Crème De La Mer Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Crème De La Mer is a skin care cream that claims to use the powers of crystal healing to help improve the health and beauty of consumers’ skin. Crème De La Mer’s website says that it can increase the positive vibrations and cellular energy within the skin while also scrubbing off dirt, grime, and negative ions. Their website says that users look younger and more vital and that their skin is healthier and visibly shinier.

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Crème De La Mer Ingredients and Side Effects

Crème De La Mer is strangely unforthcoming about the ingredients in their product. Most health and beauty products – especially the high end ones – want users to know exactly what is in their product. This is how you demonstrate that you use quality ingredients, that your product is both safe and effective, and that it allows for easy comparison with other products. The most reputable companies are excited for this process, however Crème De La Mer only releases these details about what goes into their mix:

Malachite Lime Tea Extract
Bio-Ceramic White Algae Tourmaline

 Malachite: A copper compound that can form into mineral crystals but has no known medicinal or cosmetic benefits for the skin. Copper is a part of some very basic biological processes that are key to bodily wellness, however topically applied copper does not tend to be absorbed and utilized by the body in the same way.

Most information about the benefits of malachite for the skin come from a school of thought called crystal healing, which is a brand of pseudoscience that has no provable benefits. Crystal healers claim that malachite positively charges the skin and removes negative stressors, however our team of trained nutritional, health, and wellness experts cannot stress enough that there is no scientific backing to these claims.

There are a number of actual clinical studies of malachite that have shown that it may have potential neurotoxic, genotoxic, and carcinogenic effects. Several studies performed on fish and small mammals showed that prolonged exposure to green malachite led to:

  • Carcinogenesis
  • Mutagenesis
  • Chromosomal fractures
  • Teratogenecity
  • Respiratory toxicity

Lime Tea Extract: Oils taken from the rind of the citrus fruit that are thought to be high in antioxidants. This is a very rare ingredient to find in a skin care product – and not in a good way.

There are zero proven benefits to the topical application of lime, although some home remedies claim it can kill germs. There are studies, however, that have shown a link between applying lime to the skin and photosensitivity. Lime can potentially increase the negative effects of the sun, such as destroying cell walls and increasing the likelihood of users developing skin cancer.

Bio-Ceramic White Algae: A form or aquatic floral bloom that is high in protein, B vitamins, and iron. Various different forms of algae have been used in health and skin care products recently, however there is still insufficient evidence to claim that there is any specific medicinal or value to algae.

It is not known if there are any side effects to algae long term, however there are some risks of contaminated algae having negative effects in the short term. Symptoms of contaminated algae may include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Thirst
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Shock
  • Liver damage
  • Death

Tourmaline: Another mineral that is known more in crystal healing then in medicinal science. Like malachite, there are zero known benefits to tourmaline in either topical, oral, ocular, or inhalant forms.

There are not as many negative effects ascribed to tourmaline as malachite, however there has also never been a study done into its safety, mainly because very few people have ever used it for health, wellness, or medicinal purposes.

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Crème De La Mer Quality of Ingredients

For most products, it would be very hard to make an evaluation of their quality based on such an incomplete ingredients list. A quality ingredient list is as much about what isn’t on it as what is.

You want to know as a consumer if they use products like simple alcohols or lye that are ultimately damaging to the skin. You want to know if there is anything that you have shown sensitivities to or that may potentially have negative side effects. Keeping this information from consumers only raises the question of what is it about their blend that they don’t want us to know.

For Crème De La Mer, however, our team of experts had no trouble rendering a verdict on their product, and their answer was: no person should ever put this on their face under any circumstances. It lacks a single credible ingredient that might make our panel think it could positively affect users’ skins. It does, however, include multiple ingredients that have shown possible links to skin damage.

The only people that could even potentially think that this would be good for them are people that believe in the powers of crystal healing, and our experts would like to remind readers that not a single accredited doctor, medical professional, or research scientist has ever claimed that crystal healing is a viable form of treatment.

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The Price and Quality of Crème De La Mer

Despite its total lack of medicinally useful ingredients, these are the prices that Crème De La Mer charges on their website:

  • 1, 2 oz. jar of Crème De La Mer Moisturizing Cream: $310.00
  • 1, 3.4 oz. jar of Crème De La Mer Moisturizing Cream: $465.00
  • 1, 8.4 oz. jar of Crème De La Mer Moisturizing Cream: $1080.00
  • 1, 16.5 oz. jar of Crème De La Mer Moisturizing Cream: $2060.00

This is the second highest per-ounce price our reviewers have ever encountered, and it is the first time anyone on our team had ever seen a two thousand dollar bottle of skin care cream. For this amount of money users could buy a very large amount of skin care products that were made from ingredients that had been shown to be healthy for your skin.

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Business of Crème De La Mer

Crème De La Mer is manufactured by Le Mer, a health and beauty products company that is a subsidiary of Estee Lauder. They list their contact information online as:

Phone Number: (866) 850-9400

Address: 575 Broadway, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10012

Email: La Mer and Estee Lauder do not have email addresses online, however there is a customer comment form on their contact page for email communication.

It should be noted that Estee Lauder has a zero-star rating and 100% negative customer feedback rating on the Better Business Bureau. They have also been sued numerous times for making unsupported and unverified claims about their products’ ingredients, effectiveness, and marketing, including a number of cases that are still ongoing.

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Customer Opinions of Crème De La Mer

There are two general categories of reviews for Crème De La Mer. One is similar to this response:

“I can feel it changing my vibratory frequency as I apply it. My skin always feels logy unless I get two doses a day.”

The other type of review was more in keeping with the themes brought up in this response:

“I’m shocked that I actually paid over three hundred dollars for this stuff. It smells gross, it feels awful going on, and it does absolutely nothing.”

That review captures the frustrations that many customers had with the price of Crème De La Mer, especially in relation to its effectiveness. It also hits on the smell and texture of the product, which many other customers had issues with as well.

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How Does Crème De La Mer Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Crème De La Mer
  • 72/100
Conclusion – Does Crème De La Mer Work?

There are some individuals that believe in the vibratory healing powers of crystals, however our team of researchers is not among them. They were adamant that there was no scientific basis for even thinking Crème De La Mer could be effective, let alone proof that it is.

This very expensive product seems designed to take advantage of people that believe in non-traditional forms of medicine. While our team is always open to the possibilities that there are methods of healing that we are currently unaware of, there has been plenty of research done into the realities of crystal healing and there has never been any evidence that they could be effective for therapeutic purposes.

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If the pores are applied correctly, the cream does not clog, at least I didn’t have one at that, although my skin is prone to this. I choose goods only on the site about korean cosmetics.

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