Livial Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Livial is a hormone replacement therapy designed for women in menopause or those who have had their ovaries removed. Livial is made to treat headaches, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats and more, as well as prevent post-menopausal bone loss.

Livial is made using the active ingredient, tibolone, a synthetic steroid hormone, which is made to mimic the effects of natural estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. The makers of this product claim that users can expect to achieve greater hormonal balance, as well as an increase in their desire for sex.

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Livial Ingredients and Side Effects

Livial contains only one active ingredient, the synthetic hormone, tibolone. Here’s a look at some of the risks and benefits associated with its use:


Tibolone: Tibolone is a synthetic hormone used to simulate the effects that estrogen, progesterone and testosterone have naturally inside the body, which aims to restore a sense of hormonal balance in women suffering from the symptoms associated with menopause, as well as other conditions that stem from an imbalance.

The difference between using tibolone, versus, other HRT treatments is, tibolone works to address a wider range of hormones. Most HRT treatments are estrogen only or a combination of estrogen and progesterone.

While this ingredient has some clear benefits, users with a blood clotting disorder or heart disease should avoid taking this drug, as should those who have or have had breast cancer, or even those who suspect they might have the disease.

  • Side effects may include stomach, breast or pelvic pain, increased hair growth, vaginal spotting or irregular bleeding, acne, weight gain, swelling of hands and feet, vaginal irritation or thrush and itchy skin.

It’s worth pointing out that HRT may cause some increases in tissue growth in the lining of the womb or the breasts, which may lead to cancer.

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Livial Quality of Ingredients

Livial looks like it may be effective for many people. The threefold hormonal targeting appears to be a great way to restore hormonal balance holistically, as compared with other HRT options that only contain estrogen or progesterone.

While it seems like Livial could be effective, the long list of side effects and many mentions of cancer listed in the leaflet that accompanies this drug make us a bit nervous.

We understand some people have very severe symptoms they’d like to resolve at almost any cost, but those considering this option need to have a long conversation with their doctor, as it could have more adverse effects than positive ones in many users.

Even the milder side effects like weight gain or unusual hair growth have a profound effect on one’s appearance, which may deter many women from giving this a try, and understandably so.

Then again, there are several people out there who take HRT drugs and have very few problems and feel much better off than before—dealing with hot flashes, night sweats, low libido and mood changes.

It’s hard to make a judgement on those who decide to use HRT treatments, as many find them helpful. But, we recommend speaking to a doctor in order to ensure you’re trying Livial or something similar under optimal circumstances.

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The Price and Quality of Livial

Unfortunately, Livial is a prescription drug, and it’s not available in the US. Users may be able to track this item down by ordering through questionable third-party sites, but this buying option is illegal, and offers little in the way of customer protections when it comes to quality and returns.

Users that opt to procure this item on their own may also be susceptible to receiving fake product in the mail. It’s also very expensive. One website we came across selling Livial to US residents offered this product at $80 a month, which isn’t too high for a prescription drug, but keep in mind, insurance doesn’t cover this whatsoever.

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Business of Livial

Livial is made by Australian pharmaceutical company, Aspen Australia. Here is their contact information, as per the official website:

Phone: +61 2 8436 8300

Address: 34-36 Chandos Street
St Leonards NSW 2065

There are a variety of webpages that Livial is mentioned on, whether it’s purely informational or offering the product for sale, but there’s no official website for the product.

The Aspen Australia site has a very bare bones entry for Livial and doesn’t really talk much about the uses or benefits of this product. It’s just a mere acknowledgement that these people are responsible making this drug.

Aspen Australia is a well-established company, with a long roster of drugs across various indications. While there are safety concerns with any HRT, it’s clear the makers of Livial are working to ensure utmost consumer safety.

Customer Opinions of Livial

The reviews we found for Livial showed a mix of results, from women who were quite uncomfortable while using this product to those who experienced , while others said they were “awesome” or “worked great.” It’s likely dependent on the variation in body types and severity of menopause symptom. Regardless, here’s a quick look at some of the responses people posted online:

“After almost a month, I’m dealing with severe anxiety, unlike anything I’ve felt in the past. I can’t sleep and feel like I’m hitting rock bottom. Not sure if this is worth not having hot flashes.”

“Livial is definitely helping with libido, but I’m also feeling tired and sluggish with use. I’m feeling less anxious, but often feel like crying or just kind of flat and depressed. Pros and cons here to be sure.”

“Three weeks into taking this Livial I’ve found that I’m experiencing some major discomfort, cramps, nausea, GI distress and still having anxiety I think is linked to menopause. Not sure I should keep taking.”

“I’m already having concerns, as my hair has started thinning and shedding more rapidly, and is seemingly getting worse. I don’t know if I need additional testosterone or less of it—seeing Dr. soon though.”

Livial does seem to be widely used by women outside the US—particularly Australia and the UK, in order tot treat menopause. Many users did report improvements in their conditions, but it seems like they come at a cost. Most of the women we came across mentioned things like headaches, stomach issues or cramps, as well as hair loss or growth and weight gain.

More troubling was the wide range of emotional challenges that emerged with use, increases in anxiety and depression for some, though in other cases, these issues dissipated.

Based on the comments, especially when compared against the list of potential side effects, it seems that there’s a good chance many users will experience some form of adverse effect while using Livial. It’s a tough decision whether or not to use this, or any other HRT, but the costs must be weighed heavily against the potential for benefits.

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Conclusion – Does Livial Work?

After reviewing Livial and the company that makes this product, we think there are a number of clear risks associated with its use, and would not recommend this product unless under the direct supervision of a competent physician.

There’s no doubt that HRT treatments are useful for many individuals and can provide significant relief from the more severe menopausal symptoms interfering with patient lives.

US residents looking into this option may want to think twice about purchasing this drug on their own. Yes, you can order this illegally, but the physical repercussions of attempting to find the right dosage on your own could be dangerous. Plus, unauthorized third-party sites pose a risk to consumers, particularly where issues like fake or expired product are concerned.

Many of the reviews we came across did mention side effects—particularly less serious symptoms like hair loss, which may make some people think twice before trying this product.

After looking over all the above information, we’ve found that Livial may pose some significant risks to users, and that those suffering from menopause may want to consider the possibility of trying something that balances hormones with phytoestrogens instead.

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Priscila says:

I developed BREAST CANCER after taking Livial (Tibolone) and I don’t think it’s just coincidental. For some women, despite all the benefits, Livial is NOT WORTH THE RISK!

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