Rosa Virginity Soap Review (UPDATED 2023): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Rosa Virginity Soap is a soap that aims to tighten the vagina with use. Additionally, this product claims to lighten the vaginal skin, evening discoloration and “improving” its appearance.

Rosa Virginity Soap claims to help restore vaginal muscles so that the muscles tighten up, as though the user was a virgin. The makers of this product also claim the product keeps bacterial infections and vaginal odors at bay.

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Rosa Virginity Soap Ingredients and Side Effects

Rosa Virginity Soap does not have an especially long list of active ingredients, at least according to its Amazon description. It appears to rely primarily on witch hazel to deliver the benefits advertised.

Unfortunately, we never actually see an official ingredient label, so this may not be the most accurate. Regardless, here’s a look at what witch hazel might accomplish for your vaginal area.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel: Witch hazel comes from a shrub and is known for its antiseptic properties. Often used as an astringent solution for combatting acne, witch hazel also works to treat skin infections, oral thrush, and may be used as a douching solution to treat yeast infections.

Witch hazel is also thought to be effective in vaginal tightening and rejuvenation of the vaginal walls. Witch hazel may have phytoestrogenic properties, which may have a positive effect on the female genitals.

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Rosa Virginity Soap Quality of Ingredients

Rosa Virginity Soap is made from a number of inactive ingredients present to, essentially, make a soap that provides lather and odor control. The soap contains things like glycerin, which, as part of a vaginal cleaning agent, may turn some potential consumers off of buying this product.

Glycerin may be linked to yeast infections, and those prone to frequent flare ups or other ingoing vaginal infections like BV, may be better off looking toward other products.

Rosa Virginity Soap does, however, contain witch hazel—the primary active ingredient, which may help kill off excess yeast in the vagina, due to its anti-fungal properties. Many people use witch hazel as part of a douching solution, which might help treat and prevent infections.

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The Price and Quality of Rosa Virginity Soap

Rosa Virginity Soap is sold on Amazon for $7.49 for a single bar of soap, or in a pack of two for $12.49. Jet and PriceFalls sell the soap for about the same price.

As compared to other vaginal tightening products, Rosa Virginity Soap seems like its priced toward the lower end of the spectrum. Vaginal tightening sticks or inserts—these types of products tend to go for about $40-50 a piece.

That being said, we did not see enough anecdotal evidence suggesting that this product actually tightens up vaginal tissue. Consumers mentioned this product really helped them feel “clean,” but there are more affordable bars of soap on the market that do just that.

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Business of Rosa Virginity Soap

Rosa Virginity Soap does not have an official website, at least one that’s easy for web users to find. Users can find this product mentioned on a few forums, and there is an official Facebook page, but URL the page provides is broken.

As one might imagine, it’s hard to tell who actually makes Rosa Virginity Soap. The personal care product is available on Amazon and a handful of lesser-known websites, but there’s no clearly advertised website that sells the product, nor a manufacturer that has stepped forward to claim

The Facebook page may be the greatest insight into who the company behind Rosa Virginity Soap is. The page has just 28 likes, and features a number of pictures of the soap—there’s no information about the company, the ingredients or any other details users might find important.

While Amazon lists out the ingredient profile, it’s worth noting that we’ve never come across an actual ingredient label. With that said, we’ve come across several articles mentioning that many virginity soaps contain some undeclared ingredients.

We don’t know for sure whether this product contains unlisted chemicals or anything else that may deter customers, but the point is, we don’t really have much information about this product in general, meaning, consumers may want to approach this soap with caution.

Customer Opinions of Rosa Virginity Soap

Rosa Virginity Soap does, surprisingly, have a decent amount of reviews, primarily on Amazon. The reviewers mention this product sometimes has a sort of drying effect, but in many cases, the women mentioned this product made them feel especially clean.

Unfortunately, we did not see many mentions of those who felt that the soap actually restored a “tightness” that had been lost. Regardless, here are some of the comments:

“This product has helped me, though not as much as I was anticipating. It does help soothe some of the vaginal itching and burning, but it’s messy. You’ll need to wear a panty liner when you use this gel.”

“I’m not sure this does anything to make your vagina feel like a virgin. This just seems like exploitative language. The soap does do a good job with making your nether regions feel refreshed.”

“Just stick to the old fashioned way of taking care of the vagina—you know, washing it with gentle soap in the shower. This product doesn’t do anything except irritate the skin.”

“This product does not tighten the vaginal area at all. It makes the skin feel a little firmer, but also dries it out. It’s also worth pointing out that this soap doesn’t really smell that great.”

Unfortunately, we did not get the impression that Rosa Virginity Soap as a useful tool in fighting vaginal concerns like lack of tightness, infection prevention or any of the other benefits advertised.

Rosa Virginity Soap seems like a marketing scheme designed to get women to buy a product in order to conform to a certain standard of beauty, particularly in countries that have a rigid idea of what is appropriate for women’s sexuality.

It’s also worth noting that there are several articles documenting the use of chemicals in various virginity soaps. That could explain the irritation some consumers experienced, but we don’t know for sure if there are undeclared ingredients in this product.

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Conclusion – Does Rosa Virginity Soap Work?

Rosa Virginity Soap does not seem to be the right product for our consumer base, seeing as it’s primarily meant for cosmetic purposes, rather than helping women fight symptoms of menopause, or retain the moisture needed to enjoy sex throughout life’s change.

The point of Rosa Virginity Soap is to tighten vaginal muscles, with the promise of essentially “re-virginizing” the vagina, which admittedly sounds a bit old fashioned and highly problematic—especially given our audience is more mature women who in most cases, are not virgins, nor have any reason to play into the idea that they need to have a “virginal vagina.”

Some women may want to experience an increase in tightness, and as we’ve seen from past users, this product might produce some results. Unfortunately, those results seem inconsistent, at best. Additionally, this product does not appear to do much for vaginal dryness, a major concern for many women during and after menopause.

Many of the reviews were from women who simply mentioned this soap made them feel “clean,” not necessarily tighter or less prone to chronic issues. Simply put, the feedback did not suggest that women were seeing their vaginal areas revert back to what it was like when they were much younger.

This soap contains glycerin, which has been linked to yeast infections. Vaginal dryness is a factor in frequent yeast infections and menopausal women may want to avoid anything that would add to the discomfort they’re experiencing at this time in their lives.

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2 Responses to Rosa Virginity Soap Review

Niyah says:

I think I may have scrubbed to hard but now my vagina hurts bad I need it to go away.

Nena cee says:

This soap did work for me! I love this soap. So let me explain how it worked for me. My labia majora were really stretched I guess u can say they hanged a little and by using this soap it helped shrink them a whole lot. They look normal now. I never used it inside the vagina just outside.

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