Eye Opulent Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Eye Opulent Eye Cream is an injection-free solution that helps eliminate wrinkles and other age-related imperfections in a matter of months. The product reduces puffiness, dark circles and discoloration, as well.

Eye Opulent Eye Cream is made from peptides, though the website doesn’t elaborate much more on the extent of the product contents. According to the manufacturer, the product works by stimulating collagen production, offering the lifting and smoothing users are looking for.

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Eye Opulent Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Eye Opulent Eye Cream is explained on the website as being made from a formula that works to firm, lift, and strengthen the skin cells—but they never really explain how.

Collagen, a protein, plays a major role in giving the skin its structure and elasticity. We lose collagen as we get older and peptides—amino acid chains, can help fill in the blanks left by lost collagen.

Peptides, along with vitamins A and C, are the only ingredients we’ve seen mentioned anywhere. The official website only mentions peptides, while some third-party blogs mention the vitamins.

According to the web copy, it seems all one needs to increase collagen production are peptides. Unfortunately, that’s not really how it works. Peptides need support from other nutrients—think retinol, fruit extracts rich in antioxidants, vitamins, etc.

Based on the information provided by the makers of Eye Opulent Eye Cream, we don’t actually know whether peptides are the only active ingredient in this formula, or if there’s a lot more to this product. Based on some of the feedback we’ve seen—we’re not counting on this product containing a solid lineup of mystery ingredients, but one can’t know for sure.

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Eye Opulent Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Eye Opulent Eye Cream is not sold alongside a closer look at the ingredients used to make this product. According to one website we looked at, this product contains things like vitamins and peptides—which sounds great in theory, but the end result is, we still don’t know what this product can do.

Vagueness aside, vitamins A and C are really potent anti-aging ingredients, and peptides, of course, are great for helping rebuild the collagen and elastin lost with age.

But the problem here is, users don’t know if there are trace amounts of these active components in this formula, nor do they know what the inactive items are.

Based on our lack of information about the actual contents of this product, combined with the poor reviews of both the company response to consumer issues and the actual formula, this eye cream doesn’t come out looking so hot.

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The Price and Quality of Eye Opulent Eye Cream

Eye Opulent Eye Cream is not sold in any known stores or through any reputable e-commerce platforms. Customers are required to sign up to receive a free 30-day supply, if they wish to try this item.

The official website makes this sound like a transparent, “try before you buy” arrangement, but it’s a little confusing for the average consumer.

Shoppers must enter their information and pay a few bucks for shipping their Eye Opulent Eye Cream sample. Upon checkout, shoppers are told (in fine print, we might add) that they must notify the company if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

This must be communicated to the company within 14-days of placing the order, otherwise, they’ll go ahead and assume that you’d like to keep receiving this item—in perpetuity.

Shoppers, according to some of the comments we found are going to be paying $90 a month for this eye cream, more if they opt into receiving this eye cream with its companion full-face cream, Skin Opulent.

Overall, there’s little evidence supporting the claim that this product is a good value—most $90 eye creams come with a list of ingredients, a backlog of customer reviews, upfront pricing information. This product has none of that.

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Business of Eye Opulent Eye Cream

Eye Opulent Eye Cream was created by a company that does not want their information made public. This eye cream is associated with yet another free trial offer scheme—designed to trick people into committing to long-term automatic payment plans.

It’s likely the company knows they are putting out a product of little value—they’ve left the ingredient list off of the official website and have failed to provide this information anywhere else where consumers can take a look.

In looking closer at Eye Opulent Eye Cream and the people who make it, there isn’t a whole lot that looks good. Consumers reported that the support staff wasn’t helpful when they tried to dispute fraudulent charges and that the product was low in quality.

Additionally, nearly all the reviews failed to highlight much about the formula, instead, past consumers have opted to air their grievances about the misleading marketing tactics and unhelpful reps they’ve encountered after signing up for a free trial offer.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen time and time again. Users watch a YouTube video or see something on Facebook and are sucked into this headache of a scam.

Some users mentioned that customer service would not give them a refund for orders they didn’t realize they had placed, while others were frustrated by the lack of information available about the company.

Customer Opinions of Eye Opulent Eye Cream

Eye Opulent Eye Cream, unsurprisingly doesn’t have many reviews associated with its use. The product is mentioned quite a few times on RipOff Report and other consumer awareness platforms.

Below, we’ve included some of the comments posted online. Keep in mind, there’s not a whole lot of talk about what this formula can do—more so, how the company behind this product took advantage of consumers:

“This product really helps to diminish puffiness. After two weeks of use, I’ve already seen some great results—but be warned. If you apply to close to the eye, it may cause some irritation or watering.”

“This product is watery and irritated the skin. I can’t believe I fell for this scam—I didn’t know what I was getting into. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to cancel.”

“Received a notice from my bank that there was an unusual charge on my account. Turns out, I signed up for this auto-ship program, I had no idea!! The rep would only agree to refund me 35%–terrible scam.”

“Tried this product after seeing an ad that mentioned Lori from Shark Tank. Tried it, and oh, boy. It was truly terrible—I feel like a fool for getting caught up in this scam and not doing my research.”

Unfortunately, there was little feedback in regards to the actual quality of this product. People were most upset about the fact that this product did not come with a clear set of buying options–they felt deceived and angry at the exploitative business practices in play.

While it would be nice to get a straight answer as to whether or not there are any positive associations with this product, it seems that may be too much to ask. At best, this product is ineffective. At worst, it may cause irritation, rashes, or dry skin.

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Conclusion – Does Eye Opulent Eye Cream Work?

An eye cream should provide some clear benefits with use. Whether that’s eliminating the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes or lifting skin that’s lost some elasticity. In any case, there’s no evidence that Eye Opulent Eye Cream does any of these things.

Eye Opulent Eye Cream has no published list of ingredients posted anywhere on the web. Reviewers almost exclusively discussed their issues with customer service—namely, the fact that it was hard to get through to someone, and once they did, there was little in the way of assistance.

Eye Opulent Eye Cream does not seem like a good product. Without knowing the ingredients, and knowing the fact that this product is associated with some shady business practices, our reviewers agree — it’s probably best to seek out another eye cream.

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