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Eyevectin is an eye cream that works to lighten dark circles and fight puffiness. It also targets crow’s feet and deeper wrinkles by boosting the production of collagen and elastin.

Eyevectin is made by a two-peptide blend, which join forces to brighten and tighten the area around the eyes. Though we don’t know the full extent of the formula, the makers promise meaningful firming action with use.

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Eyevectin Ingredients and Side Effects

According to the Eyevectin website, this product provides a long list of benefits to the skin. Boosting collagen, eliminating dark circles, and smoothing away unsightly wrinkles. The problem is, we cannot find an official ingredient label posted anywhere online.

The ingredients we’ll look at below were listed on a blog that reviewed this product. They did not include a picture of the label and this information is not available elsewhere—so we may not have it right. Regardless, here’s a quick peek at where Eyevectin reportedly derives its benefits:

Eyeliss Matrixyl

Matrixyl: A patented peptide sourced from copper, this ingredient works to boost new cell growth, as well as collagen and elastin production. This ingredient regarding as an anti-wrinkle agent, and it works to make the skin firmer and tighter for a younger appearance.

Eyeliss: Eyeliss is another patented peptide, but this one works to target under-eye bags and dark circles primarily. It works to reduce the build-up of fats and liquids that accumulate under the eye, eliminating eye bags and general puffiness.

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Eyevectin Quality of Ingredients

If the above formula is accurate, Eyevectin is made from a couple of high-quality, patented ingredients. Eyeliss and Matrixyl are both widely used peptide blends and have been tested extensively—so users can count on receiving a safe and effective product—at least if these two are the only ingredients present.

Unfortunately, it seems that this product isn’t all that well-rounded. It’s made from peptides and peptides only, if the description we found is, in fact, accurate. This is a problem—peptides, though super useful in terms of anti-aging benefits, need some support to work as best they can.

We’d like to see a formula that contains more ingredients like retinol, antioxidants—from fruit or green tea, vitamins, herbal extracts, rich, skin-softening oils, and so on.

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The Price and Quality of Eyevectin

Eyevectin is available directly through the official website for $69.99 per container of the cream. Shoppers must scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page in order to view the pricing options, making it a little user-unfriendly.

Shoppers that opt into the company’s subscription service can get their 45-supply of eye cream for $55.99. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can buy this product anywhere else.

Based on the lack of detail we have regarding what’s in the formula, we’re not entirely sure we’d actually recommend this product to our audience. We don’t know if it’s a good value or if you’re paying for a tiny amount of two peptides and nothing else.

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Business of Eyevectin

Eyevectin appears to be made by a company that goes by the same name, but we aren’t entirely sure this is accurate. Still, this is the information we found on the official website:

Address: 1562 Park Lane South
Suite 700
Jupiter, FL 33458

Phone: 888 863 7831

The makers of Eyevectin claim that this product is the world’s fastest selling eye cream, according to an unidentified projection from back in 2023.

The website feels a little cluttered. It lists a number of claims that we’re not sure are verified (there are no links to actual studies on the website), but makes it hard to find any pricing information or any documented ingredient list.

The site reads like an upgraded version of one of the many free trial marketing scams we’ve encountered during our research. The manufacturer leaves out basic product details, while at the same time, pushes customers toward signing up for their “replenish and save program,” which promises a 20% discount for those who opt into the brand’s subscription service.

On the upside, we couldn’t find any information linking the Eyevectin company to any scams or complaints. The downside is, we couldn’t find any information about this company at all.

There’s no record of them when you search by address or company name—the only thing available is the official website, as well as some other reviews posted elsewhere.

With that in mind, it’s hard to know whether this company is credible—they have no reputation to speak of, no customers backing their claims—yet no negative reports, either.

Customer Opinions of Eyevectin

Eyevectin is something of a mystery. Aside from its own websitem it almost looks as though no one has ever heard of this particular eye cream.

Eyevectin, despite having a website with a clear e-commerce function, does not have much of a digital footprint. There are no reviews to speak of, aside from a few blog posts that have looked at the product, like we are now.

At the very least, we’re glad this isn’t a free trial scam, but that seems like a small ask. Still, we don’t know much about this product, and it’s hard to find any glowing recommendations from past consumers.

Of course, we can’t recommend a product that doesn’t have any customer support. In this day and age, most reputable brands have pages of product reviews, with customers sharing their thoughts, any allergic reactions, issues with packaging, or whatever else.

In this case, Eyevectin could be made from almost anything. We don’t know if it has caused issues like rashes or burning skin or if it truly accomplishes any of the claims put forward on the official website.

Per usual, we’d advise consumers to avoid any products that don’t have the science or the crowd-sourced data to vouch for their safety and efficacy. At nearly $70, this product is a gamble that likely won’t pay off in the long run, especially if you enroll in the monthly subscription.

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Conclusion – Does Eyevectin Work?

Eyevectin appears to not exist outside of the website the company has created to sell their eye cream. Most of the content seems to be outdated—as the year 2023 appears multiple times on the site. That said, it seems that the buying capabilities remain intact.

The fact that this company doesn’t share any vital information with their website visitors gives us a bad feeling about their business practices—i.e., there is no information about the ingredients, yet a hard push toward getting customers signed up for a monthly automatic payment option.

Still, Eyevectin isn’t trying to trick people into signing up for the autopay program, and they’re not posing as other companies offering gifts to hang onto credit card information. So, that’s a start.

While it seems like Eyevectin has some decency–at least by internet eye cream standards, the fact remains that literally, no one on the internet has come out saying that this product was useful for them. There’s one testimonial on the website, dating back to 2023, and that’s about it.

But, regardless of the lack of complaints against Eyevectin, there’s no credibility to speak of. We don’t know if this product contains harmful ingredients or past users have experienced an adverse effect with use.

The fact is, we don’t know if this does anything for wrinkles, puffiness or lost collagen, as advertised. Sure, Eyeliss and Matrixyl might be well-known ingredients (made by the reputable formulator, Sederma), but it’s possible Eyevectin contains only a small amount of each and no supportive anti-aging components.

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