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What is it?

Nature’s Way Vitex is a daily supplement made from vitex, or chasteberry. Nature’s Way Vitex, per the manufacturer’s website is intended for use as a way to naturally balance a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Nature’s Way Vitex is made exclusively from vitex, which is thought to have an effect on the body’s production of progesterone. While it doesn’t actually add any of the sex hormone to the system, vitex may have an effect on several common menopause symptoms.

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Nature’s Way Vitex Ingredients and Side Effects

Nature’s Way Vitex is made exclusively from vitex, a tiny berry known for its effect on hormone production. Here’s a look at what you can expect from this supplement and why it may help reduce the severity of certain menopause symptoms:


Vitex: A small berry used for over 2,000 years for medicinal purposes, vitex is best known as a potent herbal remedy for a range of menstrual issues like PMS and cramps, as well as irregular periods. It may also help with menopause symptoms and hormonal acne.

While vitex plays a role in helping ease symptoms of a range of hormonal issues, it doesn’t actually contain any hormones. What is does do is, it stimulates the pituitary glands and the hypothalamus, which indirectly impacts the production of progesterone—naturally increasing levels present in the body.

This is key for menopause support, as many of the symptoms associated with menopause are caused by an imbalance between the estrogen and progesterone levels.

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Nature’s Way Vitex Quality of Ingredients

Nature’s Way Vitex contains, unsurprisingly, only vitex. We’re big fans of this ingredient for its ability to safely stimulate progesterone production in women suffering from menopause symptoms or other hormonal concerns.

Unfortunately, we’re not entirely convinced of Nature’s Way Vitex’s ability to address all menopause symptoms. Because menopause causes a drop off in both estrogen and progesterone, this supplement may help with some symptoms, but on its own, women could still feel a little out of balance.

We’re confident that this product is safe, but we’d recommend that menopausal users look for a supplement that contains vitex, along with ingredients rich in phytoestrogens, as this may be more effective in treating the full range of menopause symptoms, rather than

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The Price and Quality of Nature’s Way Vitex

Nature’s Way Vitex has an entry on the official website, but the makers of this product function exclusively as a distributor to third party retailers. This product is relatively easy to find—Nature’s Way is a well-known brand with a presence across several major brick and mortar stores and online platforms.

Nature’s Way Vitex can be found for sale through GNC, Jet, iHerb, Amazon and more, and is sold in bottles containing 100 capsules. In general, this product retails between $5 and $8, depending on the retailer.

Amazon also sells a 3-pack, for $17.88, and is offered by 48 different sellers—some offering Prime shipping to members.

Nature’s Way Vitex is a relatively low-cost product—especially given that vitex is an ingredient with a low of research and great anecdotal evidence standing behind it.

However, women dealing with menopause will likely need some additional supporting ingredients should they want to address several symptoms at a time.

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Business of Nature’s Way Vitex

Nature’s Way Vitex is made by a company known as Nature’s Way, a prominent natural supplements company with a widespread presence across multiple channels. Here’s their contact info, as well as a little more about them:

Phone: 1-800-9NATURE

Address: Nature’s Way Products, Inc.
Customer Service Department
825 Challenger Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311

Nature’s Way has a slick-looking website decked out in a few different shades of green, against a clean background. The site, while expansive, serves more as a catalog than a source of information for specific products.

Nature’s Way Vitex, for example, contains a one-line description that acknowledges the herb’s use as a natural tool for balancing one’s cycle, however it does not expand beyond this use—despite the fact that vitex is a well-known menopause remedy.

The official website does provide extensive information regarding their commitment to non-GMO ingredients, their quality control processes and more. While we would like to see more information about Nature’s Way Vitex and what it might be used for, we also acknowledge a company of this size may not feel the need to focus on educating the public about specific products—especially with hundreds of other products on the roster.

Customer Opinions of Nature’s Way Vitex

Nature’s Way Vitex did receive primarily positive feedback from past consumers, though there definitely was a theme here—most reviewers mentioned this product was useful in helping boost fertility. While this may not be relevant for menopausal women, it could be a good indicator of the effect vitex has on the body. Here’s a look at some fo the comments people left online:

“I wouldn’t use these unless you are hoping for a pregnancy or on some form of birth control. I started taking these for PMS and became pregnant shortly thereafter. We weren’t expecting to have a baby.”

“Started taking this vitex supplement to even out my hormone levels after coming off birth control. It helped a lot with the headaches and mood swings I was experiencing. Good product with no bad effects.”

“Got this to help regulate my menstrual cycles in order to conceive. It took about four months of using this product, but I did become pregnant, so I’m thinking this worked. Definitely recommend.”

“I’m 41 and have had several miscarriages. I do have a regular cycle and have been warned against vitex for that reason, but after a month, I was finally able to become pregnant, and now have a healthy baby girl.”

Nature’s Way Vitex really did have some positive reviews. This supplement had comments from multiple people who claimed this herbal remedy played a role in helping them conceive or had dramatically reduced their PMS symptoms or got irregular cycles back on a consistent track.

We didn’t see many responses from menopausal women dealing with hot flashes, night sweats or low energy, but it’s worth noting that this product is advertised on the manufacturer’s site as a remedy for menstrual imbalances, which implies it might not be the best tool for the older group.

Overall, it’s clear that Nature’s Way Vitex is useful for a large group of women dealing with menstrual issues, but we’d recommend that our menopausal readers consider taking vitex along with other supportive herbs.

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Conclusion – Does Nature’s Way Vitex Work?

Nature’s Way Vitex, while seemingly a good product made by a good company, may not be the full spectrum solution that many menopausal women are looking for.

This supplement really only targets progesterone production, rather than helping users deal with the lack of estrogen production that also effects women in this demographic.

Nature’s Way Vitex had some good reviews, but most of the users we encountered during our research did not seem to be going through menopause, rather they were dealing with things like endometriosis, PMS and fertility issues.

There are a lot of conditions that are directly impacted by progesterone, so the fact that we didn’t see many menopausal users doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, but it would be nice to have gotten more feedback from this group for our purposes.

Based on the information collected, Nature’s Way Vitex could be a nice addition to any menopause regimen out there, but users will need to buy another supplement—meaning the cost-effectiveness of this particular item may not be that much of a selling point.

There are plenty of menopause supplements that contain vitex, as well as other ingredients with phytoestrogens, aphrodisiac properties and more—which can help with all symptoms and restore balance overall.

In reviewing the full scope of standalone herbs, hormone creams, suppositories and more, we have found that Femmetrinol is the most consistent menopause product for helping deal with all symptoms of menopause.

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