Asensia Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Asensia is a supplement used to help address an imbalance in progesterone and estrogen. The makers of Asensia claim this product comes with a range of benefits such as increased energy, improved hair, skin and libido and stabilize your weight.

Asensia works to address hormonal imbalances in the body through a blend of herbs and vitamins, including green tea extract, chasteberry and L-arginine. This product may help women in menopause, but it’s aimed at women who have low progesterone, no matter what age bracket they’re in.

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Asensia Ingredients and Side Effects

Asensia is made from a handful of active ingredients meant to address low progesterone levels. Here’s a look at the bioidentical formula used to create Asensia:

Chasteberry L-Arginine
Green Tea Extract

Chasteberry: This berry comes from shrubs found in Asia and the Mediterranean and is thought to help treat menstrual irregularities, fibrocystic breasts, female infertility, menopause symptoms and PMS.

L-Arginine: An amino acid made naturally inside the body, this ingredient is primarily used to help improve blood flow, which means it has considerable benefits for the cardiovascular system and helps those suffering from a low sex drive. L-arginine is thought to also help stimulate the release of the human growth hormone.

Green Tea Extract: Green tea extract is used to increase alertness and mental energy, and may have an effect on the central nervous system. This ingredient is also loaded with antioxidants and may work to reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as prevent infections in the body.

  • Green tea extract contains caffeine, and in high doses may cause side effects like rapid heartbeat, nausea, nervousness, headaches, and more.

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Asensia Quality of Ingredients

Aside from the three ingredients mentioned in the above section, it’s worth mentioning that Asensia also contains several vitamins—A, C, D, E and B complex, along with some minerals. It’s pretty standard multivitamin stuff, so we’ve opted to omit this info.

In looking over the active ingredients, we’re not sure that there’s much possibility of Asensia actually delivering on the benefits it claims to provide, and there are quite a few. This product aims to take on weight gain, hot flashes, brain fog, anxiety and several other bullet points. This all sounds quite enticing, but we just don’t see how a multivitamin with green tea extract and chasteberry could really do all of these great things.

Chasteberry, for example, is a useful ingredient, but without the addition of other herbs, like the phytoestrogen-rich black cohosh, users likely won’t see too many changes with use.

The website does feature a number of doctors that have developed this product, and it was supposedly tested at Stanford University’s lab — but for all this talk, we don’t actually see any clinical studies or detailed explanation about this specific blend of ingredients.

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The Price and Quality of Asensia

Asensia is sold on the official Asensia website for $79 per one month supply—a bottle containing 90 capsules. Along with the product, users receive a couple guides entitled, “Growing Younger Every Day” and “Optimize Your Hormone Health.”

Users get a slight price break if they order more bottles at a time. Three bottles of Asensia, plus booklets, will cost $222, while six bottles go for a total of $414.

This product was once available on Amazon, but it seems that the listing has been removed. As it stands, the official webpage seems to be the only place one can buy this item, meaning, users won’t find too many opportunities for a better price.

Asensia, based on the ingredient profile seems like it is being offered at a much higher price point than makes sense for most consumers. All the active ingredients can be found separately for a fraction of the price. Again, this product is essentially a multivitamin with a couple of upgrades and it’s hard to justify anywhere near the asking price of $79 per bottle.

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Business of Asensia

Asensia is made by a supplement developer known as The Daily Wellness Company. Their contact information is listed below:

Phone: 800.988.4869

Address: 1750 Kalakaua Ave

Ste. 2601

Honolulu, HI 96826

According to their website, The Daily Wellness Company develops and conducts research on supplements targeting the reproductive system — fertility issues, male enhancement and hormonal imbalances.

The site mentions that all products undergo quality testing and rigorous clinical trials, which is great, but we weren’t able to see the results of these tests for Asensia.

We believe that these products have been reviewed at institutions like Stanford, Wake Forest University and others, it’s just that we don’t know what the results look like, or feel like we have a good sense of what this product does. Based on the ingredients and the reviews, we aren’t sure that this product is a consistent option for people looking for menopause relief.

Customer Opinions of Asensia

Asensia is used by a wide range of women with a variety of issues caused by hormonal imbalances. Many of the users were experiencing fertility issues or other problems, all related to hormones, but may not menopausal in nature. With that being said, here’s a brief look at some of the comments we came across during our research:

“I’ve only been using Asensia for a few months, but I’ve found that it has really helped me regulate my moods, as well as improve my focus, energy and stop the weight gain I’ve been dealing with as of late.”

“Only been using this for a couple weeks. It hasn’t done much for me during waking hours, but I have seen some major improvements in my sleep cycle. I’m falling asleep and staying asleep, which is a win.”

“I started taking this in hopes it would help my hair grow in thicker. It didn’t exactly help in that respect, but I’m getting less severe cramps and my PMS symptoms have settled down a bit.”

“I have severe PMDD and PCOS. This product sent me on a complete emotional roller coaster ride. Even though it’s an herbal supplement, I urge you to talk to a doctor before using. It could be dangerous.”

After reviewing a number of comments left by past consumers of Asensia, it was difficult for us to get a good sense as to whether or not this product was all the effective in helping women with menopause. Users mentioned vastly different results—some saw sleep benefits, others experienced less cramping, yet, some did not see any changes, good or bad.

We’re not sure this product contains the right ingredients to make a difference for someone with severe menopause symptoms, but at this point we don’t know how effective Asensia is for the bulk of its user base.

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Conclusion – Does Asensia Work?

After looking more closely at Asensia and the ingredients used to make this product, we wouldn’t recommend this product to people looking for a consistent treatment for low progesterone or other issues.

First of all, we looked at the contents of this product, and fail to see how it could possibly yield all these benefits that they list on the website. Chasteberry is the only active ingredient in the mix that has been shown to have an effect on users going through menopause or those with other hormonal concerns.

L-arginine may help with libido, but it’s primarily used in supplements aimed at male sexual dysfunction, as well as for a number of conditions related to the cardiovascular system. Green tea extract, on the other hand, does contain antioxidants, which are always a welcome presence, but we’re not sure what this ingredient is meant to provide other than disease prevention and general wellness.

Finally, this product is far, far too expensive. At nearly $80 for a one-month supply, we challenge users to justify this costly supplement. Ingredients like L-arginine, green tea extract, chasteberry and the multivitamin blend all can be purchased for a much lower combined price.

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