Luvena Personal Lubricant Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Luvena Personal Lubricant is a vaginal lubricant containing prebiotics. This product may be used as a way to improve the condition of vaginal tissue during menopause, as well as making sex easier and more comfortable.

Luvena Personal Lubricant contains lactic acid and cranberry extract—ingredients used to make the vagina more acidic. An acidic environment helps keep bad bacteria from taking up residence in the vagina or urinary tract, which may work to prevent infections.

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Luvena Personal Lubricant Ingredients and Side Effects

Luvena Personal Lubricant is made from a blend of ingredients, most of which provide moisture and lubrication, as this product is part sex aid, part moisturizer. It does, however, contain a couple key ingredients known to foster a healthy vaginal environment. Here’s a brief look at the active ingredients in this personal lubricant:

Lactic Acid  Cranberry Extract

Lactic Acid: Lactic acid promotes an acid environment inside the vagina—this allows the good bacteria to continue to grow and colonize, while keeping out bacteria that causes infections.

Cranberry Extract:  Cranberries are a well-known treatment for UTIs, as they may help make urine turn acidic, killing bacteria inside the urinary tract. Additionally, cranberries contain a substance called salicylic acid, which helps reduce inflammation, prevents blood clots and may have an anti-tumor effect.

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Luvena Personal Lubricant Quality of Ingredients

Luvena Personal Lubricant is made from the typical lubricating agents—mostly filler ingredients that provide that signature slippery texture. In general, this product looks pretty good. It contains prebiotics, which when inserted vaginally, may help foster a healthy flora community in the urinary tract and genitals.

Luvena Personal Lubricant also contains a few forms of lactic acid, along with some cranberry extract, which work together to provide the acidic environment that helps good bacteria thrive.

In all, this product seems like it could do a lot for the sex lives of women going through menopause. It provides lasting moisture, plus has the potential to ward off infections due to pH imbalance or irritation that occurs during sex.

It is, however, worth remembering that users looking for menopause relief on a holistic level may want something that tackles hormone balance rather than directly dealing with vaginal comfort. Luvena Personal Lubricant certainly could be a companion product to an oral supplement aimed at getting hormones back in balance.

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The Price and Quality of Luvena Personal Lubricant

Luvena Personal Lubricant is available directly from the Luvena site for $10.99, as well as through some large national chains like Walgreens, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. The product comes in a 1.3-ounce pump and generally retails for around $8.99. Walmart offers the same amount for $14.99, while Amazon has it for $12.

As compared to some of the lower-end, glycerin-based lubes, Luvena Personal Lubricant is slightly more expensive, but in most cases, will cost consumers less than $10.

Based on the reviews, as compared with the ingredient profile, this product seems to be of a decent quality, and likely won’t dry out sensitive genitals after sex.

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Business of Luvena Personal Lubricant

Luvena Personal Lubricant appears to be made by a company that also uses the name Luvena Personal Lubricant. They have neglected to provide consumers with any contact details, aside from a form posted on the “contact us” page.

Phone: 877-522-5333

Address: 2103 E University Drive

Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

Luvena Personal Lubricant is made by a company that goes by the name of Luvena. Luvena makes a few different products that all fall into this realm of vaginal care—making various topical moisturizing solutions for women experiencing dryness, infections and more.

In looking at the Luvena site, it’s clear that the design hasn’t been updated to reflect what most consumers expect from an e-commerce site. For example, there’s a list of the full Luvena product line, which offers a minimal explanation for each one.

You can’t click on these icons to learn more about the product, nor are there any separate pages that detail the product indications, ingredients and more.

Long story short, Luvena simply does not do a good job providing consumers with basic information about their products.

What’s also strange is, the third party sellers of Luvena Personal Lubricant have also made little effort in educating potential shoppers on what their products can provide. Granted, a personal lubricant is generally intended to be a sexual aid, but in some cases is a long term moisture solution.

In the case of many menopausal women experiencing vaginal dryness, there may be the need for a lubrication solution that provides more long term moisture. Healing dry skin cells and plumping thinning vaginal tissue, rather than simply creating a slippery texture conducive to sex.

We were able to find some additional information about the ingredients and the indication—it does provide hydration and protection against infection—but it’s unfortunate that the company website doesn’t provide a one-stop shop for basic info.

Customer Opinions of Luvena Personal Lubricant

Luvena Personal Lubricant is available through Amazon, the official website, plus a handful of other shopping platforms. Despite being fairly easy to find, there are few reviews from people who have tried this product, and even fewer from those who chose to document their experience.

In any case, here’s a quick look at what we were able to find:

“This product is far too thin. You think you’re getting something that provides a thick barrier, something both soothing when you’re a little dry, and for when you’re ready for sex. It’s ok, but expected more.”

“My doctor actually recommended this product to me. It’s been pretty great in combatting dryness, plus it’s light and has a pleasant scent. It’s a little hard to determine how much you should be using, though.”

“Luvena Personal Lubricant is good for blocking odor and itching, and takes care of the problem quick. It’s good prevention, too. Using this after sex seems to help keep infections away. I recommend stocking up.”

“This product is a little bit messy, but then again, it is a lube. I like the cranberry smell, plus it’s great for sensitive genitals. I’ve also been happy with how it handles dryness, as we age it becomes a problem.”

Luvena Personal Lubricant has primarily good reviews, and it seems women liked the smell and the fact that it differed from many of the sticky, drying lubricants that don’t really have women’s best interests in mind.

In general, this may be a good sexual solution to women experiencing menopause. While it certainly won’t help deal with problems like hot flashes or night sweats, or even the root cause of dryness, if combined with a hormone-balancing supplement, users might have some great results.

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Conclusion – Does Luvena Personal Lubricant Work?

Luvena Personal Lubricant is a personal lubricant sure, but it seems to provide a few more benefits than the standard lubes one might find in the supermarket. This product has a prebiotic element to it, plus cranberry extract for additional urinary tract support.

While the root cause of menopausal dryness is hormone-related (loss of estrogen thins out the vaginal tissue), this may provide some additional relief both during sex, and should the user need some additional relief from chafing or discomfort.

When we looked at customer feedback, it seems that people generally thought Luvena Personal Lubricant was a good product. Users mentioned they generally liked the texture, and felt it provided what they were looking for, but never mentioned if the lactic acid or cranberry did anything to keep infections at bay.

Finally, while we didn’t like the image the company put forth with their hard-to-use webpage, it seems that this product may be of a decent quality. It’s hard to find personal lubricants that are effective for sex, as well as for moisturizing dry skin and providing comfort.

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