Spanish Gold Fly Review (UPDATED 2023): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Spanish Gold Fly is a female sexual enhancement product made from all-natural ingredients. The official website claims that this product will help women experience stronger sexual desire, increased clitoral sensitivity and lubrication and stronger orgasms.

Spanish Gold Fly is meant to be added to an alcoholic beverage, coffee or tea, per the website. Spanish Gold Fly is likely made from an emerald green beetle, thought to contain aphrodisiac properties, though the makers of this product have not posted an official ingredient list.

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Spanish Gold Fly Ingredients and Side Effects

Spanish Gold Fly Unfortunately, the formula for Spanish Gold Fly is nowhere to be found. Spanish fly is typically made from an emerald green beetle—which contains a chemical known as cantharadin, plus some other ingredients we found posted on another website. Here’s a look at what we expect is in this product, but keep in mind this may not be entirely accurate:

Sweet Almond Oil Safflower Seed Oil
USP Progesterone

USP Progesterone: USP progesterone is a bioidentical progesterone just like what you’d find naturally in the human body. Made from plants, this ingredient is used to help increase progesterone in the body, due to the drop off in production that comes with menopause.

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Spanish Gold Fly Quality of Ingredients

Spanish Gold Fly is made from progesterone sourced from Mexican Wild Yam. There are no synthetic hormones in the product, nor are there any animal products or chemicals like parabens, SLS or petroleum that you’ll find in some topical solutions.

We like that this product relies on things like aloe vera, safflower oil and almond oil to provide moisture, along with some skin-soothing benefits. We also like that the progesterone comes from a natural source like wild yam, an ingredient that consistently provides results to women with low levels of the female sex hormone.

We certainly don’t have any issues with the quality of the product. Emerita is a good brand with plenty of loyal customers, but we’re not sure that this is the most effective menopause product on the market for most women in the midst of this transition.

During menopause, women can lose both estrogen and progesterone—and this product only includes the latter hormone. Some menopausal women need an increase in estrogen, and if that’s the case, this product might not provide enough support.

Spanish Gold Fly appears to be a good solution for women suffering from low progesterone or really high levels of estrogen. Potential users should first get their hormone levels tested before trying a solution like this one.

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The Price and Quality of Spanish Gold Fly

Spanish Gold Fly is available through the Emerita webpage and is sold in a few different size options. The 2-ounce tube retails for $31.79, while a pack of 48-single use packets goes for $32.99 (2.2 ounces in total). A larger, 4-ounce tube goes for $47.99.

Spanish Gold Fly can also be found on Amazon, iHerb, The Vitamin Shoppe, and more. Prices vary depending on the retailer.

This product seems like its priced a bit high, though it has a high number of positive reviews, with few complaints about the price point. The two-ounce tube contains about a one-month supply, if used as directed.

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Business of Spanish Gold Fly

It’s unclear who is responsible for making Spanish Gold Fly. The homepage provides a long wall of text punctuated by suggestive images of women, but never explains what’s actually in this product or who makes it.

The only contact information available is a form that users can fill out by clicking on the contact tab in the navigation. The makers of this product say they have headquarters in the UK, Germany and China, though they ship worldwide.

The website also features a catalog of products—mostly sexual tonics featuring outdated, sexually charged graphic design, and again, little information explaining the contents of said tonics.

Overall, our impression of this business is not great. The claims seem over blown and the products questionable. Users suffering from low libido should find a product made by a reputable company with good reviews, and at the very least, clear contact information.

Customer Opinions of Spanish Gold Fly

Spanish Gold Fly has not been reviewed by a large pool of past users, but some people were kind enough to leave their feedback on Amazon’s multiple listings. Most people claimed this product did not work, and there were few reported negative reactions. Here’s a quick look at some of the feedback:

“This cream was a big lifesaver for me. My hot flashes were seriously hinging on my quality of life and this stuff started working within 4-5 days. My flashes have been greatly reduced and I’m feeling much better.”

“Love this product. I’m only 40, so not quite in menopause yet, but I have estrogen dominance. Pro-Gest has helped get heavy periods, unpredictable emotions and low iron under control.”

“I use this product because I produce way too much estrogen and needed something to deal with the range of issues. My weight is back on track and I’m starting to look and feel normal again. Highly recommend if you’re really out of balance.”

“Pretty good for helping with hormonal issues—numb limbs, breast tenderness, faintness, cramping and so on. Recommend this to others dealing with too much estrogen, it’s been a major relief.”

Based on the reviews, the ingredient profile remains a mystery. Most users reported a lack of efficacy, rather than a negative reaction—which opens up the possibility to this product being diluted to the point of uselessness.

Based on the feedback above, we’re inclined to believe that users are likely better off treating their lack of libido with a more proven method.

Balancing hormones or checking out more reputable herbal aphrodisiacs are both far better options than looking toward what’s clearly a novelty item to resolve any form of sexual dysfunction.

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Conclusion – Does Spanish Gold Fly Work?

We do not recommend using Spanish Gold Fly under any circumstances. The official website contains no information about the ingredients and this product has bad reviews across the board.

We understand that women going through menopause or other conditions with a negative impact on the sex drive may want to find something that quickly restores desire—but this product is not the solution.

Most reviewers said this product didn’t work or that it seemed really watered down. Plus, we really don’t know what this product is made from. If cantharadin is an active ingredient, users may be at risk of some nasty adverse reactions.

According to the official website, users can expect increased sweating and a rapid heartbeat with use, effects that most menopausal women will find unwelcome, even if they’re hoping to improve their sexual experience.

There are so many issues with this product. From the lack of ingredients advertised, to the strange list of “benefits” like “men will have a stronger erection” and “narrowed vaginal muscles,” everything about this product reads as a predatory advertising scheme.

Our recommendation to women suffering from low libido or vaginal dryness is to get your hormone levels tested and from there, talk to a doctor about finding the right solution. Getting hormones back into balance may help alleviate the sexual effects of menopause, without having to resort to some shady love potion.

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