L Etoile Cream Review (UPDATED 2023): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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L Etoile Cream is made to get rid of the visible signs of aging including puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles. They add that there are potent antioxidants used that may help protect skin against aging.

Information is limited on the actual scientific process behind it, but they do add how their formula is new and advanced. Daily use is advised as well as using a cleaner and washing one’s face beforehand to maximize results.

The most highly regarded anti-aging cream reviewed by our experts of this year is the all-natural Kremotex. It has a groundbreaking formula of well-regarded ingredients including apple stem cells, which have shown the ability to help reverse the aging process.

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No official ingredients list is available, but one 3rd party website does highlight 3 ingredients:

Vitamin E Grape Seed Extract Lycopene

Vitamin E:  A common fat soluble vitamin that can be found in many foods and which has potent antioxidant benefits. It can help reduce cell breakdown and it is often added to skin care creams due to its reliable effects.  Web MD notes that it is:

“LIKELY SAFE for most when… applied to the skin”

It can be used as a nutrient that can support skin health. It can help prevent free radical buildup which can degrade the skin and lead to inflammation.

Live Strong.com also adds how this can be used topically to prevent brown spots and lightening skin. They add it can:

“treat wrinkles by boosting collagen production”

It can also be used to help maintain skin elasticity and support the regeneration of healthy collagen so skin remains supple and less flimsy.

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Grape Seed Extract: An antioxidant rich extract made from ground up grape seed that has been used to reduce inflammation.  It is known to have both vitamin E and vitamin C.  Live Strong.com also adds it can:

“protect the skin from damage”

This includes damage caused by stress, smoke, sun damage, and pollution.

Lycopene: Naturally sourced chemical which can be found in both vegetables and fruits. This provides a unique red color and it is especially high in tomatoes. Because it has antioxidant properties, it can help protect cells.

A study featured in Pub Med fund that when using it typically, it can help protect against UV rays. They add:

“used successfully… prevention of… free radicals”

It was used to help protect from sun damage exposure when applied directly to the skin.

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The 3 known ingredients are potentially helpful, but the main issue is that it is highly unlikely that these are the only used additives. It’s not known why they have failed to give an ingredients list. Without being able to examine this important list you cannot truly know if the claimed benefits are truly possible.

What’s worse yet is that the ingredients mentioned are revealed by a website that claims to sell this skin care cream, but when you click to learn more they redirect you to a completely different supplement that has nothing do to with this one.

The official website makes claims that this is an:

“advanced, next-generation formula”

Yet no ingredients are revealed. There is no good reason to believe that they are accurate in their marketing claims. There is no way to actually evaluate what this can do.

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It’s unknown how much each container provides, but they do reveal that the price for one jar is $98.09. They have a 14 day trial offer where one pays $4.95 for shipping and handling, and if after 4 days one does not cancel they will have to pay the full amount as well as enroll into a plan sending product every 30 days with the $98.09 charge.

If one cancels within the 14 days the shipping and handling fee still stands, as well as an additional $9.95 retention fee.

It is the customers responsibility to cancel within the allotted 14 day trial otherwise one will be automatically placed into the auto-shipment plan until it is cancelled Because they fail to list all their ingredients it’s unknown if it is worth this high price. They claim that their formula is great but still, proof of some sort is needed to help determine the quality.  No testimonials, clinical studies, or any sort of explanation is given to explain the science behind this.

All the available claims about this are not provable and they’re very general and can be found on the major of skin care cream websites.

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The company goes by the same name and there isn’t much known about them other than what is available on the Better Business Bureau. They have an F rating there, and a total of 69 complaints as well as a 100% disapproval rating.

Their contact us page does have their listed information and it includes:

Phone: (888) 636-1356

Address: 120 E. 8th St #302

Los Angeles, CA 90014

Email: [email protected]

The consensus online is that the company is not to be trusted and this is because many lost out on a lot of money due to the companies polices. People repeatedly mentioned that the company is not trustworthy, and that they automatically charge users even before their free trial offer was complete.

Users also often said that when they called the company to try and settle their disputed charges, that they were rude and unwilling to compromise or give them their money back.

Yet another common issue was that the company gave them deceptive claims, and that they were never aware that there was a reoccurring charge after the 14 day trial is done. This practice is often applied by companies that scam users, and customers of this company also said that they would describe their practice as fraudulent and scam like. Many were greatly dissatisfied and they advised other potential users to not do business with them, as they could not be trusted.

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Very little is known about this skin care cream as the majority of users were more preoccupied in describing the company polices, as opposed to the quality of the product itself.

“No way can you… evaluate a skin product in the few days”

“It is a scam”

“Shame on this company”

“I want a full refund… what a scam”

With very little to go on its not possible to determine what this skin care cream can offer. Even their official website fails to give any reliable testimonials or any kind of evidence in any form.

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How Does L Etoile Cream Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • L Etoile Cream
  • 29/100

L Etoile Cream is lacking far too many details and there are only negative reviews about the company to consider it a reliable solution.  It’s not known what is in it, and because of this you cannot verify what it can truly offer. Users said that the company was not trustworthy, and that they lost out a lot of money on what was deemed to be scam like policies. Users also said that the company did not allow for a refund and that they were extremely difficult and frustrating to deal with.

In being able to examine countless kinds of anti-aging solutions, our experts were able to determine that the very best out now was Kremotex. The reason why it favored so well is because it not only supports skin care in the present, but it can also have lasting long-term effects which can make the appearance and feel of skin more livelier and vibrant. This was a common benefit described by users who were able to see night and day differences in their skin.

The company uses a blend of cutting edge rejuvenating ingredients which can actually help improve already damaged skin, as well as protect skin from appearing dull and worn in the future. Glowing testimonials on the official website highlight just how effective this is for promoting reliable benefits. This is among many of the reasons why Kremotex was the year’s best anti-aging cream.

More information about Kremotex is available from the official website where you can also see before and after photos.

3 Responses to L Etoile Cream Review

Faye says:

Purchased JoAnne Gaines endorsed Letoile cream trial offer. No where on the site does it tell you that you will receive auto shipments for 99.95 per month, the Terms link is blank. Within 7 days of receiving the FREE trial offer, my credit was charged for the auto shipment. No email was sent to alert me to this charge from Letoile, thankfully my credit card company notified me of a suspect charge. When I called Letoile to dispute this charge and cancel any additional auto shipments, I was put there an annoying sales pitch from a person that can hardly speak English. Buyer beware….You aren’t allowed the time to try this product to see if it works, before they auto send you more. Even if the trial offer works, I will not buy from this company.

Ching says:

Do not buy trial. No where on site says you are signing up for auto ship and how much that is. I never even received my free trial or email of tracking of my free trial. Was out of town and lost in mail until I received my first 30 day container of $98 charged to my credit i card. I called and said I never received my 14 day trial and didn’t even know it was missing since I never received a tracking number. They said it’s not their problem and to take it up with the post office. I cancelled and still have to pay the $98 for a cream I never tried before. So hopefully my account is cancelled. Never buy from anything that looks fishy and too good to be true.

Juanita Martinez says:

Where can you buy this product

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