Black Cohosh Root Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Black Cohosh Root is an herb used to treat the symptoms of menopause. A long time Native American remedy, Black Cohosh Root works to treat hot flashes, night sweats and changes in mood associated with this transitional period in a woman’s life.

Black Cohosh Root contains plant estrogens, or phytoestrogens that act similar to the human hormone inside the body. In taking phytoestrogens, women in menopause may experience an increase in their natural levels of estrogen, restoring a sense of balance and relief from menopause symptoms.

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Black Cohosh Root Ingredients and Side Effects

Black Cohosh Root consists of just one herbal ingredient. We’ll take a look at some of the key benefits, as well as how it works inside the body. Here’s a look at  what users can expect from the typical Black Cohosh Root supplement:

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh: Black cohosh is a medicinal root used to treat symptoms associated with menopause, as well as PMS and menstrual cramps.

This herbal ingredient contains a blend of potent phytochemicals that are thought to have an effect on the hormone levels in the body, though exactly how it works isn’t entirely clear.

Black cohosh has long been used medicinally by Native Americans and is approved as an herbal alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in many European countries.

Black cohosh is able to function as a replacement to HRT due to the presence of phytoestrogens, which actually work like human-produced estrogen inside the body, which may balance out hormone levels.

Additionally, black cohosh contains glycocides and isofeurulic acids, which may have anti-inflammatory effect.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven menopause pill such as Femmetrinol for better results.

Black Cohosh Root Quality of Ingredients

Black Cohosh Root is a quality ingredient; one we frequently recommend to users for its ability to function much like the estrogen found in our bodies. This supplement is made by a vast range of companies, so it’s hard to give a definitive evaluation on the quality of this product, as there’s a variety of dosing options available. Most people take a recommended dose of 20-40 mg of Black Cohosh Root depending on the severity of their symptoms.

Because this product only contains one ingredient, we’re not sure that Black Cohosh Root is the best option available, as there are a number of other products that offer black cohash as part of a more comprehensive herbal blend.

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The Price and Quality of Black Cohosh Root

Black Cohosh Root is widely available. It’s sold from numerous retailers from GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe to iHerb, Whole Foods, Puritan’s Pride and more—basically anywhere that specializes in vitamins and supplements or natural foods.

The lowest price we found on a bottle of Black Cohosh Root was $4.89 at Target (for 100 20-mg capsules), while most sellers hovered around the $7-10 price point for a 60-100 capsule bottle. GNC also sells this product in the form of a liquid, black cohosh drop-supplement for around $12 as an alternative.

Some retailers offer this at a higher price point—Gaia Herbs has an $18 bottle containing 60 capsules, while BioGenesis and Pure Encapsulations offer this product at about $39 for the same amount.

Based on the branding and where you decide to purchase this product from—i.e. Whole Foods versus Target or Amazon, you’ll find the price point varies quite a bit. Users should take a close look at the potency and factors like whether it’s organic, vegetarian, etc. before making a purchase.

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Business of Black Cohosh Root

Black Cohosh Root is a medicinal root that is encapsulated by a number of companies, so there’s no one source to purchase this product from.

As we mentioned above this product is made by countless manufacturers, from Target’s house brand to Gaia Herbs and BioGenesis—which offer the product at a higher price point.

Because there’s no official manufacturer, you’ll want to be sure to purchase from a reputable company—think places like Swanson’s Herbs, Now Foods, Puritan’s Pride or Whole Foods.

Many of the companies we came across, Gaia Herbs for example, cite things like a certain percentage of glycosides in their formulation, as well as a certified organic, non-GMO product.

It’s unclear if any of these distinctions make a difference in efficacy, but it’s worth mentioning as many consumers want to find the highest quality product available.

Customer Opinions of Black Cohosh Root

Black Cohosh Root is such a widely used supplement for menopause that it was fairly easy to find tons of reviews from women who have used this product as an herbal alternative to HRT. Here’s a look at what some people had to say about their experience using Black Cohosh Root:

“Started having hot flashes about a month ago, and was waking up multiple times each night drenched in sweat. I started with 40mg, and didn’t see much of a change, but 80mg twice a day is working so far.”

“I take 4 40-mg tablet of black cohosh each day, spaced throughout the day. It’s a little inconvenient, but I’m not really getting hot flashes anymore, which means that taking all these pills is paying off.”

“I was on HRT but had a breast cancer scare and had to switch to black cohosh instead. Hot flashes have become a rarity and my mood is much improved.”

“Started taking this for hot flashes and intense night sweats, but after a few weeks of taking BC, I had the longest, heaviest period of my life. I was miserable, and am dealing with the hot flashes instead.”

Black Cohosh Root was primarily met with positive reviews from people who backed up the claims that this was useful in treating many of the more common, and more uncomfortable symptoms that occur during menopause.

Some people felt that they didn’t see results, and others mentioned that they had to take quite a few pills in order to get the changes that they were expecting with the pill. Much of the information we came across suggested users take 20-40mg a day, which seems like it’s nowhere near enough to produce the results users are hoping for.

Based on the reviews we found, it’s clear that Black Cohosh Root is an effective ingredient, but we can’t help but wonder if these women would see better results from taking something that contains black cohosh as well as other supportive ingredients.

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Conclusion – Does Black Cohosh Root Work?

In looking at Black Cohosh Root it’s clear that this herbal remedy is a safe and effective menopause treatment. Women have given this product fairly positive reviews and there were few reports of any adverse effects associated with use.

On its own, Black Cohosh may take some time to start working, and many women reported having to adjust the dosage in order to find what worked best for their body chemistry in relation to the severity of their symptoms.

Because Black Cohosh Root doesn’t have a single manufacturer associated with the production and distribution of this product, it’s hard to say which source is the best to purchase from. Should users want to give this a try, we’d suggest talking to a doctor for their recommendations as far as dosing and brands are concerned.

While we like this ingredient, and see some potential for using this product to treat menopausal symptoms, black cohosh on its own may not be enough to treat the full list of symptoms menopause may bring. Many of the reviews we came across mentioned this was effective in getting hot flashes under control, we’re not sure how effective it is in treating mood swings or low libido and vaginal dryness. Users may want to look into a separate supplement addressing those needs as well.

In menopausal women, we typically recommend a supplement that contains a variety of ingredients that help restore hormonal balance. Femmetrinol works best to bring users a sense of relief through a blend of herbal ingredients like black cohash, damiana, chasteberry and wild yam, all known to ease discomfort at this phase in life.

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