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Teamine Eye Cream is an eye cream designed to treat the eye in four ways, reducing the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, smoothing lines and wrinkles and tightening up loose skin. According to the manufacturer, this product aims to repair skin on a cellular level, generating new growth.

Teamine Eye Cream is rich in vitamins and designed for use by people with all skin types. Additionally, this product contains green tea, offering antioxidants that protect skin and repair existing damage.

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Teamine Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Teamine Eye Cream is made with a range of ingredients designed to soothe and protect sensitive skin. Below, we’ll take a look at the key ingredients that make up this formula:

Green Tea Extract Vitamin C Titanium Dioxide
Vitamin E Vitamin K Peptides

Peptides: Peptides are small chains of amino acids used to make proteins. They help stimulate the production of collagen and help repair aging, damaged skin cells.

Vitamin K: Vitamin K plays a vital role in the body’s ability to heal wounds and form blood clots. This ingredient is thought to help reduce the appearance of acne, rosacea, and swelling and may help lighten some dark circles with use.

Titanium Dioxide: An active ingredient in many sunscreens, titanium dioxide is used to absorb UV rays and reflect light away from the skin, creating a brightening effect when used near the eye.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C works to firm and tighten skin, reduce inflammation and discoloration and stimulate collagen production and cell turnover.

Green Tea Extract: Green tea extract is rich in antioxidants and may help treat and reverse the effects free radicals have on the skin—leading to wrinkles, uneven skin tone and other visible signs of aging.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant, which works to block free radicals and helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Sodium hyaluronate is almost identical to hyaluronic acid, but the molecules are smaller and penetrate the skin more easily. This ingredient keeps skin hydrated by helping retain moisture.

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Teamine Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Teamine Eye Cream contains a nice looking blend of ingredients. It’s rich in vitamins and features peptides and green tea to round out the formula.

This product was designed primarily to fight dark circles and form up the skin—and based on our look at the individual active ingredients, it’s likely to provide many of the advertised benefits.

Unfortunately, this may not be all that effective for users with hereditary dark circles. This product fights inflammation and may reduce the appearance of dark circles caused by excessive blood pigments—so not all types of dark circles are covered by this.

Finally, titanium oxide, while generally not unsafe, may cause irritation for those with sensitive skin.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Teamine Eye Cream

Teamine Eye Cream is sold exclusively through authorized retailers that sign up through the official website. Authorized retailers primarily consist of spas, dermatology offices, and plastic surgery practices.

Revision Skincare, the maker of this product, says on their website, that one must sign up to partner with the company and carry their products—meaning there’s no e-commerce feature on the website.

The company does make a point of including a map of all practices that carry the Revision line of products—but it may require an appointment or consultation on the part of the end consumer.

That said, the DermStore is an authorized online seller and anyone can purchase products from this channel. The cream retails for $78 for a 0.5-ounce jar. Shoppers may also subscribe and save if they wish—bringing the price down to $66.30 per unit.

Amazon, Walmart and others sell this product for even less—averaging around $58, but it’s unclear if any of these sellers are authorized users. This product is offered by third-party sellers on those sites, which may be a red flag—indicating potential for counterfeit or expired product.

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Business of Teamine Eye Cream

Teamine Eye Cream is made by a company known as Sederma. Below, we’ve listed their contact information, along with a bit more about their background:

Address: 5930 W. Campus Circle Drive
Irving, TX 75063

Phone: 800-385-6652

This product was created by a company known as Revision Skincare. The company was founded over 25 years ago in an effort to create a line of skin care products featuring the latest advancements in the space.

Revision functions purely as a formulator and a distributor. They sell exclusively to physicians and retailers, not the end consumer.

The store finder features registered dermatologists, health spas and plastic surgeons, meaning the company has put some restrictions in place regarding who can and cannot sell this product.

With that in mind, they’ve added a note on the site mentioning that there are unauthorized sellers offering this product online—i.e. third-party Amazon and eBay sellers who may have counterfeit product in their stock.

Customer Opinions of Teamine Eye Cream

Teamine Eye Cream has mixed results when it comes to addressing dark circles, but many reviewers were pleased with an improved texture around the eyes. Users of all ages had differing experiences—with both older and younger women reporting improvements with use. Here’s a look at some of the comments:

“I’m 54 and have dry skin that’s sun very damaged My eyes look tighter and brighter from using this eye cream, and the price isn’t too bad.”

“Pretty darn good for reducing puffiness around the eye and dark circles. I’ve also noticed a slightly tighter appearance, which is amazing. Love this product!”

“I have hereditary dark circles and have tried everything. This product doesn’t do much for this problem, but I have noticed a brighter look, along with smoother skin. It’s better than nothing.”

“I have to share my bad experience with this product. Bought this for my dark circles and ended up with painful blisters around my eye. Great results for the circles, but the blisters are worse.”

The last commenter included above mentioned that this product caused a severe, blistering rash with use. We don’t know what ingredient caused this reaction to occur, but Teamine Eye Cream does contain titanium dioxide, which some people find irritates their eyes—it contains “shards” of minerals.

It’s also worth pointing out that Teamine Eye Cream may not be effective in treating hereditary dark circles, but it may have a positive effect on dark circles caused by excessive blood pigments, poor circulation, or good old fashioned tiredness.

Additionally, a few people mentioned that the most noticeable results occurred within the first couple weeks of use, but leveled off shortly thereafter.

Based on the reviews, we get the impression that most people were at least somewhat satisfied with the results they got from use, but based on recorded instances of irritation, we’d advise consumers with sensitive skin carefully review the ingredient list before making a purchase.

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Conclusion – Does Teamine Eye Cream Work?

Teamine Eye Cream is made by a seemingly reputable company that has done decent job explaining how the products work and what they are made out of.

Most of the reviews we encountered were fairly positive, but not everyone felt that way. Some people reported minimal changes after using the product as directed, while others mentioned that this product caused some minor irritation, or even all out blistering.

The ingredient profile doesn’t seem to contain any known allergens, but it does contain titanium dioxide, which may cause minor tears or general irritation when applied to sensitive skin surrounding the eyes.

Teamine Eye Cream seems like it hold some potential, but may not be the best choice for those who know that they have issues with sensitive skin.

We liked that the reviewers spanned all age groups—people in their 20s and 30s liked it as much as older people in their 60s or 70s. But, despite the diversity in positive reviewers, no one seemed blown away by the results. Perhaps this is just a reflection of a product that doesn’t claim to be “better” than it is in actuality—or perhaps it’s an indication that the formula could be more potent.

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