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What is it?

Complete Derma is a skin care product that is designed to be a moisturizer and anti-aging cream. Its advertising calls Complete Derma a needle-free alternative to Botox that has all of its wrinkle-reducing power but none of the complications that come along with the better-known but more invasive chemical. They recommend their cream to all users looking to prevent the effects of environmental damage, reduce the appearance of expression lines, and tighten the skin.

Kremotex has been rated as the most effective anti-aging cream on the market. It is known for its ability to increase collagen production while also stimulating cellular activity, leading to skin that looks better because it works better. Click here for pictures documenting Kremotex’s effects.

Complete Derma Ingredients and Side Effects

Complete Derma does not publish their complete ingredients list. Their advertising, however, does mention two of the additives in their blend:

Collagen Peptides

Collagen: A highly complex combination of amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and other minerals that the body manufactures on its own, but can also be derived from cows, sheep, and other vertebrates. Collagen is the cellular building block of the skin, but is not considered an effective skin care ingredient itself.

The most effective skin care products are those that can stimulate the body’s own collagen generation functions. This is preferable to trying to ingest or apply raw collagen topically because the body breaks down collagen from outside sources, redistributing its nutrients throughout the body as needed.

Another problem with collagen applied topically is that its bulky molecular structure has difficulty penetrating the skin, so even the limited nutrients it has to offer are generally not absorbed. Instead they remain on the top of the skin where they do have smoothing and conditioning effect, however this is strictly cosmetic and will be washed off in the next shower.

Peptides: A type of amino acid compound, in this case specifically one that mimics the muscle-paralyzing effects of Botox. Complete Derma is somewhat ambiguous about the exact peptide that they are using, however based on their description of its effects it could be argireline, gatuline, Syn-Ake, or a number of other so-called “injectionless Botox” products.

Botox injections became popular for their ability to smooth the skin by paralyzing the facial muscles beneath it, however this approach has some drawbacks as well. The injection procedure itself was the subject of a good deal of criticism because of side effects like pain, swelling, tenderness, and, more seriously, infections, facial abscesses, and nerve death.

These topical alternatives were developed to avoid those issues, however they come with a set of complications all their own. The injections were necessary for Botox because the dermis is a tough, absorbent membrane whose purpose is to protect the musculature and other tissues from outside influences, and it sucks up a good deal of the paralyzing peptides itself before they can even reach the musculature.

This compromises the effectiveness of the peptides, as they need to reach the muscles to be effective and they have no function when absorbed by the skin cells. Not only that, but their paralytic venom can have a serious impact on the health of those cells that contact it. It ceases cellular activity and destroys their membranes, causing them to stop functioning and to start expanding and becoming misshapen.

Health skin cells are packed densely in nice, even rows, and when one of them starts mutating, it impacts the entire structure of the skin. The visible results of this are that the skin starts to sag and loose luster. Its elasticity and reflectivity are compromised, making it more vulnerable to environmental toxins and UV rays.

This is not the scariest effect of these chemicals, however. The way that most of these peptide products work is that they block the neurotransmissions from the brain that control the muscles, and effect that can have permanent effects on the nervous system.

Some users have reported long-term loss of facial control and the inability to express themselves. Others complain of a condition called “fuzzy brain” or “argireline brain,” where they are unable to recall information, pay attention, and in general they feel that their mental functionality is depressed.

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Complete Derma Quality of Ingredients

There are two major issues with the ingredients in Complete Derma. First, it is impossible to accurately evaluate the product without knowing what is in it, and Complete Derma hides some of their contents from the public. Second, neither of the two products that they do disclose is considered both safe and effective for skin care purposes.

Vitamins and minerals that help encourage collagen production like vitamin C or shea butter are helpful and highly recommended ingredients, however straight collagen itself is not useful for skin care. It also raises questions about the ethical nature of the company, as many manufacturers will include collagen in their blend knowing that it is not affective ingredient but assuming that many people will not know that and purchase it anyway.

Peptides and Botox alternatives are not recommended ingredients. Not only are they strictly cosmetic in their effects and have no core level health benefits, but they can also have the opposite effect of what most people are using them for, causing the skin to sag, wrinkle, and appear older.

Further, peptides are concerning because they can affect mental functioning. Facial care products should never negatively impact your health, and especially not anything as sensitive, complicated, and important as your brain and nervous system.

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The Price and Quality of Complete Derma

Complete Derma is not sold through any independent retailers and is only available through their own website. As of the date of publication of this review, the prices that they were quoting are:

  • 1, 1 oz jar of Complete Derma Anti-Aging Cream: $34.99
  • 3, 1 oz jars of Complete Derma Anti-Aging Cream: $69.98
  • 5, 1 oz jars of Complete Derma Anti-Aging Cream: $104.97

This is slightly above average for a daily skin cream product, but still within a normal range for products of this type.

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Business of Complete Derma

Complete Derma lists their manufacturer as Revitol, who in turn is owned by Pacific 298 Ltd. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (818) 303-9260

Address: Neither Complete Derma, Revitol, nor Pacific 298 Ltd. lists an address online.

Email: There is also no email address published, however Pacific 298 Ltd. does have a Customer Care Center for electronic communication needs.

There is no evidence that Complete Derma or any of their affiliated brands is involved in any legal actions at this time.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Complete Derma

Complete Derma has attempted to control customer reviews by only making it available through their own portals online, however that hasn’t stopped disappointed former customers from posting complaints on sites like Pissed Consumer and Ripoff Report. On those third-party sites the reviews are often similar to these:

“It would be hard for me to imagine a worse product. It smells bad, feels bad, and works bad.”     

“By far the worst skin care product I’ve ever used. I’m still angry with myself for even trying it after I smelled it.”

“I started getting these weird bumps under my skin after about a week. They weren’t pimples, they were hard little lumps, and they still haven’t gone away.”

Users complained about quite a few different features of Complete Derma, including its smell, texture, ineffectiveness, and side effects. There are also reports of users that were angry that the “Free Trial Offer” that some sites advertise had a number of hidden costs.

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How Does Complete Derma Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Complete Derma
  • 26/100
Conclusion – Does Complete Derma Work?

In order to receive a recommendation from our review team, a product must make users skin more beautiful by making it healthier at the core level – not just cosmetically improving it for a short time. They have to be honest about their ingredients and treat their customers fairly and respectfully.

In every one of those cases, Complete Derma fails to live up to our standards. It is a cosmetic fix that can have long-term consequences that are at best counter-indicative and at worst can deplete mental functioning. Our users are encouraged to find other alternatives that are safer, more effective, and that have a better track record of customer service.

Our team suggests that those readers searching for a daily skin care product try Kremotex. Kremotex is a core-health focused skin cream that improves collagen generation, cellular, action, and protects the skin from outside attackers.

It uses apple stem cells, shea butter, and other vitamins and minerals in their blend. It is mild on sensitive skins, yet powerful enough to help repair damaged skin. Click here to see all of Kremotex’s ingredients.

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