Cosmedique Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Cosmedique is an anti-aging cream that uses a blend of different skin healing ingredients designed to have molecularly charged benefits. The intended result of this is deeply penetrating ingredients which can support lasting skin health.

They add how this is fast acting, provides 24 hour hydration, is rich in potent antioxidants, and that it can provide instant firing. There are also no unwanted paraben preservatives which may be harmful to skin health. An easy to understand description is provided to show how the formula can actually repair damaged skin.

Our number #1 pick for anti-aging support is the all-natural Kremotex. Customers have experienced great benefits and the formula itself uses stem cells for healthy skin rejuvenation. Click this link to get an exclusive breakdown of the value offered by Kremotex.


No full supplements facts list is provided on the official website, but they do highlight some of the ingredients. Other websites have also mentioned more ingredients not cited on the official website, so it’s impossible to know for certain if it’s accurate:

Hyaluronic Acid Retinol DMAE Vitamin A Vitamin C
Vitamin E Natural Proteins Ceramide Sodium Hyalurate Malus Domestica Swiss Apple Extract
Algae Caviar Extract

Hyaluronic Acid: A chemical that is naturally found in the body, this substance helps lubricate and cushion joints. When added to the skin, it’s meant to help moisturize and promote wound healing.

Retinol: Vitamin A1 is used to reverse existing skin damage and the signs of aging. It is naturally found in food and is often supplemented to help prevent deficiencies.  Standard amounts of Retinol are often well-tolerated in the human body.

DMAE: A natural chemical that is found in the human body. It is added to the skin to help reduce sagging, signs of aging, and worn skin.  DMAE has powerful antioxidant benefits and can help improve the overall appearance of skin.

Natural Proteins: This can come from many different sources and without knowing exactly what it is, there is no way to properly review it.

Ceramide: Naturally produced in cell membranes, this helps provide structure and can help signal cell communication. When applied to skin it can help promote growth.

Sodium Hyalurate: The official website of Cosmedique describes this as a sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, and it is naturally found in connective tissue. This can help lubricate skin and it also provides protection. It can also be used to help support wound healing.

Caviar Extract:  Fully ripened eggs cured by salt which can come from many different types of fish.  This is considered a delicacy and is most commonly sourced from China.  This has natural fatty acids in it, protein, calories, and some trace minerals.

When added to a cream like this it will provide essential fatty acids which can moisturize skin and keep it healthy. While this is good for skin health it is also an unnecessary addition since there are other cheaper sources which have the same fatty acid makeup.

Algae: Found in water, this simple organism is rich in vitamins and minerals. When added to skincare creams it can help skin appear more youthful and less damaged.  This is also used to help fight inflammation and swelling.

Algae has to be extracted from safe waters which are free of contaminates others it may have damaging heavy metals, bacteria, and toxins.  This can penetrate into the body and it may lead to potential side effects such as:

  • Shock, rapid heart rate and weakness.
  • Liver damage, vomiting, and death.

There is no explanation offered on the official Cosmedique website to help consumers know if this is extracted from clean waters.

We have listed our top picks for natural anti-aging support in the link cited here.


It’s not known what the dosage strength is, what the full ingredients list is, and whether or not there are any other additional additives.  There’s also 3rd party websites which have looked into the supplement and while they claim there are additional ingredients, it’s impossible to verify for certain if they are accurate.

The known ingredients are quality and good for skin health, but they’re also common to many other similar brands. Because of this being very basic and already found in many supplements, it raises questions about what is actually unique about this and different from any other brand.

One great ingredient added to this are the apple stem cells which are unique and which can actually help regenerate even damaged skin tissue.

We’ve listed the best anti-aging creams from 1 to 10 in the link provided here.


They only offer a re-occurring auto-ship program and a 2-month supply sells for $147.50. Initially they charge $187.50, but after this first charge it turns into a 60 day plan for the reduced price.  This form of sales is very controversial since there are fears that the company will continue to charge consumers even when they try and cancel.

It’s very odd that they would not allow for direct purchases without an auto-ship program. They claim it is convenience and that you can cancel anytime and change the frequency of shipments, but it would have been much more preferable if they simply only did single bottle purchases without the need for a contract.

The company is not well-known as we’ll go into in the next section, and this makes it even more difficult to trust what they’re saying.

The price of this may also be higher than normal since it uses unnecessary additives like fish roe which could have been substituted by many different sources.

The brands featured in this list showed the best anti-aging support and many consumers were able to benefit greatly from it.


They are owned by Cosmedique LLC and their full contact details are:

Phone:  (855) 315-7475

Address: 1451 W. Cypress Creek Rd #300

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Email: [email protected]

Their official website has a promotion where they claim that you can try it for a full 30 day period. All they request is payment for shipping and handling.

You have to research deeper to help understand how this promotion is made possible, the their terms and conditions states that after the 30 day trial, they will begin to automatically charge consumers a 2-month supply at $147.50.

Single order refunds are offered, and in order to qualify, customers must be held eligible which depends on whether or not the company allows it.

No other company details are offered on any other websites, making it impossible to know about how they operate. There were some reviews about the company itself on a 3rd party site however:

“charged for a supposedly free trial”

“TERRIBLE! They claimed it was a free trial but they began charging me”

“Your card will be charged automatically so make sure to read the terms and conditions”

Our top rated anti-aging creams were favorited for their ease of use and skin care results.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.


Only a few reviews were available online:

“I’m a fan of it because it’s all-natural and easy to use”

“Good for my needs”

Since there’s so little to go on, there’s no way to know for certain if this is a reliable anti-aging cream.  The official website has before and after photos but without any real evidence from other websites, there’s simply no way to know for certain if it is truly reliable.

We’ve compiled a list of the top rated anti-aging creams that offered great results and which were also highly reviewed by consumers.

How Does Cosmedique Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Cosmedique
  • 26/100

Until more information is revealed it’s going to be difficult to try and understand if the formula is worth using. As far as the company itself, they are very poorly reviewed, and many have said they are untrustworthy and reviews of the product itself are limited. What is known is that the company has a very controversial auto-shipment plan and that this is very expensive. There really is no need for a company to ever offer just an auto-shipment, and typically scam companies will try and lock consumers into this plan so they can be continuously charged without their consent.

We have made it our mission to reviewing countless anti-aging creams and overall, Kremotex was the most impressive.  This cream has a blend of rich all-natural ingredients which can not only help moisturize and protect skin, but also helping to improve already existing damage. It’s made for all skin types and for all types of issues including sagging, age spots, wrinkles, and more.

The company itself was rated favorably by consumers, and they also said that the formula itself was easy to apply and not greasy. Furthermore they have a gat explanation as to how this works on their official website. Click here to read our official review of Kremotex to see why it was our top rated anti-aging cream of the year.

50 Responses to Cosmedique Review

  1. Nikki says:

    Would like to warn anyone that this a con you pay a lot more than you bargained for they over charge you please be very careful just received my card billl charged £ 146 . 47 for a tube of cream which is just like any other off the counter cream the only difference is they are far cheaper

    • Trish Miller says:

      I have just challenged this “pending” payment with my credit card company. I have also emailed the company, telling them I have no intention of paying. Having used it twice a day for 30 days, i see no diffrence whatsoever in my skin. WHAT a rip-off.

  2. Mary J Sutter says:


    • Faffy says:

      My God, thank you very much for your reviews. I was almost going to buy it and thought why not check online reviews first. Thank you!

  3. Trish Miller says:

    Yes indeed, be very careful !!! My credit card company say they are unable to stop the pending payment of £146. I angrily contacted Cosmedique. DO GET ANGRY. They will offer you a refund if you want to send the rest of the cream back to them ; or (and this is easier and surer) a 50% refund without sending the cream back. I’ve chosen this option because all they have to do is deny having received the cream you returned to them. They are clever and devious.


  4. Medi Al says:

    DONT BUY. Useless product. On top they charge you without yout consent. First they ask you pay for sample. BUT THEH KEEP YOUR DETAILS AND CHARGE YOU FOR 187 USD. THIS IS FRAUD. AND UNFAIR AND DISHONEST.


  5. Helena says:

    Same like others! I feel this thing is a scam!! They say that you dont have to pay for anything, its a trial for 30 days no money down but just cover shipping only, and suddenly after 30 days, they will deduct $187 from your account!! SUCH A LIAR !!! I HOPE ONE DAY THEY JUST CLOSE DOWN! I didnt even use the item so , they can literally f off HAHA

  6. Jo says:

    SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. LIES. Do not but this product, they are a fraud company

  7. Lin says:

    I totally agree. This is a sheer cheating. They said it’s a free trial but it’s not!!! You have to pay 30 days later. And what’s more there is no difference after using the product.

  8. Pedro Bilbao says:

    I should have read this before placing the order. The product I received it last month in Madrid, Spain but without even trying it I had my doubts about the company and their commercial practices. This is definitely a scam and it seems inconceivable that in a country like USA such scams are still being used.
    Also I feel that all of us that were subject to the scam should hire a lawyer and sue them without considerong the cost of the legal fees.

  9. William says:

    I placed an order for a FREE trial which came up on my mobile via the Sky News page, and gave my details card etc. I received a confirmation they were charging me 18.98 dollars having advertised the charge at £3.95 for delivery.
    I sent an immediate email cancelling the entire deal and said do not process or charge me anything. My concern is they will take no action and the charges will go through; I will wait to see what happens, and if they charge me then I will cancel my card tell my Bank it is fraud and they will refund me the sum .

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the reviews! They are very important for potential customers like me and it prevented me to get into a scam!

  11. Karen says:

    This is a scam!! I have emailed them and got no reply. I phoned them to stop the montly $147 they take off my card and they couldnt even find me on their system. Cancel your card immediately. I have now paid the initial $187 plus 3x $147 and to date have only received the free samples I paid shipping for. DONT take their free samples!! It also states in the bottles that it has not been approved by the FDA !! BIG SCAM!!

  12. Edwina says:

    I wish to goodness I had found this page before I made the big mistake of placing an order. I cancelled as soon as I realised the scam of the ‘free trial’ and was assured that my order had been cancelled and that the payment for postage would not be processed. LIE!!!!!!! The money has been taken out of my account!.
    I am now nervously waiting to see it the $187.50 is going to be stolen from my account despite the fact that my order was cancelled, I have not received the product and I am still in dispute with the company.
    What ever you do……DON’T place an order with this scamming company! I wish you all luck.

  13. Ayelet Lior Carmeli says:

    I cannot believe how stupid I was! If I had read the above comments I would never have ordered the product. I agree with all that has been said above – the efficiency of the product, the scamming into charging at first 18$ and then suddenly after 30 days getting the bill for 187$. I was in total shock!!
    I hope this will prevent others from ordering.

  14. Jan says:

    I read a very good review about the product so I ordered for their 30 day risk free trial. The product might be what they claim but the result for my skin was disastrous. I had breakouts all over my face which I rarely have( after using the product for a week). I stopped using the product on the 10th day and contacted their customer support for returns. After a few back and forth emails, I still insisted on returning their product despite their offer of 50% discount because I was afraid of using it on my skin.
    Then after more than a week ( just today) I was surprised to receive another email from the company charging me for the product. Now I finally agree with these negative reviews. They say it’s 30 day risk free trial but they still want to charge you even when you cancelled. Part of the scheme is sending the whole tube then charging you later. They could just send mini tubes for trial if they are really confident about their claims.

  15. Karie says:

    DO Not Use

  16. jj says:

    I should have read this before placing my order. This is a scam. It is supposed to be a free trial but they charge you $187.50 us. This product makes my skin very dry and I have to stop using it. It didn’t make any difference at all only dry your skin. Not to try it.

  17. Mary says:

    This Cosmedique “product” is a total SCAM both in terms of product-quality and charges
    It is NOT “Free” trial as stated…within a month of being sent this tube of “chemical mish-mash” my credit card was charged with 156,22 euros—
    Do NOT purchase, apart from being a financial Scam, the aesthetic effects of the product are null and void…absolutely useless, daylight-robbery..
    Yes, one should read reviews berfore purchasing…I didn’t and paid a price with which I had not reckoned and all because I trust…DON’T!!

    • Kara says:

      I suspected they would charge me so I called the company. I began using the product and I was really rash. They were very quick to refund my money and sent a confirmation via email ensuring I wouldn’t be charged again. They didn’t care to have the used product returned. I gave this cream to a friend and it’s been about 5-6 weeks and her skin is looking amazing! Which I hadn’t got a rash.
      I think it’s an expensive product but I know my friend will purchase it again. Customer Service was great.
      Just wanted to share after reading all the negatives, I would have been weary had I not experienced such positive things already.

  18. Lisa Hainsworth says:

    Yes same thing happened to me got the first Tube, a month later I received a UPS notification that another was on the way, I contacted the company they said they had emailed me two days previously to see if I wanted a second order and because I had not replied they assumed that I did want a second tube! I contacted them again told them that t I had never received this email (because it was never sent) anyway I got extremely cross they said they would give me a discount on the second order 147$ plus shipping I said was totally unacceptable in the end they gave me a refund of 120$ and said my account was closed.

  19. Sj says:

    I see there are more miracle cream scams going on. I fell for Lifecell which is probably the same company. I called my credit card company chase and they had already heard about the rip-offs (from Lifecell) of charging women’s cards these exorbitant charges and then you can’t get in touch with them to return the product within the 30 days.

    My company credited me immediately the full amount and I didn’t have to return anything. Not that all credit card companies will do that but I’m sure most will if you have proof that they’re not following the agreement to let you return it after 30 days and you keep getting charged Also, .the credit card company will put a hold on those (scam) charges and the skin cream co. won’t be able to get the charge to go thru. Effectively, they are perpetrating fraud. Try talking to the fraud department at the credit card company also if needed.

    Or call your credit card company before you sign up for some miracle cream and they may have already dealt with them and will tell you not to do it.

  20. S. Kauffman says:


  21. Nina Medici says:

    This is a total scam. DO NOT give them your credit card number!

  22. Sophia Rose says:


  23. Adam says:

    A real scam, dont buy anything from them and dont give any info or credit card to them.

  24. Lilly Hampton says:

    DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER WITH THIS COMPANY, LISTEN TO MY STORY: They wheel you in by suggesting to try their- ineffective- product for thirty days, asking you to pay only for the shipping! Once they get your credit card information, every few weeks and without warning, they randomly charge your credit card with amounts ranging as high as $187.00 to as low as $153.00. You can not reach them, including communication via email. I had to involve my bank, in order to get a person on the phone. The person I spoke with on the phone ( Karen) promised a refund right away but that refund never happened. To this day, I have not received a penny of refund, although I mailed the product back them and paying for the postage out of my own pocket. In short, since early December, they’ve literally scammed me of $353.57. which includes cost of shipping!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have also fallen into this trap. Only, I threatened them if
      they do not withdraw their invoice and erase my credit card details I shall report them. There are means, and if you all
      here reported to your cc authorities, mainly VISA, they woul
      fimaly stop.

  25. Maths says:

    Happy I did read the warnings 😉 Thanks!

  26. Olga says:

    Dear all, unfortunately I didn’t read this article before I order the cream. Let’s be honest this cream “fancy” cream of 147$ DID NOT DO anything to my skin.Nothing change absolutely! I used two packs and finally I just send them an e-mail, that I’m canceling my next order. They didn’t ask me even why, what is the problem.
    I’m 37 years old woman and I do have some wrinkles on my face. But what I know for sure that this cream didn’t help me even with 5% to change my skin tope or something else.
    Regarding the 30 days trial, was really a surprise for me that I have to pay the full amount after this period.Pay only for a shipment bbq bbq blq.
    Anyways it was bed experience in my life with a beauty product. Hope people will be more smart then me and they will make better research before buying any products.

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Farah says:

    Same thing is happening with me. They kept on charging me randomly without my approval, though I only ordered a sample.

  29. Peter Blacklock says:


    Just got taken by these people. I’ve managed to get the initial $187 paid back.

    Hope the following is helpful.

    Tell them that the product didn’t make any difference and you don’t want any more. They will offer to sell you the free for a figure or send it back.

    IMPORTANT Don’t give the any card related payment OR do not attempt to pay by PayPal as they will get access to the underlying card that your Paypal account is connected to

    Write to them and cancel the contract and say you will return any future deliveries. I agreed a $20 payment which I’m paying by a Moneygram – all you need to do is refer to the invoice number

    Go to your Bank and ask them to implement a charge back if there are any future claims on your bank. You can cancel the continuous payment authority but you have to ensure your bank have the details of the payment. Change your debit card as well – its a pain for the inconvenience but worth it
    This is just a scam and like all scams the more people who know about it the better – they will then stop and look elsewhere
    Completely undermines the integrity of online purchases . I saw this on Facebook and will never buy any product where the business advertises from Facebook.
    Go to Boots and buy something in cash – I’ll see you there !!!

  30. Q M Liu says:

    Terrible! The advertisement said it is a free trial, I only need to pay £4.95 for the delivery. But the firm actually charged me $170.45 (I paid £129.62) and it is very hard to track them down and to cancel it because all of this was ‘agreed’ on-line.

  31. Sharon says:

    Dear lady’s it’s called eating right, no stress, using a sun screen during day, and any moisturizer at night ….also using a small amount if retinol on problem areas! And the main thing is ” Drink lots and lots of water” hydrate from the inside see results on the outside! If you read something to good to be true that’s what it is there is no cream on the face of the Earth going to help you! Only the knife are Botox! Do the above and you will see a real difference in your skin!

  32. Satvinder Kaur Karam Singh says:

    I ordered on line Cosmedique All in One Anti Aging Treatment cream just to try but was
    1) on 18/12/17 I was charged US 18.98
    2) second one came by special delivery today and charged again
    even if i did not order it. US 187.90
    The address reads US postage paid from Miami, FL 33152.Permit No: 04385
    could you help me to cancel future orders.
    Thank you.
    tel: +60196476944

  33. Po-lun Cheung says:

    i paid the trial, but i received one standard tube size of cosmedique and i found a transaction of USD18.98 plus USD187.50 in my bank account immediately on 2rd, January. i thought it must be some communication mistake. Anyway, i accepted it. Then i’ve just found another transaction of USD18.98 + USD187.50 again on 6, this month, just two months from January. I called the card centre and told the bank i didn’t authorise the payment. The card centre cancelled my card and promised to investigate the web site and the payment mean. i then found this website and know that i am not the only one who were cheated.
    the editor’s tip: to have the best result, at least using 3 months…”
    whenever i apply the product on my face, i’ve got rash, itchy feeling, should i continue to use?
    if i had know that my money would be automatically drawn from my bank account, i would have not paid for the trail. BUT i had never received the trial because i have been drawn twice.

  34. Amado Domingo says:

    They are evil, fooling, deceiving people and stealing peoples hard earned money,they dont have any concience, may the God Almighty punish their evil deeds.

  35. Anonymous says:

    A fraud company!evil one!

  36. Edina-Rose says:

    I have been duped into buying two tubes of this unknown commodity. After two months of use I have developed two patches of Vitiligo on my face. Anyone else experienced weird side effects of this stuff?
    I need to confirm that this is actually caused by the Cosmedique.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the warning .

  38. Anonymous says:

    Me too sad to say. 155 euro taken on 22nd feb after paying 18 euro for what I thought was a sample. I am emptying my ac so they can’t take any more. Fkrs

  39. Mr Fixxit says:

    Fortunately I paid by Debit card. When I got the warning they would be debiting my account I realized it was a con so contacted my bank and asked if they would refuse payment. They instantly agreed and told me if a payment was made they would refund me. They didn’t ask any questions which leads me to think they must have had similar requests before. I phoned the company and told them what I had done. They were annoyed and said what I was doing was “Stealing” which made me laugh. 🙂 but never heard from them again and no further payments were paid. So I got what I thought I was signing up to. GOOD.

  40. C. Enssle says:

    Where can you report them. And where can I stop them from debiting my account for a second time. I’ve used the first tube and all of a sudden my account is debited for a second time without a warning and without receiving a second tube. How do you stop them?

  41. Rach says:

    It is a scam. I’m in the US, and my mom bought this online about two weeks ago. As soon as I got it in the mail I tried to return it. For the past two weeks, they’ve left me on hold for 30-45 min. every time I’ve tried call, then they hang up. Now they’ve charged the card again for $147.00 only two weeks after she initially ordered it.
    Absolutely do not try it. The only thing I’ve been able to do is cancel the card they have the information for. But I still have to wait till the charge posts on my account. $147..that I just lose until my bank can confirm that I’ve been trying to cancel the order.

    If you’ve ordered this cream and you’ve only paid the shipping charge, cancel your card or close the account before they charge you again. I know it’s a pain but it’s better to wait 5 days for a new card then to wait 10 for your money to be refunded (maybe) by the bank.

  42. m ward says:

    got caught in this .THEYPROMISED to credit back my credit card. Went back and forwards , they never credited back, but my emails to them got blocked and came back to us. A disgusting company

  43. Anonym says:

    Hi all, can you help me, what is it best option to do? My card is already cancel. And still dont know what to do. I dont want to give them info about my new card so may be is better shiped them the product back?

  44. Tatyana says:

    Do not see any imrovement on the contrary the wrinkls on the elbow became deaper and i got some bumps. Diseppointed.

  45. Theresa Ackley says:

    This company is a scam they say free trial and then you get charged $187. Put cream on my neck I’ve had a burning sensation ever since do not get involved with this company

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