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What is it?

Plexaderm is a line of skin care products designed to instantly reduce the visible signs of aging.  The line includes a Rapid Reduction Cream for an instant reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer to deeply hydrate and restore elasticity to the skin.

The treatment is formulated to tighten skin immediately upon application to create a firming and lifting effect without invasive injections or surgery.  Light-diffusing ingredients are also included to lend a radiant glow.

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Plexaderm Ingredients and Side Effects

Ingredients in Plexaderm include:

Sodium Silicate Magnesium Aluminum Silicate CI 77489 (Iron Oxide)
Hyaluronic Acid Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin

Sodium Silicate: An inorganic salt used in skin care products to control pH balance and protect from corrosion in metallic packaging. It is generally considered safe, but has been known to cause allergies and skin irritation.

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate: A natural mineral refined from clay used as a thickening agent in skin care products.  It is generally considered safe in very small amounts, but the aluminum compounds can be neurotoxic.

CI 77489 (Iron Oxide): Inorganic chemicals used in skin care products as colorants and substances to create reflective effects.  Iron oxides are potentially toxic and can enhance absorption of other harmful ingredients in the formula.

Hyaluronic Acid: A natural glycosaminoglycan with exceptional skin moisturizing and healing abilities.  It fills gaps between collagen and elastin, replaces lost moisture, and hydrates the skin.

Phenoxyethanol: A germicide and preservative used in cosmetics and skin care products.  This aromatic alcohol is sometimes used as a fragrance, and can cause irritation.

Ethylhexylglycerin: A natural preservative, also used as a deodorizing agent and skin conditioner.  It is generally considered safe, but it has been known to cause irritation and contact dermatitis in some individuals.

Plexaderm Quality of Ingredients

Plexaderm lists all its ingredients on the website, which is helpful for those with allergies or sensitive skin, or simply those who are interested in the ingredients they apply to their skin.

The active ingredients are proven for their ability to reduce the visible signs of aging, as well as vitamins with antioxidative and hydrating properties to replenish moisture and protect skin from sun damage.

There are concerns, however, about some ingredients found in Plexaderm.

The silicates responsible for the light-diffusing optic effects can be harsh and abrasive to some skin types.  Aluminum Silicate is especially worrying, as it also contains aluminum compounds, which can be neurotoxic.  Sodium Silicate can also cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis.

Inactive ingredients include the preservative, Phenoxyethanol, which is also used as a fragrance and has been known to irritate skin.

Ethylhexylglycerin can, like other synthetic silicone-based substance, dry skin over time.  Synthetic humectants are unable to attract moisture like natural humectants do, so they don’t hydrate to the deeper layers.  It will moisturize instantly, but over time it can lead to drier skin.

Plexaderm claims it is ideal for all skin types, but not all skin types react the same way to certain ingredients.  Before using this or any skin care product, one should always check with a specialist to discuss the possible risks associated with your skin care regimen.

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The Price and Quality of Plexaderm

Plexaderm is priced at $79.90 for a 1-ounce bottle of Rapid Reduction Cream plus $6.95 shipping when individually purchased outright.  There are several different packages available for bulk savings, and the prices are clearly listed on the website.

The products are fairly expensive compared to similar products, but they could be a decent value if desired results are achieved.

There are, however, no credible clinical trials available, and there is very limited information provided about how the formula works.  The moisturizer contains Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful emollient and humectant, but there are no state-of-the-art anti-aging peptides that might have enhanced the effects and justified the high cost.

There are also some harsh preservatives that are known to irritate skin and cause allergic contact dermatitis.  The main active ingredients in the Rapid Reduction Cream, which are metal compounds, are also highly sensitizing.

With so many harsh ingredients, it is difficult to say customers are getting full value when the ingredients can potentially cause more harm than good.

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Business of Plexaderm

The manufacturer of Plexaderm is True Earth Health Products, headquartered in New York.  Their contact info is:

Phone:  (800) 681-0366

Address: True Earth Health Products

260 Smith Street

Farmingdale, NY 11735

Email: [email protected]

There are no complaints to be found about the company on the Better Business Bureau website and similar consumer protection websites.

Most customer reviews are positive, though both the company and product are relatively new to the skin care industry, so they have not built a name for themselves.  This can be both good and bad.  A lack of positive customer reviews suggests the product is not worthy of comment.

On the other hand, however, a lack of negative reviews means that customers are mostly satisfied, as those with negative experiences are most likely to speak out about them.

Several customers have commented on the frustration of their automatic replenishment services.  While the terms are clearly noted on the order page, it is easy to miss them.  Customers are able to purchase products once, but if they purchase in bulk, they are automatically enrolled into the replenishment service, and many customers do not realize this until they are billed.

The biggest downside to the company and brand website, however, is the lack of information about the science behind their products.  There are clinical trials provided, but the results are somewhat dubious because they were not performed by a third-party lab.

The clinical results were performed by the company. This is not to suggest there is any bias involved, but it should be considered.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Plexaderm

Not all skin care products perform the same for all skin, so unless you try Plexaderm for yourself, you won’t know how the products work with your individual skin type.

Fortunately, there are some online reviews available, allowing consumers to make informed decisions.  Reviews are generally positive, but there are several neutral reviews that indicated the products did not provide the results they were hoping for.

“I like the instant effects of the Reduction Cream, but they unfortunately go away as soon as I wash my face.  The moisturizer hydrates well, but for the price, not so much.”

“It’s not a great product, but it does come in handy for special occasions.  If they could just make something that performed as well in the long term I would be sold.”

“My skin reacted badly to the ingredients in the cream.  I didn’t think I had any allergies, but I might be allergic to aluminum or iron oxide.”

“It’s snake oil.  I did not see any difference, immediate or long-lasting.  For the price I paid, it should have at least come with SPF protection.”

The effectiveness of any skin care product depends on individual skin type, allergies, proper application, and many other contributing factors. It is important to be aware of this when researching skin care products based on customer reviews.

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How Does Plexaderm Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Plexaderm
  • 51/100
Conclusion – Does Plexaderm Work?

Plexaderm is a two-step anti-wrinkle treatment designed to provide instant anti-aging effects while also treating the underlying causes of premature aging.  It contains silicates to immediately tighten skin and smooth away lines and wrinkles, as well as aluminum and iron compounds for their shimmery, light-diffusing effects.

The instant effects, however, are temporary, and the formula contains several harsh irritants, including some of the active ingredients.  It is also lacking powerful peptides and antioxidants that might have enhanced the effects and justified the high price of the treatment.  The most concerning aspect, however, is that there is so little information provided about the formula.  It is difficult to recommend what is essentially a mystery product.

Our reviewers researched and compared many proven age-defying products and agree: Kremotex is the best overall.

Its fast-acting ingredients boost collagen production and promote cell regeneration, reversing the effects of aging and skin damage.  Many positive testimonials on their website, along with amazing before and after transformation photos show why Kremotex was voted the best anti-aging cream of 2021.

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