Fungal Defense Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Fungal Defense is a one-time, 14-day starter supplement meant to be used before starting Garden of Life’s Primal Defense regimen. This product optimizes the body’s ability to maintain a balanced flora population.

Fungal Defense is made from botanical ingredients like basil and oregano, as well as enzymes and whole food ingredients to set the tone for the best results from taking a probiotic. Fungal Defense uses this formula to control the existing fungal population — killing off any overgrowth of yeast in the body.

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Fungal Defense Ingredients and Side Effects

Fungal Defense is made with whole food ingredients, many of which have antifungal, antibacterial or antiviral properties. Here’s a quick look through the active ingredients included in this supplement:

Syrian Oregano Sweet Basil Extract Enzyme Blend Yucca Juice
Olive Leaf Extract Cinnamon Bark Powder Garlic Juice

Syrian Oregano: A large oregano plant used in many types of culinary applications, Syrian oregano is used in this product for its ability to fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Sweet Basil Extract: A plant most often used in the kitchen, sweet basil extract is used to get rid of intestinal worms, heal warts, gas and kidney conditions. This herb is also a good source of vitamin C, iron, calcium and magnesium.

Yucca Juice: A root vegetable from Mexico and South America, yucca has a number of health benefits. It’s rich in potassium, folate and vitamin C, as well as antioxidants. Yucca is thought to boost immune health, ease arthritis pain, and fight inflammation.

  • In some cases, yucca may cause vomiting, stomach pain or digestive issues.

Olive Leaf Extract: A natural diuretic, olive leaf is used to eliminate excess water and clear toxins from the body. It is also thought to treat infections in the digestive tract.

Cinnamon Bark Powder: Used for gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea and gas or infections caused by parasitic worms or bacteria, cinnamon bark stimulates blood flow and may help lower blood sugar.

Garlic Juice: Garlic promotes circulation and sweating, and has an antiviral effect. Some people believe that garlic may be able to treat yeast infections and ward off cold and flu symptoms.

Enzyme Balance Blend: Made from a blend of digestive enzymes, protease and cellulase, the Fungal Defense enzyme blend is used to help the body properly digest proteins and fibers—as well as the fungi and bacteria throwing off the floral balance in the gut.

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Fungal Defense Quality of Ingredients

Fungal Defense claims to be made from, you guessed it, purely holistic ingredients. It’s all plant-based and doesn’t contain any GMO ingredients or fillers, according to the official website.

In looking at the formula, it’s clear that users will receive some benefit from taking this product — even if that’s just from the probiotic element on its own.

The website mentions that users may feel worse while taking this product, as they’ll go through a process known as Candida Die-Off — which apparently is the body’s way of eliminating excess yeast.

We like that the ingredients are all natural, but we’re not entirely certain if there’s enough potency there to take on more severe forms of candida or help people with recurring infections — overall, this supplement does look pretty good, but we’ll need to gather some more information regarding its efficacy.

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The Price and Quality of Fungal Defense

Fungal Defense is sold through the Garden of Life website for $44.99, though it’s currently on sale for $35.99 per bottle containing 84 capsules.

Fungal Defense may also be purchased through Amazon, iHerb, The Vitamin Shoppe and more. iHerb offers the supplement for $29.28, Amazon is currently selling it for $27.82.

Since this is a one-time purchase, this product is relatively affordable. We like that it’s made from whole food ingredients, many of which offer major health benefits.

However, Garden of Life doesn’t exactly provide any links to clinical trials or any details on how this product is designed to work.

The whole point of the product is to get the body ready to take another supplement made by this company, and it’s hard to know if it’s truly effective or if this is a way to sell more products.

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Business of Fungal Defense

Fungal Defense was created by a company known as Garden of Life. We’ve listed their contact information below, as per the official website:

Phone: 561-748-2477

Address: 4200 NorthCorp Parkway
Suite 200
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

Overall, the Garden of Life webpage provides some good information to visitors. There are a number of recipes, wellness-focused articles and a comprehensive “about us” page that talks about their corporate sustainability goals, partnerships with family farms and more.

The site has a nice feel and seems like a digital space potential consumers might like to spend some time in, perusing the articles and so on.

While they’ve provided some good attention to detail throughout the website, the product pages themselves are very minimal, and don’t give consumers much information about the science behind the whole food-based formulas.

The Fungal Defense page for example, doesn’t offer much info about the ingredients, or provide any scientific data backing the use of this product as a precursor to a probiotics regimen.

Customer Opinions of Fungal Defense

The people who reviewed Fungal Defense were using this product for a number of reasons, with mixed results. Here are some examples of the feedback we encountered in our research:

“I liked this product a lot. Fungal Defense really reduced my overall bloating and puffiness, as well as gave me an improved mental clarity. Subtle benefits, but definitely worth the $30 I spent.”

“Pretty impressed! Helped with brain fog and this ongoing itching all over my skin. Don’t know if these issues had to do with too much fungus in the system or what, but I’m glad I gave it a chance.”

“Fungal Defense made me quite nauseous, they were expensive, and now I can’t even return the product. The pills are hard to swallow and leave a nasty aftertaste. As you can imagine, I’m not a fan.”

“This was $30 down the drain. I noticed other people had better luck, but this is not at all effective for candida. Don’t waste your money!”

Fungal Defense had a mixed reaction from past users. While people seemed to like certain features—skin care, reducing stomach pain, etc., we did not see any mentions from people who had used this to treat chronic yeast infections or other vaginal issues.

A few people mentioned that they saw no changes in their condition after completing the 14-day cycle and felt that it was a waste of money.

Yet, there were reactions from the other side of the spectrum. Several people mentioned this help treat toe nail fungus, clear up skin conditions and even reduce bloating or puffiness.

Overall, it seemed that everyone’s experience with this product was different, and it’s worth noting that this is not a probiotic.

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Conclusion – Does Fungal Defense Work?

Fungal Defense is an interesting idea — it’s sort of a primer for probiotics. It’s full of ingredients that appear to be both safe and are rich in nutrients. So what’s the problem?

Well, unfortunately, while Garden of Life seems like a company with a good set of values — organic farm partnerships, corporate sustainability, etc. — they don’t provide a clear breakdown on how their products work or any links to clinical studies or trials.

We basically don’t have any proof that Fungal Defense does what it claims to do. Users will likely gain some benefits like antioxidants and so on, but those with serious problems like severe vaginal infections, candida or intestinal problems may not have two weeks to dedicate to this “primer” regimen.

In looking over several different types of menopause solutions, it’s clear that Femmetrinol works best to bring the benefits users are looking for through herbal ingredients like black cohosh, wild yam and more.

Femmetrinol is made in a certified lab facility and has been subject to numerous rounds of clinical trials. Click the link to learn how Femmetrinol can help you.

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Demetrice Johnson- Phinizey says:

I’m fortunate enough to say that this product worked for me with quick results; clearing up my toe nail fungus in 2006, but it was used along used with the “primal defense” as suggested for best results. Although, I recall taking longer than 24 days back then. I finished both products with a one time order and use and got amazing results. It’s a blessing from Heaven!

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