Metagenics Candibactin BR Plus Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Metagenics Candibactin BR is a supplement aimed at reducing unwanted compounds from the body. The makers of this product claim that it works to create an environment in which healthy microflora can colonize and thrive.

Additionally, Metagenics Candibactin BR was designed to reduce the presence of unwanted organisms in the body — bad bacteria, fungus and more. It’s worth noting that, while this product focuses on promoting healthy digestion, it does not contain any probiotic ingredients.

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Metagenics Candibactin BR Ingredients and Side Effects

Metagenics Candibactin BR is made from essential oils thought to help cleanse the body of excess candida. Here’s a look at the plant-based ingredients used to make up this supplement:

Oregano  Thyme
Sage Lemon Balm

Berberine HCI: A chemical found in a number of plants — berberine is used to treat bacterial infections and heart failure.

Coptis: A plant also known as goldthread, coptis is a plant whose rhizome is used for a number of digestive issues, parasite infestations, psoriasis and more. It may also work to decrease the acid present in the stomach and fight off incoming bacteria.

Oregon Grape Extract: The rhizome and root of the Oregon grape are used in a number of medicinal applications. This plant is thought to fight bacterial infections, kill off unwanted fungus and may help treat skin conditions like psoriasis.

Ginger: Often present in teas and a number of foods, ginger is typically used to aid in healthy digestion, improve immune health and is a known remedy for nausea, sea sickness and more.

Phellodendron: An herbal ingredient with several medicinal uses, phellodendron might help with osteoarthritis, diarrhea, weight loss, eye infection, redness and swelling.

  • Side effects may include sexual dysfunction, heartburn, thyroid issues, fatigue and headache.

Chinese Skullcap: Chinese skull cap is used to treat liver, kidney and gastrointestinal concerns and may work to lower inflammation in the body and prevent tumors from presenting or growing.

  • Side effects may include lung inflammation, fever or drowsiness.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven menopause pill such as Femmetrinol for better results.

Metagenics Candibactin BR Quality of Ingredients

Metagenics Candibactin BR is made from a promising, herbal formula. The itemized ingredient list shows that this product is crafted from a proprietary blend of ingredients, so we don’t really ever get to take a close look at the dosing information.

Understandable, given the amount of competition in the world of candida cleanses and herbal yeast infection remedies, but it doesn’t allow for much insight when it comes to evaluating the potential side effects.

Metagenics Candibactin BR does contain a few ingredients that may elicit an adverse reaction with use. While most people shouldn’t experience anything too terrible, the risk of say, lung problems is something users likely want to know about before purchasing this product.

Or, in the case of phellodendron, sexual dysfunction. Menopausal users may already be experiencing sexual issues, like vaginal dryness or lack of libido, and this product has the potential to make things worse.

Based on the information gathered, we’ve found that Metagenics Candibactin BR isn’t really the type of product we’d recommend to our readers. It’s primary use is for candida, and it has little use outside of that indication.

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The Price and Quality of Metagenics Candibactin BR

Metagenics Candibactin BR may be purchased directly from the official website, but this privilege only extends to those customers deemed Metagenics Practitioners. The approved practitioners aren’t necessarily doctors prescribing supplements, rather those with some kind of healthcare practice reselling the supplements.

That being said, anyone can purchase Metagenics products from other sources.  Potential consumers may buy this product from Amazon and Pure Formulas. Though these sellers offer the product at a higher price than the MSRP — which is $39.95 for a container of 90 tablets, or $71.50 for twice that amount. Amazon, on the other hand has increased the price to $120 for the larger bottle.

Metagenics Candibactin BR seems to be somewhat of an investment for most consumers, especially given that the website suggests taking three pills a day for best results. It’s also worth noting that this product is often recommended for use alongside another product, Metagenics Candibactin AR, which costs the same amount.

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Business of Metagenics Candibactin BR

Metagenics Candibactin BR is made by the supplements manufacturer, Metagenics. Their phone number is listed below, along with a bit of background information:

Phone: 800-692-9400

Metagenics is a fairly well-known supplements company. They’ve taken a clinical, no-nonsense approach to product sales, restricting purchases to third-party resellers, who are approved medical practitioners. This product is not a prescription drug, and it’s unclear if there’s a reason behind the gatekeeping at play.

At a first glance, the Metagenics site doesn’t really provide much in the way of information about the items that they sell. It’s certainly possible they provide some marketing literature to resellers, but those just passing through the site in the hope of learning something won’t walk away with a great understanding of whether Metagenics Candibactin BR (or anything else) is the right product for them.

The product is marketed as a solution for getting rid of “unwanted compounds” in the body. A vague way to describe the major selling points.

Customer Opinions of Metagenics Candibactin BR

Though we’re drawing from a pretty small selection of reviewers, those who opted to share their thoughts on Metagenics Candibactin BR seem to have had a positive experience with the product. Here’s a look at some of the feedback posted on Amazon:

“This product works best with taken with the AR version of the supplement. It’s expensive for a supplement, but still, cheaper than the prescription gastrointestinal meds I no longer need to take.”

“Candibactin BR is pretty darn great. My IBS has become much more manageable. Plus, it’s easy to swallow, with no side effects — at least in my experience.”

“Candibactin BR just isn’t the solution for me. I don’t know how long you’re supposed to wait for the results to kick in, but after finishing the bottle with no major changes, it seems like it’s just a waste of money.”

“I think this helped with the problem I was having — yeast overgrowth — but I can’t speak to how it works for digestion. I never really had stomach issues, but would recommend this those with yeast problems.”

Metagenics Candibactin BR is mainly meant for use by those with digestive concerns — something that has been clarified by our look at the reviews people left for the product.

In all, there just weren’t that many reviews for this supplement — so we don’t have a sense of what the risk of side effects are, or how it works in the context of vaginal issues from the point of view of women who are going through menopause.

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Conclusion – Does Metagenics Candibactin BR Work?

Metagenics Candibactin BR is, in general, well-reviewed. Users mentioned that this product helped with conditions like IBS or SIBO, and in a few cases, candida overgrowth. Few side effects were reported, but, again, we’re looking at a pretty small pool of reviewers.

There are some reasons we aren’t too quick to recommend this product to the bulk of our readers. For one, this product is not a menopause supplement. This supplement is, at least from the information we’ve found, intended to work as a digestive aid, as well as a means of eliminating excess candida from the body.

Women with menopause-related vaginal issues may find themselves shelling out for an expensive product that isn’t really designed for their needs.

Metagenics Candibactin BR might be a good product for people suffering from painful digestive issues, but for those with mild stomach problems, recurrent yeast infections and more, we’d recommend trying something else — a probiotic, an herbal supplement or a suppository.

Femmetrinol is the most effective solution on the market for reducing the severity of a wide range of menopause symptoms from hot flashes to night sweats, low libido and mood swings. Proven botanicals like black cohosh, damiana, chasteberry and wild yam balance the hormone levels in the body — providing efficient relief.

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