Genneve Initmate Moisture Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Genneve Initmate Moisture is a personal lubricant designed especially for women experiencing vaginal dryness. The website claims that this product is especially useful for women going through menopause or are otherwise dealing with some form of hormone-related dryness.

Genneve Initmate Moisture is pH balanced and free from harmful additives like parabens or artificial fragrances. Additionally, this product is water-based and claims to provide lasting moisture, rather than the drying effect associated with other lubricants.

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Genneve Initmate Moisture Ingredients and Side Effects

Genneve Initmate Moisture is advertised as a moisturizer, but we’ve looked at the formula and it doesn’t contain any active ingredients. As a point of reference, when we say active ingredients, we mean ingredients that provide some value to thirsty, dry skin cells.

That being said, we do applaud Genneve’s efforts in making a sexual aid that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and is centered around a woman’s comfort and pleasure rather than the man’s.

Genneve Intimate Moisture is a water-based personal lubricant — which aims to provide moisture during sex, without the stickiness or subsequent drying.

It’s not necessarily the same as a vaginal moisturizer — which is more of a soothing lotion designed for intimate areas — but Genneve’s formula does seem to be a bit more nourishing than your average lube.

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Genneve Initmate Moisture Quality of Ingredients

Genneve Initmate Moisture does not really contain anything that’s markedly good for the vagina. It’s made with glycerin and a long list of hard to pronounce ingredients consumers may not be familiar with.

Genneve Initmate Moisture doesn’t contain any parabens or unsafe additives. It also doesn’t contain fragrances or flavors that might irritate skin. The absence of all these components you’ll see in many lubricants make this product appealing, but the fact that this product doesn’t contain anything that brings key benefits to the vaginal tissue makes this product unlikely to provide anything aside from some essential moisture for sex.

Some people believe that glycerin may cause yeast infections, and the case of this product, it happens to be one of the key ingredients. While it likely won’t have an effect on most people, it’s worth pointing out in case some users are worried about any unwanted drying.

All things considered, Genneve Intimate Moisture seems like it’s a nice alternative to the cheaper lubricants you can find anywhere. We’re just not sure that women going through menopause will get all the lasting vaginal benefits they were hoping for.

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The Price and Quality of Genneve Initmate Moisture

Genneve Initmate Moisture is sold through the Genneve website for $15.95 for a 2 oz. container. Users can opt into an autopay subscription service that sends a new tube every three or every six months. With that in mind, it seems like consumers can expect this product to last at least 3 months or so. Frequent shoppers save 10% on their orders if they choose to opt into automatic shipping.

Shoppers who wish to buy this product elsewhere can purchase on Amazon and eBay or from Walgreens. Generally, it looks like these sellers stay within the $15 range for the same 2 oz. container.

Based on the description offered in the sales copy (biased, sure), Genneve Initmate Moisture seems like it may have more to offer than the basic supermarket lube. It’s pH-balanced, claims to provide silky, lasting moisture and is paraben-free.

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Business of Genneve Initmate Moisture

Genneve Initmate Moisture is made by a women-founded company that also goes by Genneve. Their contact information may be found below:

Phone: 310-237-5733

Address: 85 S Atlantic St.

Seattle WA, 98134

Email: [email protected]

The Genneve website is clean, easy to read and undeniably feminine. The web copy, upon entry details why, exactly, this product was created—because the existing personal lubricants did not provide any benefits to the vagina once the sex ended.

This particular lube is designed to provide lasting moisture, without any harmful additives, fragrances or flavors. That being said, we don’t see any ingredients listed known for their ability to provide any actual benefits to the vagina.

For example, the product doesn’t feature things like hyaluronic acid or aloe vera — components you’ll find in other vaginal moisturizers designed to improve the quality of the vaginal tissue — particularly in menopausal women dealing with thinning vaginal walls.

But, as far as creating a decent looking alternative t lubes that actively dry out or irritate sensitive vaginal skin, it seems that Genneve has cracked the code.

The company has an extensive amount of literature on the subject of feminine dryness. It seems Genneve is truly focused on the idea of female pleasure and relief from dryness at all stages of the reproductive cycle.

Customer Opinions of Genneve Initmate Moisture

Genneve Initmate Moisture had a lot of great reviews, though support for the product wasn’t necessarily unanimous. Some users felt it didn’t quite live up to their expectations, but the main criticisms came from people who simply were hoping for more than just a lube:

“Great for alleviating dryness. I found this product particularly effective in taking care of my intimate needs, and these days, sex is a lot more comfortable. It’s clear this is made with women in mind.”

“I have extreme dryness. I went through chemo and menopause, so I definitely need a strong solution. This product is not a moisturizer. It is for sex, not lasting support. You’ll need something else for that.”

“Genneve Initmate Moisture is much nicer than the lube I’m used to, but it is still just a lube. Not much to say about it, but it works as advertised and I’m generally pleased with the results.”

“Part of the menopausal journey is not being as lubricated as you were when you were younger. It’s a fact of life. I like that this product allows me to have comfortable sex without having to take hormones.”

This product never claims to replace traditional BV treatments, though some users mentioned it was effective for them. It seems this product simply functions as a supportive solution for people who deal with issues like itching or odor on a regular basis.

Genneve Initmate Moisture does seem to be an effective product, and luckily most of the people we heard from were menopausal or perimenopausal — which gives us a better insight into this product than some of the others that we look at.

While not everyone gave 5-star reviews, it’s worth noting that the main complaints weren’t really due to lack of efficacy—it was the fact that this product kind of implies it’s a moisturizer, when it’s primarily a sex aid.

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Conclusion – Does Genneve Initmate Moisture Work?

After looking closely at Genneve Initmate Moisture, we can definitively say that this personal lubricant seems to be made by a company that has really been dedicated to providing women with post-menopausal solutions that allow for improved comfort and ease during sex.

The founder of the company has written extensively on both the Amazon page and the official website, detailing the importance of providing a personal lubricant that doesn’t dry out the already sensitive skin, nor does it contain harmful additives like parabens or petroleums.

Now, this product seems like it unlikely to cause any harm, but it also doesn’t seem like it contains anything known for hydrating dry skin, plumping thinned vaginal walls or providing a cumulative moisture — i.e. what you’re after in a product that moisturizes your face.

And while it may only be a small issue for some people, this product contains glycerin, some believe may cause drying after the product begins to wear off—leading to yeast infections or other imbalances

We’ve found after looking at just about every type of menopause care product, that Femmetrinol is truly the most effective menopause supplement there is. Key ingredients like wild yam, black cohosh, and chasteberry, bring a diverse set of benefits to users in one easy to take supplement.

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