Revyve Skin Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Revyve Skin is a topical skin care product that is designed to be a moisturizer and collagen generator. Their advertising calls it a potent anti-aging cream that can help repair damaged skin while also preventing future damage from occurring. Their product is supposed to tighten the skin cells, which makes the skin look younger and also makes it more reflective, which helps prevent the damaging effects of UV rays.

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Revyve Skin Ingredients and Side Effects

One of the major issues with the marketing of Revyve Skin is that they do not post their complete ingredients list anywhere in their promotional materials. Instead, they discuss their ingredients mostly just in terms of their effects.

The advertising of Revyve Skin makes vague generic claims about being moisturizing and helping to improve collagen production, however there is very little information about how they actually go about achieving those claims. The most specific that they get is that they briefly mention in their materials one concrete detail:

Whole Collagen Molecules

 Whole Collagen Molecules: This is the most specific ingredient that Revyve Skin lists, and it is not a particularly good one in terms of improving the health and appearance of the skin.

Collagen is the main building block of the skin and being able to encourage collagen generation is one of the most effective ways to get skin to look young, plump, and healthy. Because of this it is natural to assume that collagen must be one of the best ingredients for skin health, however that ignores some of the more complicated ways that the body works.

Collagen is a larger molecule that has trouble being absorbed by the skin when applied topically. Most of the collagen in a skin cream, lotion, wax, or serum will remain on top of the skin’s outer layer where it provides no nutritional benefit to the skin.

Topical collagen does get ground into damaged areas of the skin, where it can fill in gaps and cover up discolorations in the skin. The overall effect is a smoothing out of skin tone and texture that helps the appearance of the skin temporarily, but does nothing for its overall functionality.

The majority of topically applied collagen will be washed away the next time someone cleans their face or takes a shower, however some of the molecules may actually end up getting absorbed by the skin. Even those molecules, though, do not actually provide the kind of nutritional benefits that help the skin directly.

Collagen is a complex compound of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that has to be broken back down into its constituent parts before it can be utilized by the body. These elements are generally useful for a number of biochemical functions and there is no guarantee that they will ever be utilized in the collagen generation process again.

There is very little danger associated with collagen, and the only side effects that have been connected to its usage relate to ingestion. While generally harmless, expecting to rub collagen on your skin and have it become part of your skin would be just as effective as rubbing an animal’s hair on your hair and expecting it to become a part of it.

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Revyve Skin Quality of Ingredients

It is unclear how Revyve Skin expects potential customers to accurately evaluate their product from the total lack of information that they offer about it. Manufacturers of quality products try hard to show off their ingredients blend because they know that comparison between brands works in their favor.

Prominently displayed ingredients panels also allow users to find products that are safe and effective for their skin type and needs. Oily skin, dry skin, and old skin all have different nutrition and care requirements. Many consumers have allergy issues with some products, or are taking specific kinds of prescription medication that could have dangerous interactions with others. People have a right to know what they are putting onto and into their bodies.

The other major issue with Revyve Skin is the one product that they do choose to mention. It is not wrong that a customer wouldn’t know how the body processes collagen, however it is strange that a beauty products manufacturer wouldn’t.

Users are forced to ask themselves the question of whether they believe that a company that specializes in skin care is ignorant about the way the body makes new skin, or if they are just trying to sell products that they know don’t work to consumers who will purchase them based on the value of the word “collagen” alone. We are unable to fairly assume what the reason is in Revyve Skin’s case, however neither explanation is very favorable for the company.

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The Price and Quality of Revyve Skin

Unlike most traditional products, there are no stores that carry Revyve Skin, nor are there even any independent online distributors. Instead, the only option available top those individuals that decide they would like to try Revyve Skin is to sign up for their “Free Trial Offer.”

This offer’s name is somewhat misleading because for the vast majority of people that sign up for it, it will not end up being free. The offer is actually an enrollment form for their automatic renewal program, which send the users a 1 oz. jar of their product every month and charges their credit cards $89.69 for the service.

This price is way out of line even if users were aware that they are being charged, and the evidence online shows that many, or even most, of them are not. Some customers have been charged hundreds of dollars before they caught the scam, which often times doesn’t even keep sending the skin cream.

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Business of Revyve Skin

Revyve Skin is an affiliate of the notorious skin care products manufacturer Coal Cosmetics. Coal Cosmetics lists their contact info as:

Phone Number: (800) 958-5410

Address: 5404 Whitsett Ave #128

Valley Village, CA 91607

Email: [email protected]

Coal Cosmetics has been the target of many formal notices by watchdog organizations like the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission regarding their marketing tactics. As of the date of this articles publication there is no evidence that Coal Cosmetics has ever responded, however there is no evidence of any legal proceedings against them either.

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Customer Opinions of Revyve Skin

Many customers are furious with the product that they were sent as part of the “Free Trial Offer” and had comments similar to these:

“I don’t think skin creams are supposed to give you acne worse than when you were a teenager.”

“I got the free sample for my mom and she hated it so much that she still brings it up every time I see her.”


Negative reviews covered a number of topics beyond just their manipulative business practices. They addressed the texture and smell of the product, as well as the sensation that it gave their faces when they applied it.

They complained about it not moisturizing and even seeming to dry the skin further, they complained that their skin looked more wrinkled than before they started, and they complained of other side effects like acne, redness, swelling, and hyperpigmentation.

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How Does Revyve Skin Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Revyve Skin
  • 36/100
Conclusion – Does Revyve Skin Work?

In order for our panel to recommend a product they have to believe that it can make the skin function better, not just look better, it has to be safe and effective for the vast majority of users, and it has to cost a fair and respectful price. By all of these measurements, Revyve Skin is not an acceptable product.

They do not disclose any of their ingredients except one, which is not even known to be effective. Not only that, but it is also known to be an ingredient that unscrupulous manufacturers use to hook unsuspecting customers.

Their “Free Trial Offer” is unethical if not illegal, and their customer reviews of their product make it seem not just ineffective but also possibly dangerous. For all of these reasons, our team cannot recommend this product.

Kremotex is a safe, reliable skin care option. Their ingredients are formulated to be mild on sensitive skin but powerfully effective at regenerating damaged tissues. Kremotex’s entire ingredients list can be seen by visiting this webpage.

89 Responses to Revyve Skin Review

Thomas says:

I got billed but received no product for the last two months?!

Pamela says:

Me too! I called until I got an email from a manager and I told him I was posting on their website and on BBB and he kept trying to calm me but I said I needed a complete refund and I finally got it! And I am 59 yrs old and have had pimples since I used it!!!

Tammie says:

Even though you were given your money back, thank goodness for that! everyone who’s been scammed by this company needs to not only hit up the BBB but you also need to post your story on those consumer rip off sites. I was thisclose to placing an order but instead of using my regular credit card I used one of those MC/Visa gift cards. Oddly enough, it just wouldn’t take. LOL After leaving that site I went to look for other reviews and came across one that had been written as if the person didn’t understand basic writing skills and of course, they gave this serum/cream a glowing review. Next I found this site. Got to say, I’m glad I did. The actual link I originally clicked on said the creator of this serum is Joanna Gaines. The lady from HGTV Fixer Upper. Did anyone else click on the same link I did? I did go to their official website, if you want to call it that and yet oddly enough her name nor face was nowhere to be seen. After reading commentator Anna’s post, I now know why. Best of luck to those of you who are still trying to get your money back…

Marcia Taylor says:

My bank is trying to back almost $400.00 from them for products I didn’t order, or even heard of. Found out, all same company, different names. I’m a senior on SS. Now can’t pay the rest of my monthly bills. I feel terribly stupid, falling for $6.95 scam. Reported it to BBB. I just might sue them.

Dena says:

Consumer affairs is the best way to go, that is if they’ll do anything about it too. BBB does not do sh**. nor does the FTC.
It happened to me too. and I tell ya some day soon in the near future this c*nt of a business is going to get their bad karma 10 fold!!

Jessica says:

Can you send me the email that you used please? I just got scammed by them and they are taking money out of my account

Deborah Smith says:

Does not work!!! Beware if you don’t cancel they will charge 89.00 and if you do cancel before the trail period is up they still want to charge you 29.00. I had to threaten to turn my bank loose on them before she backed down.

Dlb says:


Dianne Matthews says:

I have the same problem, waiting for final results. Called toll free 1-844-738-9832 or toll free 1-888-767-9959 or toll free 1-888-467-6331 I also called 411 to get number for adddress on packaging. That number is registered to Reveyve Hair Salon in North York, Burlington,Ontario. I cancelled at the three toll free numbers, my credit card gave me the sco d two from my bill, the first one I found terms and conditions several days s after re riviera g product!

jackson says:

hope this isnt too late to help. call this SCAM company at 1-888-876-6762.
i ordered free trial sample from a canadian website and somehow got registered with them. didnt even know about it, even though they had my email, until i was charged over $500. i have called twice. written emails. and now have claimed FRAUD with mastercard.

Amy says:

I’m looking for a phone number, too! I googled the return address and called that number but it wasn’t recycle. Customer service agent tracked down a number and that one didn’t work! I thought I was ordering it once and they keep sending it and taking it out of my bank account. $129! Invoice has no info at all.

Anonymous says:

Yes try this. 1-513-201-3687. Can not get them off my phone. I get many calls per day. Thinking about a hart ace calling.ad6oa

Anna says:

They are running scams for weight loss, beauty creams and more, plus this is a barely legal scam that can fool even a sharp consumer ——- THAT’S VERY TRUE!…..And after of months of thorough search I finally found who’s behind this messy big scams, he’s name is RACELLON MACASPAC, (better check his facebook). The name of his (SCAM) company is MAX PROFIT SOLUTIONS INC., operating somewhere in southeast asia. The next time that you receive a call offering you this skin care products, slimming products, male enhancement, or memory enhancement… with a 14 day trial for a 1 month supply….DON’T BELIEVE, IT’S A TOTALLY SCAM.

Dena says:

I also found other names besides this RevyveEye. there’s Antiagen with same PO box from st petersburg, FL, and a Louknee LLC same address PO box 41592, st petersburg, FL. and then connected to RevyveEye site. the Po box 41592 I googled it, says its from Los Angeles. I found a few other addresses too. figures a foreigner would always be f*ckin with an innocent person.

Teresa Candelaria says:

I wish I’d seen this before I ordered. I discovered the charges on my bank account and contacted them. They only want to give me a partial credit. I asked to speak to a supervisor, strangely, one was not available. I’ve opened a dispute with my bank also. They told me it is in the terms and conditions to cancel by within 14 days, and who reads those. I didn’t even know it was in the email confirming the charge. But the T & C also say a refund will be issued if it has not passed 30 days, which I sent them a copy of in a follow-up email.

Chris Biggs says:

Hello there Teresa,
I ordered the product as a gift and have now been billed for the last 4 months with no way of contacting the company.

Do you or anyone have the details please.

Many thanks


L says:

This is the biggest rip off ever!!!!’ Do not order because they say free for cost of shipping then they bill you $172.90.

Connie says:

I to was billed 172.90 and NO PRODUCT!!!! Scam do not order!!!

Anonymous says:

Happened to me too

Raquel says:

BEWARE: This company is a SCAM!!!!! Avoid at ALL costs even entertaining the idea of even ordering this product.
After watching an advertisement with HGTV Fixer-Upper Star Johanna Gaines endorsing this brand and seeing the “incredible” effects of this product, I chose to order and give it a try. On the on-line order form (as well as the AD seen earlier), the company was offering a promo deal where it was offered to try the product for FREE, as long as $5 for Shipping & Handling was paid. I proceeded to do so and received my product 3 weeks later.
Unknown to me, what I had actually done was purchase a subscription from this joke of a company. Once I received the product, I came across some of these forums and had I not taken the moment to investigate and call this company, I would’ve been charged immediately a total of $100 for this dangerous product; far from good for ANY skin type, from now, until I’d figure out money was being withdrawn from my bank account, without my consent.
When I placed the call to cancel my order, I was rudely informed by the incompetent and far from professional Customer Service Rep., that if I wanted to cancel my subscription and “not pay $90 for a product [I] didn’t want”, I had to pay an additional $20 to cancel my subscription. After going back and forth with her for a few minutes because I REFUSED to give these scammers any more of my money, she said she’d cancel my subscription and I didn’t need to do anything else or even pay the $20 “cancellation fee”. Once I realized she was trying to con me out of more money I didn’t need to pay, I requested to speak to a manager. She replied that one was not available and that I didn’t need to speak to anyone else since the subscription I had never signed up for, was now cancelled.
I insisted in speaking to upper level management and as rudely as she handled the entire called, the Rep stated no one would be available to speak with me and that our conversation was done.

Jennifer says:

I thought I was ordering a trial sample for $6.95 for the face cream and $6.95 for eye cream. I paid the amount that was charged. But apparently I didn’t read the fine print which said you have 14 days to cancel or you will be charged again. I just happen to check my bank account today and had been charged $89.95. When I called about the charge I was told I didn’t cancel within 14 days and also I was going to be charged $82.95 for the eye cream. I explained that obviously I didn’t read the fine print and I couldn’t afford almost $200 for face cream. He finally agreed to cancel the $82.95 charge and take 35% off the $89.95 charge. Not much I could do but, to accept that. Just hoping to get the word out to always read the fine print.

Bernadette says:

I looked at my checking account today and seen the same charges as you I called my bank because I did not know who took the money my bank said they are going to investigate and get my money put back. I called the number on my account and they said that I signed up for and account I was very pissed off and told the lady put my dam money back into my account today or I will call my lawyer and the better business bureau . so sad that people do that to us .. oh and the lady said you had 14 days after trying your free trial I never got it I told her.

Lindayanez says:

What was the phone number that you called to cancel

Edna says:

Very deceptive company. Borderline fraudulent. Product mediocre at best. They use the typical trickery in getting you to order and only pay shipping, whereas the product is only free if you stop the order process within the 14 day trial period, which is not made clear up front. DON”T GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER.

Anonymous says:


Tami Rich says:

After noticing charges of $82.95 and $89.95 on my VISA I contacted Revyve customer service to remove the charges. I was informed when I purchased the “trail” sample of your eye and face cream for the shipping and handling fee of $6.95 each was really an authorization to charge my account in 14 days for the products total price. I will admit my error in even thinking a mail order company would be any good, let alone faithful, it is now confirmed. The Revyve company knows exactly what it is doing. First, it gets a buyer attention by showing “Joanna Gaines” saying she is leaving HGTV for her own skin line and then you start promoting your product, with the customer thinking they are going to try a Joanna Gaines product. Then, Revyve tells you for a shipping fee you can get your “trail” product, which as you well know it is not a trail bottle but a scam to charge your account for the full amount.

When I agreed to try Revyve products, it was in good faith. I fully and honestly was interested in trying your product and hoped to purchase on a regular basis. Your “trail” period of 14 days from the “date of purchase” does not give a customer time to see if they like the product, let alone does what you claim it does. I won’t ever know if your product is any good, does what you claim or let any one else know if it works or not, because I will not use it now. A company who purposely deceives its customers is not a company I want to do business with and something must be really wrong with your products if you have to get customers to purchase using underhanded tactics.

Very Unsatisfied Customer,
Tami Rich

Darleen Wilczewski says:

I feel sorry for all you ppl that did buy the trail skin care. I was one also who did. What a scam scam scam.. I thought they only took $ 6.95 out my acct. Twice they did!! Then thank god i started reading everyone complaints. . and how they took money afterwards out of ur accts. I ordered my trail on the 11th of june got it on the 15th. I called customer service this morning told them to completely cancel me & they told me they wouldn’t charge me the $ 89.95 but as a good customer he said he was only gonna charge me $ 29.95 instead.. I blew my mind.. Then he tells me im being recorded & i told him that was fine & that i was recording him!! He told me he was a supervisor there & for me to be put on hold while he talked to his supervisor. .. Now im pissed. He comes back on i snapped told him i was not paying the $29.95. I also told him i went to there web site & could cancel within 14 days.. Finally i actually had to to him to repeat back to me that i was completely canceled & no money what so ever i taken out of my acct. I also made him send me email stating im canceled for that crap… He finally did it… What a scam & a joke that place is.. They should b shut down.. I wish you all luck..

Danielle Allaire says:

Posted info on Facebook

kay charb says:

This is the worst scam ever why cant someone do something about this
I guess walgreens is getting my business, at least u can take it back if it doesn’t work

Renate ( Schjerning ) Gardy says:

Scam artist is right… Free they say and you only pay shipping and then they put a 134.33 charge on your credit card for the cream and then 123.87 for the ridiculous eye cream. I am disputing the charges . Beware customers these are all scam artists .

Kim Hunt says:

RevyveSkin company is a scam for sure. They told me the $1.95 that was supposed to be “trial” charge was actually expedited shipping. They charged my bank $172.90! I am in process of disputing them now and I WILL get my money back!!!!!

Erin Alexander says:

this product randomly showed up at my door. I did not order it, I have never even herd of it. i am 21 years old and definitely don’t need wrinkle cream…. still trying to figure out how they even got my address in the first place

gfer1 says:

It is a scam…ordered for my wife…did not see anything about this being a trial for 14-days, and a cancel was due or you would be charged the full amount. They give you 14-days from the order…it gets delivered in a week, giving little time. When we ordered we just ordered the skin cream yet, they sent the eye cream as well and we got hit with an $82.95 charge and an $89.25 charge. Called the company to complain, and the high pressure sales fought hard about not having to give a credit. She gave us an address and RMA number for a return, and when received would give a credit. The Post Office just returned the Certified Package, as undeliverable, company moves no forwarding address. This is a SCAM…do not order from this company.

Maru Hufgard says:

I never thought this will
Happen to me I don’t understand why they let company’s like these rob people and that Joanne Gaines associated herself with a cream
Like these and Dragons Den believe and they don’t see what they are doing first time they took
7.85 next was $135 and the last one $143 and when I found out with they were doing they only refund me $ 123 from
My credit card I phone my credit card company and I got a new card waiting to get my refund and hoping that the cancelation
E mail is true but now my credit card company will deal with them . I am so mad for being taking and the fact that after ten days I told them I wanted to send it back and they told me to keep it for free and keep
On trying it

Californai Girl says:

Beware of the terms of purchase for the trial offer. I ordered this from a trial offer in early June and looked very hard for anything that said I was subscribing to purchase the product. Years ago I got stung by a similar scam that with the trial offer had unknown to me signed me up for a subscription to a dental product, so this time I looked and looked for anything about a subscription and found nothing. Beware that there are several websites that sell this product and the site I purchased from had and still has nothing at all about terms or a subscription. Another site had the notice about an automatic subscription buried in a very pale grey word TERMS at the very bottom of the page and had to be clicked on to view. I was billed once for product never received and it was not until I received the 2nd product that I investigated this scam. Luckily my credit card company has reversed the charges and blocked the company from charging my card again.


I have done the same thing you did as a trial order after 14 days they will charge your card for 89.95. My 14 days hasn’t even been reached. But my account has been charged for 89.95. They Don’t have a customer service number to call in. I’m very dissatisfied with the cream. I’m going to my bank and will be calling the BBB. This is a scam.

Anonymous says:

This company sent me a trial offer which I paid for. I never received any products after that nor did ever get a bill from them. This was in June of this year when I check my account in August they charged my account. I have been unable to reach them by the phone number they have listed. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

Erin says:

To cancel Who do I contact?? I don’t see a phone number or email anywhere?

Arlyce says:

I believe they are affiliated with Coal Cosmetics in California.

Anonymous says:

Call 1-844-738-9832 between 9 o’clock am and 9 o’clock pm during week days ! Good Luck!

Brenda says:

This is a scam!! Cost 400.00, they credited me half but I’m still out 200.00. I only wanted a sample which was going to cost 4.95.
Nothing but learn from mistake. Product is Ok, but definitely not what you think. They say in little print you have to cancel within a short amount of time. But I never ordered the stuff, just a sample and call immediately and was charged again. Very upset!!

Brenda says:


Betty Norman says:

I too was SCAMMED by this company REVYVE SKIN. I got partial refund (half of what they scammed me out of) & I am still waiting for the full refund. I will be reporting them to BBB too.

Anonymous says:

May I ask the customer service# you all used? I’ve been trying to call/contact someone with no answer.

Michael Burks says:

I can not speak to the effectiveness of the product, we returned it unopened, but I can speak to the effectiveness of their ability to separate you from your money. They have that down to a fine art. Stay away from their ‘trial offer’, and be aware that if you place an order you will be automatically put on auto ship/auto bill. They will ship and bill you for as much as they possibly can before you cancel. If you want to buy this product do it through an independent vendor that does not require you read twelve pages of fine print to find the ‘got you’.

Sue says:

Same thing happened to me. I canceled the account when I saw the first charges & called my bank. The bank said I need to call & cancel the account and then call them back to put in a dispute. I called & canceled the account & when I said “since you’ve taken $170+ of my money what am I going to get”? I was told the free sample…..1 oz of product. I told the lady it’s a total ripoff & I was contacting the BBB. I hung up & called my bank back and put in the dispute. I NEVER authorized them to charge my account, other than the $6 shipping cost of the “free” sample.

Kaley says:

IT’S A HUGE SCAM!!!! DO NOT NOT NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. They will start charging you $89 a month. The stuff is watery and sticky. Has NO SKIN CARE BENEFITS WHATSOEVER!!! They are rude and will steal all the money they can get from you before you know it. Please don’t believe anything they claim it does! JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!

cindy teigland says:

Thankfully I become suspicious when product was delivered with no information on packing slip (company name, address, phone #). Found this forum and then called my credit card. They charged my card $6.95 x 2 and $39.95. The $39.95 was not authorized by me! The $39.95 is being refunded and I am being sent a new credit card. I then called & cancelled immediately. They tried to sell me on $39.99 deal if I can’t afford. I said no thank you! Their number to cancel during the trial & after (844) 738-9831. The return address is: Revyve Skin Advanced Ageless Cream, PO Box 41542, St. Petersburg, FL 33743. Cancel this as soon as you recieve!!! Like the rest of you nowhere did I see anything that said I was enrolling in a monthly delivery with an outlandish price charged for the products. Thank you all for your comments bringing attention to this scam!!! P.S. This AD got me on instagram…BEWARE!!!

Linda says:

DON’T DO IT! Just a sample is not what you are signing up for. The product has questionable benefits, they will send you not only one product but two (and charge your account for an additional $7.78), ignore your request for cancelling (even when doing so the next day). So now I am instructed to send the product back to them, at my expense, then I was instructed to call them back 3 days after postal tracking says they received their package back. Hmmm, I am scared this is just a continued part of their scam. Oh yeah, want to know how much they have stolen from me? $ 281.56!

Anonymous says:

This product is one of the worst skin care products I have ever purchased in the last 20 years! Shame on me for falling for the “6.95” sample. I am disputing with my credit card! My skin has never been drier and is peeling!!!!! Awful that Joanna Gaines would put her name behind this product. The worst!!!

Arlyce says:

I canceled this MONTHS ago and – lo and behold – 2 bottles showed up in my mailbox today!
Supposedly, this company is an affiliate of Coal Cosmetics out of California. I have already sent Coal Cosmetics an email informing them that I am returning the product and to credit my credit card immediately “or else”. Does anyone know for sure where to return the product? I have the California address but the pkg gave a P.O. Box out east. I have learned a hard lesson here and will never fall for scams like this again!

Hope says:

So glad I found this site! I also was scammed by this company! When I called them after receiving charges on my credit card bill for two charges of $88.95 and $82.95 and two separate ones for 6.95, they told me I didn’t cancel before the 14 days. I asked for a supervisor and when I mentioned that I would contact the Better Business Bureau if they did not refund my money, she quickly offered me $120.00 if I did not escalate any further. Which I accepted. Before the call ended she offered to give me a discounted price if I couldn’t afford it and wanted to order it again in the future. Can you believe it? Lesson learned!

Gayle says:

Shame on me for not reading the free trial t’s and c’s. This is an unethical business practice that obviously is succeeding. Hoping enough of us make noise so others don’t make the same mistake.

Fallon Wahlstrom says:

I wish I could give negative stars. The same thing happened to me and I called immediately and the first girl hung up on me after she was messing up her script and the second guy I talked to was so rude! I asked to be fully refunded as I did not know I would have to cancel my account in 14 days and be charged almost $200! He said a refund was not possible..what??! He said I should have read the terms and conditions which is legally binding by law. Excuse me? I’m well aware, but in customer service you do what’s right by the customer to make them happy. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said she’s on the phone and he knows how to do his job. I said I’m the customer and you’re not helping me. He actually told me to call back because he couldn’t sit on hold with me while I wait. I just couldn’t believe how poorly this company’s customer service is and for this reason alone I will never purchase this product again.

Bonnie says:

This is definitely a scam and I am tired of DR retarded Oz he is full of crap on all products he endorses another Hollywood scammer. Wonder how much he gets paid. The product dries out your skin and causes a rash with no effects what so ever. I wish I had read this before trying they also scammed me. Saying I knew about the 14 days. Which was never posted and they refused to give me mailing info to return product. Nor a refund. I think we need to do a class action suit against the company and DR OZ for promoting it!

Diane Howard says:

I am tired of these scams. I receive RevyveSkin and they will not quit sending me their horrible product that breaks me out. No refund. Nothing even when I call.
DIANE F. Howard

Janet says:

Does not work as advertised, monthly subscription but no contact info on invoice, no email communication, no way to contact or cancel. What a scam.

Anonymous says:

Unfortunately I also fell for the “free trial”. Once I wanted to cancel, I searched and found an email address, sent an email to cancel and got no reply. Of course the next month another shipment arrived. I search d again and found a customer service number that has apparently been disconnected. I used the number in one of the comments above and finally got through to cancel. I asked if I could send back the shipment that came this month after I had sent an email requesting cancellation. They claimed they did not receive my email so would not refund. Very expensive lesson learned!!!!!

Anonymous says:

DEF A SCAM!! I’m right there with most of you, didn’t read the terms & agreements and thought I was just paying the $6.95, looked at my account and saw $89.95 coming out. I called and told them I wanted them to cancel and a refund. They told me they could give me a $45 refund, mind you I called 2 times earlier and they were willing to give me a 30% off discount then. They told me they could only give me the refund if I didn’t dispute charges! I told them that’s the first time I’ve ever been asked that, clearly this happens often to you guys! What a bunch of frauds!!!

Mai says:

Revive is a total SCAM company; Never order anything from Revivie!
Revive ad popped up on my cell phone with free trial and only $4.95 shipment. I ordered only a cream but website forcefully checked out for serum and cream products. After received the trial products on Saturday 11 days after the order date. Next day, Revive charged 2 x $119 to my credit cards. Products were mailed with no explanation of products, no return address, no customer contact address except email and phone number. Because credit card was charged from Canada, I thought this was the SCAM and called immediately but Revive put me on hold for 30 min; after long hold of 30 min, answering machine tells you “Unfortunately office is currently closed, please leave your name and phone number, someone will get back to you.” I called 3 times and each time, same story – the office never takes a call from customers. Even though I left messages twice, nobody got back to me for 4 days. Meanwhile, I sent 2 emails demanding a full refunds of 2 unauthorized charges. No email responses for 6 days and finally someone sent an email to contact the customer service for refunds; however, the office was already closed.

Julie Langley says:

SCAM.. I remember going to the website, and not even ordering anything. Then I get a box writh cream in it. I had just moved to a new house and forgot about it. No return address–no bill information… NOTHING. Then I get a second package–same thing. No phone #, no billng. I call and I am informed that I got charged for $96.56 on my card. The first cream was a charge of $14.95, and since I didn’t cancel within the first 10 days, I was automatically enrolled?! I called and cancelled, and I was told that when I return the unused product my card would be credited as soon as I get the tracking # of the return, and I would get an email. NO EMAIL received, and no credit! I called again the following week with the tracking #, and was told that the returned item was received and that my account was cancelled, and that a refund would be issued that day. NOT DONE. I called this morning and was told that I had to wait 10 to 15 days to see the credit on my card. I asked for a supervisor. No one was available. I asked why there was nothing sent with the product in regards to contact information, or no name for return address, or billing information. The very rude person on the phone “Alex” could not provide me with any information as to why. I asked why the name on the billing on my card “Forever Young” was different than the name on the product-she couldn’t answer that either. She put me on hold to see if she could find a supervisor. I asked why I hadn’t received ONE email after being promised of many–she said it was an “animated system” and she had no control of that. Really? It’s not working! After being on hold for 3 minutes she quickly spoke that she could not find a supervisor and was ending the call–I had to yell over her to ask for the transaction refund # which she finally gave me. SCAM!! Now I am going to wait another 10 days for the credit…. WHAT A SCAM.

larry gallegos says:

I was Scammed also, by ordering the Free Sample. Then 3 weeks later as I looked at my checking account, They took out $ 89.95 right out of my account with out my approval. So I called them 888-247-5003. The woman said I did not read it good enough, by ordering the Free Sample I was obligated to pay the $ 89.95. So I said I did Not give any one the Approval to bill me. She said You did not read it good enough. Yes,,, I was Scammed also.

Emily says:

Worst company ever. Shut them down ASAP!

Nathalie Lessard says:

I was sent an extra bottle, also they billed me for the whole thing before the 14 days of trial expired. Be very careful since they don’t go easy with you and only give you a minimum refund which does not cover enough, in my view. it is a rip off, the cream does not even work for me and now have to pay. Not happy customer and I will make sure to pass the word to all my ladies friend.

Anonymous says:

So many people have had their bank accounts and credit cards raped by this company. I have not seen anyone submitting this problem to Better Business Bureau. I will be doing just that. I am a victim of Revyve. First I received a so called sample that I have to only pay for shipping ($6.25). They even sent a tracking notice during the free sample shipment. Today I got a notofication from my bank that my saving and checking has been robbed by Revyve company. I currently have no money in my saving and checking, leaving me in negative balance to the bank of $95.00. I called the company at 888-44-6722 and I was told that I can get refund for only partial of my money that they robbed. This company is very wicked because they took hundreds of dollars from my accounts leaving me in overdraft, not to mention I received no product except the sample. We all need to get to the media and Better Business Bureau. That is what I will be doing.

Anonymous says:

my account was charged and I had never heard of the product. I had ordered a different product. from a different co.(a different scam, I later found out). Someone called wanting to make sure all info was correct (for my safety), pretending to be 1st co…I innocently gave it to them. I told them it seemed odd to me that I had already received email saying order had shipped. again he reassured me it was for my safety. after my credit union changed my acc’t #, I received the Revyve eye and skin. Again I had never seen or read about until I received it in the mail. That was really DISHONEST. Got on line checking addresses…Just a rented mailing address.

Dennis says:

DO NOT BUY from this Company. I fell for their trap and order a small sample, then got billed $125 to my credit card 2 weeks later. They hide charge details in a very long and complicated fine print terms and conditions. Regardless of this product work or not, this is NOT a ethical practice even if it is legal, and this is NOT the company that I would trust. I call them to complain and cancel any subsequent order. They said they will refund $80 and cancel future order. I do not trust them at all. I will call my credit card company to cancel my credit card. Lots of hassles, not worth it, don’t buy from them.

Danielle Allaire says:

All right ladies.
I just took a snap shot of their
advertisement . The offer, the cream, the supposed
free trial with only 6,95$ for postal fees.

I posted it public on FaceBook.

This has to stop! Why don’t you do the same?

. ❌. . ❌. . ❌. . ❌. . ❌.

I told them on the phone that a partial refund isn’t enough.

Danielle Allaire says:

Ne pas commander! Voleurs professionnels

Jill says:

Biggest SCAM!!!! DO NOT ORDER !!! The same goes for me as the above. I have called my bank and reported them. I wish i would have seen this page before i ordered, the one i looked on had good reviews and boy i was fooled. And i NEVER do this kind of thing or order anything not from an actual company website such as H&M, Revolve, etc. THE WORST!!!!

Yvonne says:

This is a very dishonest company. When I ordered one product, I was presented some other products, I didn’t want it so I ignored. I got 2 confirmations for shipping charges of $7.85 from ordering 2 products. I let it go since it is not much. But at the end, I discovered an extra charge of $133 in my credit card statement for a third package. When I called them, they should I have un-clicked!! They don’t allow me to return as “it is a promotion”. THIS IS A VERY DISHONEST COMPANY and I have reported them to consumer bureau.

Jill McCune says:

SCAM!!!!!!!!!! They make their money by charging you after a 14 day trial! Better have an alert on your phone so you don’t miss this SHORT trial. $90 is outrageous!! Spread the word!! This company won’t be around long

Michelle lozej says:

Got hooked into a scam. First question I asked did u read the terms and conditions? I had to say probably but can’t remember them. Well 14 day trial then charged $133 on my credit card exactly 14 days later. Funny thing when I got the box I kind of forgot about ordering it then it came with no papers or anything else in the box other than the cream. No reminder that u have 14 days to try it and cancel or they charge full amount $133 BAD BUSINESS do NOT BUY!!!

A.Watson says:

……..yet another automatic shipping and billing company……beware ,beware ,beware……spent hours on phone to my bank, credit card and finally a rep for Revyve ( of course just a call centre ) to cancel my so called account……spent $7.85 for the sample and now have paid over $320 …….even Visa refered to this method of operating a SCAM !!!……

penny newland says:

i am going through the same Bull as yall are. this is so frustrating

Margaret says:

Same here. I got SCAMMED. What a ripoff company. I wish I’d found this site before I ordered.

Kayla says:

I got the trial “6.99$” for my mother in law after seeing the amazing videos and testimony. When originally purchased mt bank statement had it under the name revyve ….Recently I noticed i was charged 133.87$ under a strange name i didnt recognize… “resilience skin” .. of course i reported it to my bank, which they found a second charge 2 weeks prior from the same company… revyve tried to scam me using a different company name and not once did i recieve products foe those 2 charges. Luckily i got my mobey back through bank investigations. Not to mention there was no fine print stating they would continue to charge your card afterwards at a hiked up rate not worth the shitty product. It didnt work and my mother in law hated it. Dont buy!!!

Kayla says:

Well…I got the trial “6.99$” for my mother in law after seeing the amazing videos and testimony. When originally purchased mt bank statement had it under the name revyve ….Recently I noticed i was charged 133.87$ under a strange name i didnt recognize… “resilience skin” .. of course i reported it to my bank, which they found a second charge 2 weeks prior from the same company… revyve tried to scam me using a different company name and not once did i recieve products foe those 2 charges. Luckily i got my mobey back through bank investigations. Not to mention there was no fine print stating they would continue to charge your card afterwards at a hiked up rate not worth the shitty product. It didnt work and my mother in law hated it. Dont buy!!!

patricia says:

ordered thirty day FREE TRIAL MY ACCOUNT WAS BILLED $89.95 ON 15 TH DAY I called and was informed you get charged after 14 day trial not the 30 days advertised I demanded a refund and informed them I was reporting to BBB and would also use twitter and face book so no one else gets scammed by this company , I’m also going to write to shark tank because they use their endorsement .


aria myllyla says:

I got scammed free trial 7.85 and 7.85 for shipping revyeskin cream and ageless eye cream charged on my credit card 135.53 and 124.98 Canadian funds 260.51 so pissed, they are scamming you, free trial my ass.

D. Best says:

I’ve been trying to get a number for customer service or even an email adress to contact them at does anyone have that info.

Angry, Angry Husband says:

SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!! My wife was scammed by this. Charges from 4 different companies on her card totaling over $500 for a free trail. What a joke! Called the companies using the number published on the credit card charge, and was told it was in the T&C that you had to cancel in 14 days or you would be charged. I asked for a copy of the T&C’s to be sent to me for review and they said they were in the email that confirmed the order. I again asked for a copy of the T&C and they would not send. As I was very upset I asked to be put through to a senior manager and the agent on the phone all of a sudden couldn’t hear me claiming a bad connection and then the call was disconnected. Amazing how this occurred after a lengthy conversation with the agent who repeatedly referred to T&C. I have now gone and looked at the email that was sent to my wife when she ordered and the link for the T&C’s is not an active hyperlink, there is no mention that you must cancel within 14 days or you will be charged. Furthermore, the agent named Mason told me that they do not accept returns and can not refund however at one point offered a 50% refund. Interesting? The agent, Jake, at one of the other numbers I called offered a 75% refund.

This company is a fraud and needs to be shut down. Call the BBB as they have many complaints on file, cancel the card the charges are on and dispute the charges with your card supplier. There is many honest internet based business however this is not one.

Jennie Bennett says:

I thought I was buying a product for $7.99 a month later they build my credit card one product for $127.19 and another product for $139.93 make sure you read the fine print because this product is a complete rip-off these are 30 ml and the second one is 15 mL bottle

Dee Dee says:

This is the biggest scam, I am so trusting so feeling quite stupid and taken for 300.00 on my card. Of course he said I cannot return it.
I told the agent he should be ashamed of himself to work for such people and ripping off seniors.
Please do not fall for this scam.

Dave says:

Horrible! Repeadly called to cancel. Wife sent product back three timed by certified mail still charged need be get BBB, FTC and Florida attorney General office involved hard to believe these scam artists can go Scot free. Dave

Lyne Giroux says:

SCAM!!! I was billed 7.99 for both trial sizes and then my account was charged $135,16 then $145.90 then $137.91 then $127.17 then again $135,16 and $145,90 for products I did not receive or want.

juana zoraida schuster says:

I have not received the item and do not wish to have the item sent to me thank you,

Faye Croke says:

I order the revskin on a free preview. I was then charged 133.00 dollars for it. It is garbage as far asi am concerned. Then on top of it they dont have a toll free number and i was charged another 25 on my phone bill, because i was put on hold. U people r rip of artists and i have reported u to the RCMP. i hope u people get caught and charged for what u r doing to people. I have also read alot of the reviews and quite a few more prople have got ripped of by u guys. U guys r losers.

Jesi says:

Apparently “Revskin” had changed their name into “GLOW” and tricked me into buying their products. they offered facial moisturizing which they said they will send for free just to try out but I will only pay 4.5$ for the shipping, when I agreed and put the credit card in, they suddenly asked if I want also the eye revitalizer for 7.5$, I pressed on the button that probably said continue since I didn’t want the second product. Suddenly all the transaction was approved without a chance to review it. and it did say something about a free trial. which I wasn’t sure what it meant.
5 days later, I got a package with both products from Florida from a “Fulfillment center”. No company name, no receipt with the product, no receipt in an email. The sticker on the products seemed unevenly glued. It looked suspicious. I looked up the company that was printed on the product: “GLOW” and there is no such company. But I did find the same products online under the company “Revyveskin”. I looked at the credit card charges. 2 different transactions were made by 2 different companies that were selling something else. After understanding the scam thanks to the comments here, I canceled the credit card. BEWARE

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