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What is it?

Macafem is a supplement made to treat the symptoms of menopause. Macafem is designed to help the body balance the hormonal system.

Macafem used a blend of herbs and amino acids to help stimulate hormonal glands, offering relief from a range of issues like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and more. This all-natural blend aims to help the body produce its own hormones more effectively.

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Macafem Ingredients and Side Effects

For whatever reason, the makers of Macafem have opted to avoid posting the product label for customer review. Through a quick Search, we were able to find an image of the label someone uploaded. Here’s a look at what makes Macafem work:

Folic Acid Biotin Vitamin B12
Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate Thai Kudzu

Thai Kudzu: Kudzu has long been used for medicinal purposes to treat allergies, cold symptoms, menopause symptoms, muscle pain, headaches and more.

Additionally, this ingredient may act like estrogen in the body, potentially helping to regulate hormone levels.

  • In some cases, kudzu may be linked to itching, allergic reaction and nausea.

Biotin: Biotin is a B vitamin found in a number of foods, biotin is typically used to stimulate the growth of healthy hair and nails, as well as to treat and prevent hair loss.

Folic Acid: A water-soluble B vitamin, folic acid is used to treat anemia, memory loss, muscle and nerve pain, and more. It may also help reduce the appearance of aging with use.

  • Side effects may include upset stomach, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, rash, irritability, gas or sleep disturbances.

Vitamin B12: Found in numerous foods like meat, eggs, fish and more, vitamin B12 is used to treat anemia, boost mood and energy, as well as keep the blood cells, brain and nerves running smoothly.

Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate: An active form of vitamin B, this ingredient is used to support nervous system health and provide the body with energy.

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Macafem Quality of Ingredients

Macafem is made from mostly B vitamins, key nutrients for any diet, and particularly useful for those who may not eat a lot of meat, or need some additional levels of support. The ingredient, Thai kudzu is the active ingredient here, and is thought to have some effect on the estrogen levels in the body, it seems there’s not too much information on this plant’s use as an effective way to treat menopause symptoms.

Though there’s not much in here that can cause users to have an adverse reaction with use, we’re not sure this product has the potency required to take on some of the more severe cases of hot flashes, night sweats or other uncomfortable facts of menopause.

The official Macafem website mentions multiple times that this product is loaded with nutrients—but only lists a few items on the product label—again, most of which are B vitamins. The site does not feature an actual image of the label either.

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The Price and Quality of Macafem

Macafem is available through both and—we’re not sure why they have two domains, but they seem to be made by the same company. A one-month supply of Macafem retails for $29.85, and the price drops further the more you buy. A three-month supply goes for $24.90 per bottle and a five-month supply is reduced to $22.95 per bottle.

Macafem does not appear to be sold by any third party retailers, which means consumers are unlikely to find any further discounts on the product.

It’s hard to say if this product is a good value for consumers. On the one hand, it’s priced at a lower point than many competing products. Yet, it doesn’t contain much more than B vitamins and kudzu, a plant considered an invasive weed in the Southeastern part of the United States.

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Business of Macafem

Macafem appears to be made by a company that also goes by the name, Macafem. Here is their contact information, as well as a little more about the business:

Phone: (800) 985-9066

Email: [email protected]

Address: 294 Wescliff Dr
Ocoee, FL 34761 USA

The official website for this product is full of text explaining for this product works, testimonials and even a blog discussing the pitfalls of menopause and some basic information about this phase in a woman’s life.

The site makes multiple mentions of their commitment to making a natural product, and has been in business for over 15 years.

While Macafem appears to be a well-established company, there’s not much here that backs the claims that kudzu is a proven treatment for menopausal symptoms.

Additionally, the site mentions this product is full of a variety of ingredients, but most of the ingredients on the label (which we had to search for on the web) are B vitamins—a supplement you can purchase for a few bucks at any local drugstore or supermarket.

Customer Opinions of Macafem

Because Macafem is not available through the same range of channels as many competing menopause solutions, there aren’t too many reviews, though we did come across some accounts on a few online forums from women who have used this product. Here’s a look at what many users can expect from trying this product:

“I took Macafem for several years before finding out that there are other brands that sell their own version for less. This product does work though, and unlike some of the others, it didn’t make me gain weight.”

“I’ve tried so many herbal remedies for this, and like most of this stuff, Macafem didn’t work. Honestly, I wish I had just bitten the bullet and gone on hormone replacement therapy in the first place.”

“There aren’t enough studies on this product—it helped me with a whole range of problems, but the longest recorded study is a year, and I’m concerned about long term effects.”

“In perimenopause, so things change all the time, but it has helped with the hot flashes, as well as some of the emotional effects of going through this change. It’s not a miracle product, but I’m feeling better.”

Macafem seems to have attracted an audience quite worried about the effects of hormone replacement therapy, which makes sense given all the warnings and risks associated with its use.

One user did raise a good point, Thai kudzu has not been studied in that great of detail—if the longest period of use documented in a clinical trial was only a year, it’s hard to know if users can expect any problems down the road or if it truly is side effect-free.

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Conclusion – Does Macafem Work?

After reviewing the information presented about Macafem it seems that there is some potential, but we’re not entirely sure if it’s a solution that could work for most women.

The reviews we found mentioned mixed results — many people said they got some relief, but certain symptoms still lingered, which, of course is better than nothing at all, but suggests there may be better supplements on the market for addressing hot flashes and changes in mood, as well as some of the other symptoms that occur during perimenopause or menopause.

That being said, there weren’t hundreds or thousands of reviews available for us to peruse — just a handful here and there on some women’s health forums.

We didn’t like that the Macafem website had some conflicting information about the ingredient profile. It did clearly mention that this product was made from kudzu, but they also made it sound as though there were a number of key ingredients aside from just B vitamins. They didn’t publish the label, which makes this feel a little deceptive from a consumer point of view.

Our last point is, there isn’t much evidence proving the validity of kudzu as a menopause treatment. It may have an effect on estrogen production, but we don’t have a definitive sense of how effective this is, nor if there are any long term effects.

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Robert Bing says:

Saying ingrediant B12 is too vague. You want Meta cobalamin, not cyanide Cyanocobalamin. There is no evidence that Cyanocobalamin is of any use in the body. Your body secretes the Cyanocobalamin when it gets the real. B12 is best absorbed under the tongue because stomach acid destroys it.

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