Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 is a multi-strain probiotic supplement used to support digestion, immune health and more. This product may also help with vaginal health concerns like yeast infections and BV.

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 is made from a variety of probiotic ingredients, plus prebiotics, which essentially feed the good bacteria in the body, enabling successful colonization. This vegetarian-friendly supplement does not require refrigeration and claims to travel through the entire digestive system, increasing potency.

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Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 Ingredients and Side Effects

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 is made from a blend of probiotic ingredients, as well as prebiotics, which work to create a healthy environment for these “good” bacteria. Here is a closer look at what you can expect to find in this formulation:

Lactobacillus Bifidobacteria
Chicory Inulin

Lactobacillus: Lactobacilli can be found in the digestive system, urinary tract and the genitals. These bacteria are used to treat digestive problems, bowel issues and yeast infections. Additionally, lactobacilli may be used as a way to prevent cold and flu, as well as certain types of cancer.

Bifidobacteria: A group of bacteria that live in the intestines, Bifidobacteria can be taken as medicine, used to help the body take in nutrients and break down foods. These probiotics may also help treat digestive issues like diarrhea and provide support to the genitals and urinary tract.

Chicory Inulin: Inulin is the fiber found in chicory root, which passes through the body without being digested. Inulin, and other soluble fibers are part of a group called prebiotics, which help foster the growth and colonization of probiotics—aiding digestion and providing other benefits.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven menopause pill such as Femmetrinol for better results.

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 Quality of Ingredients

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 has a 15 billion CFU count, made up of six different probiotic strains. The strains listed in the formula are well-known for their ability to provide digestive support, as well as relief from things like diarrhea, IBS, gas, constipation and bloating, and it may even help ward off yeast infections and fight inflammation.

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 seems to be a fairly standard probiotic. It’s allergen-free and vegetarian, and features a prebiotic, chicory inulin, which works to foster a healthy environment for probiotics to thrive.

Generally speaking, this supplement looks good, and it’s likely an effective solution for users fighting digestive issues.

However, this product isn’t specifically designed for vaginal support.

It might help balance vaginal pH and populate the body with good bacteria, but users with frequent yeast infections, vaginal dryness or other chronic issues may want to look for a different probiotic blend or an herbal supplement instead.

From probiotics to black cohosh — here are the supplements best equipped for feminine care.

The Price and Quality of Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 is pretty easy for more consumers to find and purchase. Walmart, Jet and Amazon all have listings for the supplement, or you can buy directly from the manufacturer.

The makers of this product, Naturo Sciences, normally sell a 60-count bottle for $59.99, but it’s currently offered at $24.99. It’s unclear if this is a temporary sale, or if the company is discontinuing or revamping this particular supplement.

Buyers receive further discounts should they buy additional bottles of the product at a time.

Walmart sells the same sized item for $24.95, while you can get this from Amazon for $24.97 and Jet for $25.69.

The pricing on this supplement appears to be in line with most competing probiotics—though the original price for Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 seems a bit high. The reviews, however, do seem to be pretty good, and span a wide pool of past users.

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Business of Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 is made by the natural supplements company, Naturo Sciences. Their contact information can be found below, as well as a bit of background on about the business.

Phone: (302) 504-6084

Email:  [email protected]

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 is made by a company known as Naturo Sciences. This company makes a variety of supplements based on the principle of combining plant-based remedies with scientific formulations.

The site features a range of products; supplements for bone health, body building, sleep, diet and more. The about us section is fairly extensive, giving users a chance to learn more about what they do, and their guiding principles.

The product descriptions are pretty comprehensive, giving users a chance to learn more about what they’ll be putting in their bodies, as well as what exactly the product is meant to be used for.

Additionally, they’ve gone the extra mile. There’s a certificate of analysis on this Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 page—the product is checked for safety concerns like contamination, yeast, mold, E. coli and more.

Customer Opinions of Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 is one of the more popular probiotics supplements on Amazon, with nearly 1,300 reviews listed, most of which are positive. Though this group of reviewers spans all age groups and genders, it looks like this product make help with some vaginal issues.

It’s just worth pointing out that the supplement has been primarily used by people with digestive woes, not the menopausal crowd experiencing vaginal dryness and the resulting issues. Regardless, here’s a look at some of the comments:

“These probiotics sure saved the day after I was taking a strong course of antibiotics. After killing all the good bacteria, I needed some help with digestion. Everything was back to normal after just a few days.”

“Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 is great for those suffering from ongoing issues, particularly if you have a gluten sensitivity. While I’m not going to go out and eat a ton of pasta, I don’t have to be as careful.”

“This stuff id just amazing! I have literally no idea what’s in it, but it works wonders in those who experience stomach issues. These days, I feel like I can eat anything and everything. Just fantastic.”

“This product isn’t made for people with very severe stomach issues like myself, but I could tell I was more regular and felt a little better while taking it. I did end up buying something with a higher CFU count.”

This product never claims to replace traditional BV treatments, though some users mentioned it was effective for them. It seems this product simply functions as a supportive solution for people who deal with issues like itching or odor on a regular basis.

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 could be a good product for menopausal women, though this group should also consider taking a product aimed at balancing hormone levels—as an imbalance is likely the cause of dryness, chafing, odor and more at this stage in life.

Treat chronic vaginal dryness with hormone-supportive herbs — more details after the jump.

Conclusion – Does Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15 Work?

Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15, based on the comments left by consumers, seems like it has some strong potential to be a good tool for menopausal women experiencing some unwanted changes to their vaginal microflora.

Past users felt this product was effective in helping them overcome mild, but uncomfortable vaginal issues, but it might not be strong enough to combat recurring yeast infections or BV.

That’s not exactly the point of Naturo Sciences Probiotics 15, though. This product functions as a supportive tool, used to regulate pH balance, as needed.

While this product seems promising in a lot of ways, it does have a couple issues. We don’t know much about the ingredient profile—which features a patented blend of polysaccharides. This isn’t a huge issue, but it does leave some questions from the perspective of someone trying to evaluate the quality of a product.

Additionally, this product contains glycerin, which some people claim may cause dryness or yeast infections—as it evaporates quickly. This runs counter to what someone might expect from a soothing, pH-balancing product.

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