Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream is a silky, smooth eye cream designed to improve the skin’s ability to generate more collagen and elastin—the proteins that give skin it’s structure and elasticity. Cyto-Luxe targets expression lines and dry skin as well.

Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream features a trio of patented ingredients, plus chrysin. All of which work together protect skin cells, reduce inflammation, and deliver antioxidants to the area of application.

Kremovage is the top performing eye cream available, according to our review team. This cream brings a mix of soothing oils and herbal extracts to the table—along with potent exfoliators and anti-agers like peptides, glycolic acid, and ocean-based retinol. Click here to read more about how Kremovage works for so many types of skin.

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Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

The official website, provides really detailed product descriptions for their products, and Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream is no exception.

While the website contains just four key elements, Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream does have a number of skin-friendly nutrients to offer. We didn’t list them all, for brevity’s sake, but here are some of the more compelling elements in this particular formula:

Antarcticine Leontopodium Alpinum Stems G
Myoxinol Chrysin

Antarcticine: A fermented strain of bacteria found in the depths of an Antarctic glacier. This unique ingredient works to prevent skin from drying out and keeps the skin hydrated when exposed to the cold. It also works to stimulate elastin and collagen production when used topically, making this a useful tool in anti-aging–leading to firmed skin and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

According to the makers of this product, a clinical study of Antarcticine showed improved hydration levels in mature skin.

Myoxinol (Hibiscus Esculentus Extract): This ingredient is made from the naturally-occurring peptides present in hibiscus seeds. These plant-sourced peptides work to reduce wrinkles by reducing the muscle contraction in the skin cells, and they protect from free radical damage. This combination of nutrients and

Leontopodium Alpinum Stems G: Also known edelweiss, this plant is sourced from Alpine mountains. This herbal ingredient has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and may improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

According to a study posted on the product website, this ingredient may lessen the appearance of existing under-eye damage and prevent further damage caused by the sun or other environmental factors.

Chrysin: Chrysin is an isoflavone found in the blue passionflower. It is often used for its ability to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles with use–eliminating the appearance of dark blood pigment and iron deposits that contribute to some types of dark circles. Additionally, chrysin is rich in antioxidants and may help protect the skin against environmental stressors.

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Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream looks especially promising—we can see why consumers might be attracted to ingredients like antarcticine—the bacteria found deep within a glacier.

In all, the makers of Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream do a nice job demonstrating the value of the ingredients used.

We liked that this product came with a number of clinical studies attached to the ingredients. This isn’t something we see every day, and we look at a lot of eye creams, serums, and other anti-aging solutions.

That said, we’re not entirely sure if this product is a potent enough tool for use against deeper wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines. For example—chrysin is known for its effect on dark circles, but more so in the context of those linked to an excess amount of blood pigments. This leaves out dark circles caused by exhaustion or genetics, as well as those caused by hyperpigmentation.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream

Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream is sold through the official Glo-Minerals website for £92.50—or $122.90 USD. Only buyers in the United Kingdom or Ireland may purchase directly from the manufacturer—but there are plenty of other places potential shoppers can find this product outside of the UK.

In the US, shoppers can find this product through a handful of channels—eBay, Walmart, Jet, Skincare by Alana, and more. Across these channels the price generally falls somewhere between $80 and $90, but Jet is currently offering the cream for $56.

Based on the ingredient profile, it’s safe to say, spending nearly $100 on an eye cream of this caliber isn’t a stretch—there’s a lot of good stuff in the cream, from the patented anti-aging tools to green tea and coffee extract, probiotics, peptides, and more.

But, because there are very few reviews, we don’t know how potent this eye cream is. The fact that so many ingredients are present means there may be just a hint of each one—it’s a bit crowded, so to speak.

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Business of Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream

Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream is made by the London-based manufacturer, Glo Minerals. Their contact information is listed below:

Address: 23 Wigmore Street

We don’t know a lot of about Glo-Minerals—they’re a smaller, UK-based company—but they make a fairly extensive line of products—products free from dyes, parabens, and animal by-products.

Glo-Minerals’ products also come with UVA and UVB protection, courtesy of the triple-milled minerals present in each of their formulas. The products look pretty nice, overall, and by extension, so does the brand.

The site feels really minimal—emphasizing only the key information consumers need to decide whether or not they’d like to make a purchase. Meaning, the price is clearly listed, as is the full ingredient label and a short profile of each of the active elements included in the blend.

Customer Opinions of Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream

Unfortunately, it was really difficult for us to find product reviews highlighting the use of this product. Jet, Amazon, Skincare by Alana, and Walmart all have the option to leave a review, yet none posted any comments.

We looked at Amazon UK, as well—nothing there, either. So, while this product looks really nice, it’s admittedly hard to recommend a product that doesn’t have any reviews attached to it. Especially if the product sells for $90+.

There are plenty of other products, containing similar anti-aging products that cost far less than Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream—the difference is, they have more reviews associated with their use—giving customers an idea of whether or not the product is the right choice for their personal needs.

Even the other Cyto-Luxe products—they make an eye serum, as well as some full facial solutions—don’t have many reviews. There’s the chance this company just isn’t very large—but we’d like to know more before endorsing this blindly.

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Conclusion – Does Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream Work?

After looking at the full background of Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream, we still don’t really know if this is the best product out there for aging, under-eye skin.

We do think the formula looks pretty good—it’s filled to the brim with antioxidants, peptides, as well as some unique, patented items—in all, it looks pretty darn effective.

But, one concern that we had was—whether or not there were too many ingredients in the mix. While it sounds like a good problem to have, it may mean that some of the better items get lost in the shuffle—diluted by too many oils, water, or alcohol.

We also don’t really know if this product has good reviews or if it poses the risk of an allergic reaction. There are virtually no reviews of this product anywhere—despite the fact that this product is sold globally across multiple channels.

In the end, we do believe that Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream holds a lot of potential. For one, Glo-Minerals does seem like a company that looks out for consumers—they’re clearly working to give consumers information they can use, placing an emphasis on using high-quality ingredients that people can trust. The problem is, we just don’t know if this product holds up in real life. At $90+ per a half an ounce, it’s kind of a big gamble for many potential buyers.

Kremovage is our favorite eye cream due to its ability to do so much at once. Our experts have found that this product effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while tightening the skin surrounding the eyes. Made with skin-soothing nutrients like fruit extracts, peptides, green tea and more, it’s easy to see why our review panel consistently recommends this solution. Read more about the use of Kremovage on mature skin — click here for the complete review.

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