tight, regular shapes. This disrupts the close formations that the cells are arrayed in and the results of all this are that the skin starts to sag as it expands, wrinkling and losing luster.

This damaged skin also loses its density and reflectivity, making it even more vulnerable to the harsh effects of UV rays and other environmental hazards. The skin cannot repel the free-radical creating elements that it used to, even further compromising the integrity of the skin’s cellular structure.

An even greater concern, however, are what peptides may do to the nervous system over time. Their success is dependent on their ability to disrupt the brain’s ability to control the body’s musculature, and over time these effects can become more and more permanent. Studies have shown that some chronic peptide users, especially those that favor argireline-based products, have lost the ability to express themselves facially.

There are also reports of a condition sometimes called “fuzzy brain” or “argireline brain” that is described as a general loss of mental functioning. Sufferers describe a decreased ability to focus, problem solve, and recall data, with an overall slowing of thinking speed. There is no data about the effects of prolonged peptide use for more than just a few years, so there is little information about what happens to this condition over time.

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Rejuva Essence Quality of Ingredients

Our review team does not recommend products that do not disclose their ingredients. It is unfortunate, but there are too many untrustworthy businesses that use low-grade ingredients in their skin care products to be able to trust any skin cream unless you can see exactly what it does contain.

Manufacturers often use products like simple alcohols, paraffins, and parabens that help their creams go on smooth and absorb rapidly, making the skin look great right after application. The problem is that simple alcohols evaporate rapidly, taking with them the moisture that was in the skin before they were applied, and paraffins and parabens can contain carcinogenic impurities and other toxins that can cause serious health problems long term.

It is impossible to see the damage that these products are causing when they are first applied, which sadly leads many users to keep applying them, often to correct the damage that their own products are causing. Unless a manufacturer tells you that they are parts of their blend, you could use a product for years without ever knowing.

Beyond this, the only ingredient that they do choose to list is one that our team is not currently recommending. Peptides are cosmetic products that have no positive health effects but may have some negative ones. Not only can their effects be the opposite of what they are indicated for, but peptides can also have severe neurological consequences.

The brain and nervous system are incredibly complicated and very delicate. It is not recommended that users attempt to achieve surface-level beauty effects at the expense of mental and neurological functioning.

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The Price and Quality of Rejuva Essence

Rejuva Essence is only sold through their own website. As of the date of this article’s publication, the price quoted on the homepage is:

  • 1, 1 oz jar of Rejuva Essence Anti-Aging Cream: $34.99
  • 3, 1 oz jars of Rejuva Essence Anti-Aging Cream: $69.98
  • 5, 1 oz jar of Rejuva Essence Anti-Aging Cream: $104.97

This price is above average for products of this nature, but not by much. It would be easer to say if this was a fair or unfair price if Rejuva Essence was willing to disclose their ingredients.

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Business of Rejuva Essence

Rejuva Essence is an affiliate of Pacific 298 Ltd., who lists their contact information as:

Phone Number: (818) 303-9260

Address: Neither Rejuva Essence nor Pacific 298 Ltd. lists a physical address for their business.

Email: There is also no email address published, however Pacific 298 Ltd. does have a Customer Care Center for electronic communication needs.

There are quite a few formal complaints that have been filed against Rejuva Essence, Pacific 298 Ltd., and their other affiliated partners. Many customers have threatened legal action against them, however there is no evidence of any open lawsuits at this time.

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Customer Opinions of Rejuva Essence

The reactions from customers that have chosen to write about Rejuva Essence on third-party review sites have not been as favorable as the reviews posted on their own site. Many customers had opinions similar to these:

“Pure garbage – save your skin.”

“I’m pretty sure Rejuva dried me out worse than before I used it at all.

“One of the great regrets of my life will always be that after smelling Rejuva’s rancid essence, for some reason I still put it on my face.”

Many of the negative reactions to Rejuva Essence were due to general product ineffectiveness, however others were regarding the smell and texture of the cream, the way that it made their skin feel, and an array of different negative side effects including redness, acne breakouts, and strange nodes underneath the skin.

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How Does Rejuva Essence Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Rejuva Essence
  • 30/100
Conclusion – Does Rejuva Essence Work?

Our panel of health and beauty experts prefer to recommend products that list all of their ingredients so that users know what they are putting on their face and into their body, however Rejuva Essence does not publish their complete ingredients list anywhere.

Our team tries to only recommend products that work to improve the way that the skin looks by improving its health and functionality. The only ingredient that Rejuva Essence mentions is one that only has cosmetic effects, often at the expense of the long-term health of the user.

We only recommend products from trustworthy companies that we believe will improve the skin, health, and lives of our readers. Rejuva Essence does not meet these criteria.

Our panel does recommend that readers looking for skin care try Kremotex. It has received their highest ratings for cellular hydration, moisture levels, and collagen generation.

Kremotex has established a level of respect with professionals within the skin care industry, many of whom have begun recommending it to their clients. It is not merely a cosmetics aid that covers up damage, it works to improve the overall wellness of the skin. Click here to learn more about what other industry members are saying about Kremotex.

8 Responses to Rejuva Essence Review

Angie says:

Rejuva essence are crooks. They offer you a free trial take payment off your card then they take the full amount for the product off your card not even a month later before you even get the product. The amount they take is more than the $88.49 + $3.95 shipping they advertise on their website. When I called them to find out why they took that payment I was told they had run out of the trial offer so they took the full amount. How dare they do that without people’s consent. I am reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau.

IJanette says:

Totally agree

Lilly says:

I totally agree with these consumers’ comments. The qualities of their products don’t show the results like how they claimed and advertised. I have also confronted the same problems in the charge. I got REJUVA product from Amazon “reward” site, and paid for shipment $4.95. And then, I found my card was charged. Additionally, this company charged me by drafting the money from my bank card though I claimed to refuse and returned their products sent by mail. As a result, I’m stilling fighting with REJUVA for my money drafted by this company. I don’t think this company is trustable to me based on my experience with them.

mary says:

DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! Their website is completely misleading, they offer a ‘trial’ of their product and then charge you full price plus shipping even if you cancel within 15 days of ordering. They send me two samples and charged my credit card for both. Check out the complaints on the better business bureau first before you order anything from them.

IJanette says:

I agree

IJanette says:

I ordered a sample of REJUVA ESSENCE and paid the shipping Next thing I know I was charged over $100 US No paperwork to say I need to cancel So I do not know how to cancel Money taken out of my bank Apr 24 Never did receive product which I do not even want. How do I cancel Can I even get my money back.

Sydney says:

This happened to me. $100 showed up on my Visaa couple of weeks after I received this tiny little bottle of cream that was suppose to be a free sample. It came in a box with no return address and absolutely no paper work inside…just a “doll size” bottle. Also, on the sight in which I ordered this cream there was no mention of sending it back if you didn’t like the results in regular print or small print.
I called Visa and they took it off my bill. I should have realized when they wanted my credit card no. for a product advertised as a free sample I was being “had”!!!

Cheryl a fritz says:

I tried this product. It really does work

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