Juvalux Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Juvalux is a skin care product that advertises itself as an aging and moisturization solution for all skin types.

They claim that it has color correction and collagen-generating properties, and that it can restore shine and luster to dulled skin tones. They further say that it tightens pores and increases skin reflectivity, which helps prevent UV damage and the creation of free radicals.

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Juvalux Ingredients and Side Effects

Retinoids: A concentrated chemical compound that is closely related to vitamin A. Vitamin A products and derivatives are a necessary part of a number of different biological functions including cellular proliferation and differentiation, bone growth, and immune system functionality.

Retinoids are a favorite ingredient of the skin care community because they help encourage the growth and retention of collagen, one of the fundamental building blocks of the skin. Collagen is a combination of vitamins, A, C, and E, with amino acids, minerals and other protein chains, and its presence is what makes the skin look plump, healthy and young.

As we age we naturally produce less and less collagen, which leads to effects like wrinkles, discoloration, and sagging, dull, inelastic skin, and it becomes more and more necessary to get it from an outside source. It can take time for retinoid creams to start affecting this process, however it is thought that after three to four weeks of regular retinoid application some lost skin functionality may be returned.

Retinoids are generally considered safe for most users and are not connected to any serious side effects in either the short- or the long-term. It is possible that negative effects may be experienced in individuals that exceed the upper recommended limit of vitamin A, however that is not an issue for anyone that is not taking extreme doses of the chemical.

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Juvalux Quality of Ingredients

It is impossible to accurately evaluate a product that will not disclose what it is made of. It would be wonderful if we lived in a world where all manufacturers only created products that did exactly what they said and were honest about all of the negative effects that they could have on consumers, however that is not the current state of the industry.

It is all to common that unscrupulous manufacturers use products in their blends that seem to make it work initially, but that can have damaging and even counter-indicative effects on the skin in the long run. Simple alcohols, for example, are used to help products absorb rapidly into the skin, giving it a plumped, healthy look. After time, however, they evaporate and they take with them moisture that was in the skin before they were applied. The overall effect is that the skin ends up dehydrated, damaged, and even more wrinkled than before.

Mineral oils and paraffins are frequently contaminated with toxins that can have carcinogenic effects. Ammonia-based products are far too common, especially given all of the negative side effects that have been connected to ammonia exposure, and shockingly even lye is sometimes found in skin care blends under the more innocuous name of sodium hydroxide.

If a skin cream does not include any of these harmful additives, they generally want to publicize this information to consumers. A full ingredients list allows for ease of comparison between products and it shows potential customers that they are not getting anything that they are allergic to, that will interact badly with any medications that they are on, and that will be effective for their specific skin type and needs.

Retinoids are an effective and highly recommended skin care ingredient. They work to improve the skin on a core level, not just cosmetically, and they are generally safe. That said, they are not so effective that they should be the only active ingredient in your skin cream, nor are they so effective that they can outweigh the negative effects of other chemicals if they are a part of this blend.

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The Price and Quality of Juvalux

In addition to their lack of straightforwardness regarding the contents of their product, Juvalux is also not forthcoming with pricing information, which may be even more disconcerting. There are no per-unit prices posted for Juvalux on their homepage, and it is not available for retail through any independent offers.

The only way to get a jar of Juvalux is to sign up for their deceptively-named “Free Trial Offer.” That title is deceptive because there is very little chance that it will ever be free for any given user thanks to a number of hidden costs that are not well displayed on the website.

All users are required to pay shipping and handling for their free sample, however that is fairly standard industry protocol. What is not standard protocol, however, is the fact that signing up for the free trial actually enrolls users into a monthly subscription program that automatically bills their credit card $89.95 a month without any kind of notification or authorization required.

Many users have gone months before realizing what is happening, often losing hundreds of dollars in the process. Even if users do notice and decide to cancel they have to pay a cancellation fee, and there are a number of other hidden costs that can be found in the lengthy legal disclaimer that is buried on the bottom of one of their earlier web pages.

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Business of Juvalux

Juvalux is part of a network of skin car companies that are notorious within the industry for their poor quality products and deceptive marketing practices. They have listed several different companies as parent companies, including Coal Cosmetics, Skin Technologies, and Kiara Skin. Juvalux currently lists the name of their parent company as Skin Noir and posts this as their contact information:

Phone Number: (888) 646-6926

Address: PO Box 25380

Santa Ana, CA 92799

Email: [email protected]

There are hundreds of open complaints against Juvalux and Skin Noir with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission, and many customers have threatened legal action against them, however there is no evidence of any currently proceeding court cases involving either company.

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Customer Opinions of Juvalux

The most common complaint against Juvalux is regarding their “Free Trial Offer,” as there are hundreds of people that feel like they were mislead, taken advantage of and never offered any compensation for their frustration. There were also quite a few people that were upset with the quality of the product itself, and there were quite a few reviews that were similar to these:

“By far the worst skin cream I’ve ever encountered. Instead of moisturizing, it dries. Instead of reducing wrinkles, they get bigger.”

“I had a very bad reaction to Juvalux’s skin cream. I started growing these little nodes under my skin – not pimples – little hard pumps that won’t go away, even though I’ve stopped using Juvalux.

“A warning to all: Juvalux is a scam, their product is garbage, and it will destroy your face.”

Complaints ranged from the texture and smell of the product, to its general ineffectiveness, to reports of a wide variety of side effects including redness, swelling, acne, strange growths, dryness, bleeding, and infection.

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How Does Juvalux Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Juvalux
  • 27/100
Conclusion – Does Juvalux Work?

It is the philosophy of our panel of experts that a skin cream is supposed to make a person’s skin healthier and more functional, and that beauty is a product of that functionality. They also believe that it is a skin care company’s job to treat their customers fairly, to be up front with them about their business practices, pricing structure, and the contents of their products.

Juvalux fails by all of these metrics. Their products do not seem to help users’ skins but rather leave them dried and damaged. They do not post a fair price for their product and stick to it, but rather they try to trick users into paying them money that they didn’t want to. There is no reason at all that our team would recommend to any of our users that they try Juvalux – and they especially encourage them to stay away from the “Free Trial Offer.”

Our team does recommend the reliable skin care product Kremotex. They have become popular with both customers and skin care critics for their core-level approach to skin care. Many professionals in the industry recommend it to their clients as an alternative to harsher, more abrasive products.

Kremotex uses an ingredients blend that has demonstrated its ability to affect the skin at the cellular level and to naturally stimulate the collagen generation process. Click here to see the entire ingredients list behind Kremotex’s effective blend.

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