Vigorelle Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Vigorelle is a vaginal lubricant that claims to help women get their sexual desire back. Vigorelle is a topical treatment, but it also works to improve blood flow and bring more sensitivity to the clitoris.

Vigorelle contains a blend of ingredients like L-arginine, wild yam and more that help move blood to the genital region, as well as work to balance hormone levels. Unlike other herbal lubricants or body oils, Vigorelle is compatible with most condoms and is pH balanced.

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Vigorelle Ingredients and Side Effects

Vigorelle contains several herbs that aim to boost libido, as well as a few items known for their effect on menopause. Below, we’ll look at what’s inside:

Damiana Wild Yam Hyaluronic Acid Suma Root
L-Arginine Gingko Biloba Peppermint Leaf

L-Arginine: An amino acid and key nutrient, L-arginine works to increase blood flow to the extremities, the brain and the genitals by increasing the presence of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide works to open blood vessels, which helps blood flow from place to place more efficiently.

Gingko Biloba: As part of this topical solution, gingko biloba is used to increase moisture retention and soothe dry, irritated skin. Gingko contains antioxidants and may also be used to stimulate blood flow throughout the body — heightening arousal.

Suma Root: Suma root is thought to have an effect on the immune system, energy and metabolism. It may also have anti-cancer effects, though more research on this is needed to confirm the link.

Hyaluronic Acid: A substance made naturally inside the body to keep eyes and joints well-lubricated, hyaluronic acid starts to decrease in production as we age. This ingredient brings moisture and anti-aging properties to the skin, helping restore dry vaginal cells.

Wild Yam: Often used in creams and oral supplements, wild yam is used as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapies. Wild yam is thought to reduce menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. It may also help with PMS, menstrual cramps and fatigue.

Damiana: An aphrodisiac derived from a Central American shrub. Damiana is used to stimulate desire, as well as increase energy and stamina.

Peppermint Leaf: Offering a pleasant scent and a soothing effect on the skin, peppermint is present to help the body increase its potential for absorption of nutrients. It’s also useful in helping calm the central nervous system—which may decrease anxiety with use.

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Vigorelle Quality of Ingredients

Vigorelle contains a range of familiar ingredients — wild yam, damiana and more, well-known for their effects on menopausal women in terms of libido, hot flashes, night sweats and changes in mood or energy levels.

Most creams are applied to arms, thighs or other areas multiple times a day for treatment, rather than directly on the genitals — so, we really don’t have a clear idea of whether or not it’s a great idea to use this product as directed, or if there’s any increased risk of side effects or irritation.

We also never see an official label for Vigorelle. Because of this, there’s the chance that this product may contain additional ingredients that are not mentioned on the manufacturer’s website.

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The Price and Quality of Vigorelle

Vigorelle is sold through the official website, and costs $59.95 for a one-month supply. Users who buy more product at a time are eligible for discounts, as well as a free gift in the form of a vibrator.

Vigorelle is also available for sale from Amazon from several different sellers for about $65 per bottle. This seems rather high for a product with very few reviews across multiple listings.

Consumers can find supplements containing similar ingredients at a lower price point than Vigorelle. Due to the lack of information available as to whether or not this product is effective, we’d suggest trying something else for sexual enhancement. Menopausal women may benefit from an herbal supplement that targets hormone balance, as well as a more traditional lubricant for sexual encounters.

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Business of Vigorelle

Vigorelle is sold by a company known as Leading Edge Health. Here is their contact information, as listed on the website:

Phone: 866-269-3487

Address: 100 Fidelitone Way
Elizabethton TN 37643

Leading Edge Health sells a wide range of sexual enhancement products, supplements and more under several different brand names. All sites that we’ve come across share a familiar voice — one that showcases all the selling points of the product with no factual information backing up the product claims.

The Vigorelle site is no different. The product is somewhat confusing, users are told that this product is a personal lubricant, but also that this is a cream that controls desire, stimulates blood flow and so forth.

If it’s meant to be absorbed like a progesterone cream, it’s strange that the instructions suggest direct application on the genital area — an area with thin skin that may absorb topical medication a bit too easily.

There’s no safety information listed for users with concerns, and there’s a picture of a doctor that we’ve seen on other websites. Overall, this site does little to assure consumers that this product has more to offer than gimmicky language.

Customer Opinions of Vigorelle

Vigorelle despite its presence on multiple channels across the web, does not have any reviews posted from users who have tried this product in the past. There are a few different Amazon listings for this product, and even those failed to produce any comments, good or bad.

As we mentioned above, the website feels a little gimmicky, like they’ve included all the language people want to hear, but have presented it with no data backing its use as a sexual enhancement/personal lubricant hybrid.

Aside from the fact that Leading Edge Health gave us little information about the safety of this product — there’s nothing from the consumer side that offers any insight as to whether or not it’s even safe to use this product directly on the genitals.

We simply cannot recommend any product without reviews, as there’s no anecdotal evidence it actually works when used by the average person. Sure, ingredients like wild yam and damiana are solid additions to any formula targeting hormones, desire and performance in women, but most of these ingredients aren’t even traditionally used as as cream, much less directly on the genitals.

In the end, we’d suggest women skip this supplement. It’s expensive and we still have no idea if it works or not.

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Conclusion – Does Vigorelle Work?

After looking at the formula, the reviews and the official website for Vigorelle, we’re a bit wary of recommending this product to both menopausal women or those who are experiencing little desire for sex.

First of all, the Vigorelle website is loaded with claims about how this product can help reclaim a woman’s sex drive. It’s full of talk about how responsibility, long term relationships and the slog of everyday life can get in the way of romance and desire. Vigorelle sets out to overcome these issues and help women “get their groove back.”

Yet, the product feels confusing. Some of the web copy mentions it’s a personal lubricant, while other portions of the site claim this product is absorbed through the genital region to enhance desire, while at the same time providing moisture.

Normally, you don’t apply topical medication on the genitals, as this area has very thin skin. There weren’t quite enough reviews from past users of Vigorelle to provide assurance that the genital application was, in fact safe for most users.

Based on the information we have, we’d recommend a traditional progesterone or estrogen cream instead, or a supplement that boosts these sex hormones in the body.

After looking closely at many types of competing products, we have learned that Femmetrinol best addresses the concerns many menopausal women have. Safe and effective herbal ingredients like chasteberry, wild yam and black cohosh balance the progesterone/estrogen ratio in the body, helping women deal with hot flashes, night sweats and more like it’s no big deal.

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