Rejuven8 Eye Serum Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Rejuven8 Eye Serum is an anti-aging solution made to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with use. The makers of this product claim that their solution is a good replacement for Botox or plastic surgery.

Rejuven8 Eye Serum, according to the official website, is made from a blend of antioxidants that do all the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, we don’t know if there are additional ingredients that serve to increase the potency or eliminate dark circles as promised.

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Rejuven8 Eye Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

Unfortunately, the Rejuven8 website does not provide consumers with a whole lot of information when it comes to the ingredients used to make this product. The website mentions that this product is rich in antioxidants, though never says where from, while another site claims the ingredients below are listed on the official label.

Phytosphingosine Retinyl Palmitate Peptides
Ceramides Balm Mint Extrac Rosemary Extract

Phytosphingosine: This ingredient is a lipid with antibacterial properties. Phytosphingosine is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, as well as its ability to provide moisture to dehydrated skin cells.

Ceramides: Ceramides are a type of waxy molecules produced naturally in the body. They provide a natural barrier to the skin, keeping it moist and protecting against outside elements. Ceramides play a key role in slowing the aging process.

Retinyl Palmitate: This ingredient is an ester of vitamin A and is used to exfoliate the skin without irritation. It is more gentle than retinol but has been linked to adverse effects like an increase in tumor growth.

Balm Mint Extract: Balm mint extract is a plant thought to have an antibacterial effect on the skin. More often, it is used as a fragrance, rather than a topical solution. This ingredient may cause redness or irritation when applied directly to the skin.

Peptides: Small chains of amino acids that make up proteins, peptides are used to stimulate collagen and elastin production, giving structure and elasticity to the skin.

Rosemary Extract: Rosemary is an herb, that when used topically, may function as an astringent, regulating excess oils present in the skin. Additionally, this herb is rich in antioxidants, which work to protect the skin from free radical damage–preventing some of the more visible signs of aging on the skin.

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Rejuven8 Eye Serum Quality of Ingredients

Rejuven8 Eye Serum claims to be a non-surgical alternative to Botox, but fails to explain how, a cream that essentially just contains antioxidants intends to do so. Sure, some of the ingredients look pretty good, but it doesn’t mean anything if we never get a close-up look courtesy of the manufacturers themselves.

While antioxidants are never considered a bad thing, we don’t know where those used (we think) to make this particular blend are sourced from—it could be anything from blueberry or pomegranate extract, green tea, vitamins C or E, or any number of kelp or vegetable extracts. Or they could be sourced from rosemary extract.

Though we’ve found some vague information regarding the active ingredients, we have seen exactly nothing that lays out what the inactive ingredients are—meaning it could be made with petroleum, parabens or animal products—not necessarily deal breakers for everyone, but certainly some people may object to having these—or other things—in their skin care products.

Of course, this lack of information is just the first of many red flags associated with this product, and by extension, the company responsible for making it.

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The Price and Quality of Rejuven8 Eye Serum

Like so many of its peers, Rejuven8 Eye Serum can’t be purchased in any straightforward manner—through an e-commerce shop, third-party retailers or through brick and mortar stores.

This product is only available to those consumers who sign up for a free trial offer (you’ll typically find the link in Facebook or YouTube videos), and from there, becoming a monthly subscriber.

We don’t know how much this item costs, but this scheme is extremely common—with most eye creams costing about $90 a month.

We did come across some third-party sellers offering the serum on Amazon, but it’s hard to know if the supply has expired or if there are otherwise any issues with the product.

Based on the assumed price alone, it’s safe to say that Rejuven8 Eye Serum isn’t the best value on the market. Most manufacturers provide an in-depth look at the ingredients, particularly if they’re asking that shoppers pay over a certain amount—with so many great options at all price points, high0end sellers need to make the case for spending more on skin care. The makers of Rejuvenat8 simply trick people into paying the hefty sum.


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Business of Rejuven8 Eye Serum

The makers of this product remain somewhat unknown. They are clearly part of a larger scheme focusing on making landing pages that capture consumer data and use it to draw in sign-ups for a “free” trial offer.

Because there are so many of these schemes floating around on the web—extending beyond skin care and into supplements and sexual enhancement products, it’s unclear whether all or most of these companies are related or if there are several entities in the mix.

The site for Rejuven8 Eye Serum doesn’t do a great job convincing people to sign up for their subscription. First of all, the site has almost no mention of the ingredients that have been used to make this product, nor what the list price is.

users can rest easy knowingly they’ll be getting a safe product that does contain some good ingredients. That’s more than we can say about many of the other products we’ve reviewed.

Customer Opinions of Rejuven8 Eye Serum

Despite the many entries on boards like RipOff Report and its ilk, there are few reviews detailing the actual quality of the Rejuven8 Eye Serum. It almost goes without saying, but a lack of reviews, combined with a fairly sizeable online presence is certainly a red flag.

It basically tells us that people need to be tricked into buying this product, and once they’ve got it—felt that there was nothing much to say.

Aside from all the issues we encountered with this company, there’s no way we could make any judgement on quality when we saw almost zero accounts of people who used the serum.

We truly don’t have any idea whether this product does anything to improve the condition of the skin beneath the eye. And, as a “better than Botox” solution—if this were true, certainly more people would be using this, especially since it’s just so easy to become a recurring customer.

In the end, all signs point to snake oil, and buying this product could really turn into an expensive customer service nightmare.

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Conclusion – Does Rejuven8 Eye Serum Work?

Unfortunately for consumers, Rejuven8 Eye Serum does not appear to be made by a legitimate company. The product was made with the sole purpose being to take advantage of consumers who sign up for a free trial offer.

The product was not created as a viable replacement to Botox, plastic surgery, or even some of the better anti-aging eye creams on the market.

Whomever is responsible for making this product can’t be bothered to provide more detail about what is used to make this product—peptides and antioxidants are as vague a description as one can get, and consumers deserve better, regardless of price point.

In the end, we’d advise potential buyers to keep an eye out for products with more transparency included in the deal. Legitimate companies provide shoppers with a bare minimum of information like pricing, ingredients and how to get in touch with someone in the event something is wrong with the order. In the case of Rejuvenat8, none of these protections exist.

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