Florafemme Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Florafemme is a vaginal suppository used to help balance the microflora present in the body. This product helps users maintain a healthy pH, preventing yeast infections, itching, odor, discharge and bacterial vaginosis.

Florafemme contains 57 billion CFUs of probiotic strains shown to be effective in managing vaginal health. This product works by creating and maintaining an acidic environment that kills off bad bacteria and helps good ones thrive.

Femmetrinol is the most consistent feminine health supplement on today’s market as compared to other menopause supplements.

Made with hormone-supportive herbs such as black cohosh and wild yam helps users quickly gain control over symptoms like vaginal dryness and imbalanced pH, as well as hot flashes and insomnia, which affect daily wellbeing. Get the details on what Femmetrinol can do to improve your day to day life.

Florafemme Ingredients and Side Effects

Florafemme is made from a blend of probiotic strains specifically formulated to improve vaginal health, and eliminate any infection, odor or discomfort. Here’s a bit more about the two classes of probiotics used in this product:

Bifidobacterium  Lactobacilli

Bifidobacterium: A type of bacteria that generally lives inside the intestines, this strain is used to treat diarrhea, bowel infections or conditions and may work to fight yeast infections, eczema and boost immune system health.

Lactobacilli: A type of bacteria that live in the digestive system, urinary tract and genitals, lactobacilli are used to treat yeast infections, urinary tract infections, digestive issues and more. They may even help with lactose intolerance and immune support.

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Florafemme Quality of Ingredients

Based on the list ingredients included on the Florafemme website, this product appears to be a well-rounded probiotic, featuring many iterations of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

It seems that this mix of good bacteria can provide users with the environment needed to keep infection-causing bacteria away.

This product differs from some of the other products we’ve seen—it’s a suppository, and it’s not necessarily intended to be used forever, like a standard oral supplement.

According to the webpage, users are advised to use this product as needed, at the first sign of infection or if there’s an unwanted odor or discharge coming from the vagina.

Overall, we think Florafemme holds some promise for women looking for an easy way to stave off infections and get their vaginal pH back in balance. Menopausal women, in particular may have a difficult time maintaining a healthy pH. A probiotic, when coupled with a hormone-balancing supplement, could be a valuable tool for this demographic.

But, it’s hard to say whether this product makes more sense than a daily probiotic supplement that provides long-term support.

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The Price and Quality of Florafemme

Florafemme has a listing on the Canadian version of Amazon for $64.75 (CAD), but they do not currently ship to the United States. It appears the listing on the US-based Amazon has been removed, and there’s no word either way whether it will return to the platform sometime in the near future.

The official website, florafemme.com features a prompt for US shoppers to get free shipping — but this button links to the disabled Amazon page and doesn’t offer any alternative buying options.

The website has a note on the “contact us” section informing users that the company behind this product is in the midst of updating their website over the next few months. It doesn’t say when this note was posted, so there’s no way to know whether or not this product has been discontinued or when they’ll be up and running again.

Based on the Canadian pricing for this item, it seems like it may be a bit overpriced for some consumers. It isn’t meant to be used as a long term solution, so that could take some of the sticker shock out of making this purchase.

We’re not sure what the suggested retail on Florafemme is, nor whether or not people thought this product was useful in providing the advertised claims.

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Business of Florafemme

Florafemme appears to be made by a company that also uses the name Florafemme. They have neglected to provide consumers with any contact details, aside from a form posted on the “contact us” page.

In looking at Florafemme’s website, it’s clear that the designers have tried to cultivate a softness or femininity when putting this together. There’s a lot of curly, light colored font that’s difficult to read, and the aesthetic just feels a little outdated.

This product was created in 2005, as a safer, natural alternative to the over-the-counter anti-fungals and yeast infection treatments you’ll find in a typical supermarket.

What we liked was, this company seems to be using language that suggests responsibility—they make multiple mentions of when it might be a good time to see a gynecologist for vaginal issues, and they never make these broad, sweeping, too-good-to-be-true claims you’ll see with similar products.

On top of that, the product itself seems promising. Even if it doesn’t completely eradicate any vaginal problems, it still stands to provide some health benefits to the user. The probiotic formula contains a range of strains, known for their vaginal benefits—plus it’s vegan, so those with concerns about dairy products can take this, too.

What we didn’t like about this product was the fact that, there’s no clear way to buy this in the United States. The link on the website is broken, redirecting potential buyers to a now-defunct Amazon page.

We also didn’t like that this company failed to provide any contact information, other than a form, so customers may not be able to reach anyone, should they have questions about this product.

Customer Opinions of Florafemme

Florafemme is not widely reviewed by previous users on the web. The US Amazon listing has been removed, and there were few users that shared their thoughts about this product on other channels. Regardless, we were able to dig up a few comments. Here’s a quick look:

“I honestly cannot tell whether or not this product helped with my condition. Felt the same. I ended up purchasing a different oral probiotic in hopes that it might be more effective than the suppository.”

“This product did work, but it was no different than a cheaper brand I’ve tried in the past. I’ll stick to the $30 version rather than the $60 from here on out.”

“Liked this product quite a bit. Since inserting my IUD a few months ago, I was able to ditch the smell I’ve been fighting this entire time. After two days or Florafemme, was odorless and back to normal”

“This worked, but it took about 12 days of use to overcome a long term infection. I use Florafemme along with coconut oil, and it seems to do the trick. Everyone is different though.”

It seems consumers felt this product was not effective enough to warrant such a high price tag. On average, reviewers gave this about a three-star rating, which is not great.

Florafemme has a good-looking ingredient label, but we’re not sure how many live cultures are included in each suppository, or if using a suppository probiotic isn’t as effective as taking an oral supplement.

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Conclusion – Does Florafemme Work?

Florafemme seems really promising, based on the ingredient profile alone. We know the benefits of using this blend of probiotics is effective in treating women suffering from chronic vaginal issues from mild odor and itching to more severe and persistent yeast infections or BV.

The problem is, we don’t know much about the product beyond what we’ve learned by looking at a label. There are no links to scientific studies conducted on the Florafemme formula, nor are there many reviews documenting users’ experience in using this product.

One can’t easily purchase this product, unless they are using Amazon Canada, and the website doesn’t mention when this product will be available again — the note left on the site simply mentioned they were making some changes to the website, without including a timeline or any mentions of replenishing stock.

Based on that information, there’s a chance Florafemme might not be available any time soon.

Beyond stocking concerns, we were hard pressed to find comments from previous users. And, no matter how good a supplement might look, it’s worth pointing out that customer feedback is probably one of the most reliable indicators as to whether or not a product is safe, effective or easy to use.

After reviewing this product, and many other women’s support formulas, we’ve learned that Femmetrinol is the most effective product of its kind. Ingredients like black cohosh, chasteberry, wild yam and others help restore balance between estrogen and progesterone — which can treat and prevent the pH-damaging vaginal dryness you may experience during menopause.

Femmetrinol is made in an FDA-certified lab and has been subject to numerous rounds of clinical trials. Click the link to learn more about using Femmetrinol to control hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and more.

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