Hyperbiotics Pro Women Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Hyperbiotics Pro Women is supplement containing both probiotics and cranberry extract, bringing support to the vaginal flora and preventing UTIs with use. According to the manufacturer description, this product helps fight yeast, candida, and BV.

Hyperbiotics Pro Women contains six separate probiotic strains—which target vaginal health, specifically. In addition to the women-specific benefits this product aims to provide, users can expect a boost in immune support, digestion and more.

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Hyperbiotics Pro Women Ingredients and Side Effects

Hyperbiotics Pro Women contains a blend of probiotics and enzymes, which aim to eradicate excess yeast and fungal growth inside the body. Here’s a quick look at the active ingredients included in this blend:

Bifidobacterium  Prebiotic Fructooligo-saccharides Lactobacilli
D-Mannose Cranberry Extract

Bifidobacterium: A type of bacteria that generally lives inside the intestines, this strain is used to treat diarrhea, bowel infections or conditions and may work to fight yeast infections, eczema and boost immune system health.

Lactobacilli: Lactobacilli are bacteria that can be found in the genitals, urinary tract and in the intestines. These bacteria play a role in treating and preventing yeast infections, UTIs and soothing digestive issues like diarrhea, gas and bowel problems. Additionally, lactobacilli are known for their positive effect on the immune system

Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides: Also known as FOS, these are short and medium chain molecules that the body can’t digest on its own. FOS serves as a form of nourishment for probiotics, feeding on them, which helps digestion and cleanses your system.

D-Mannose: A type of sugar, D-mannose may help prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. It’s often used to treat and prevent urinary tract infections.

Cranberry Extract: Cranberries may help kill infection-causing bacteria in the urinary tract by making the urine acidic. They may also prevent bacteria from sticking to cells in the urinary tract.

Scientists don’t know for sure how cranberry works to prevent UTIs, but it has been shown to be effective for many users.

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Hyperbiotics Pro Women Quality of Ingredients

The ingredient profile for Hyperbiotics Pro Women looks pretty good. The formula contains a blend of probiotic ingredients that are known to benefit the vagina, and may be useful in promoting a healthy flora balance during menopause.

The added prebiotic ingredients, plus cranberry and D-mannose also make this product a bit more attractive to the user suffering from chronic infections, or who experiencing some light discomfort from time to time.

Many other probiotics focus exclusively on adding more bacteria to the system, without helping the body get rid of some of the bad bacteria causing problems.

This product, should it work as advertised, is designed to help create a foundation that sets up the probiotics to thrive. Cranberry juice, for example, helps make the urine more acidic, killing off bacteria. While prebiotics, on the other hand provide nourishment for the incoming probiotics.

After reviewing the ingredients, we think this product stands to be quite beneficial for women across all age groups. In the case of those with menopause, Hyperbiotics Pro Women looks like it has potential to be used in conjunction with a product that improves hormone balance.

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The Price and Quality of Hyperbiotics Pro Women

Hyperbiotics Pro Women can be purchased directly from the official website. The regular price on this item is $28 for a one-month supply. Currently, Hyperbiotics is offering this supplement for $22.97. Users who sign up for the month subscription can get this item for $21.39.

Outside of the website, shoppers can buy this item from Target, Amazon and more, though prices vary by seller. Amazon typically offers this product for $35.95 but it’s currently on sale for $12.95.

Even at the regular price, this probiotic seems to hover in the average price range, as compared to similar products. It contains 5 billion CFUs—which is lower than many competing products—but it has the added benefit of containing additional ingredients.

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Business of Hyperbiotics Pro Women

Hyperbiotics Pro Women is made by the probiotics company, Hyperbiotics. Their contact information can be found below:

Phone: 800.711.5958

Address: 160 S. Green Valley Parkway

Ste. 300

Henderson, NV 89012

The Hyperbiotics site is quite attractive. It’s bright, easy to read and features charming videos about things like giving probiotics to your kids, or explaining why probiotics are useful in the first place.

The company’s blog features a variety of informative, wellness articles about the many ways probiotics can help with weight loss goals, improve the quality of skin and hair and more. Hyperbiotics Pro Women works, as well as explaining the dosage and more.

Even through their Amazon listing, Hyperbiotics does a good job providing consumers with the background information needed to make an informed decision about purchasing this product.

Overall, this company gives us a good impression. We like how they’re engaging with users through the site, through social media and more.

We also like that they’ve opted to provide both in-depth information about probiotics, as well as “bite-sized” pieces of information for people who are trying to become a bit more health conscious.

Customer Opinions of Hyperbiotics Pro Women

Hyperbiotics Pro Women has some pretty good reviews on Amazon. They’ve been awarded a high average score for customer satisfaction across over 1300 reviews. Here’s a look at some of the comments people have left behind:

“I never write online reviews, but I’ve been buying this product for years and this is as close to a “miracle pill” as one can realistically expect. It’s been great for helping me avoid recurring UTIs and yeast infections.”

“Like most supplements, it’s hard to tell if there was a big difference after taking this, but I think that it has helped. Honestly, it’s better than some of the other probiotics I’ve tried in the past.”

“Those who suffer from UTIs will find this helpful. The peace of mind you’ll get from this preventative maintenance pill is the real benefit. This is one of the only items I “subscribe” to.”

“This worked, but it took about 12 days of use to overcome a long term infection. I use Hyperbiotics Pro Women along with coconut oil, and it seems to do the trick. Everyone is different though.”

Based on Amazon alone, it’s clear that this company has a large following of loyal consumers. This product is relatively affordable and seems to accomplish what it claims in the marketing language.

Sure, there were a few people who tried Hyperbiotics Pro Women and felt sick, but for the most past, people described their relief from ongoing issues like BV, chronic UTIs, odor, itching and more.

We wish we had heard more from the menopausal/postmenopausal crowd, as women in this group may experience an increase in vaginal issues, stemming from the loss of hormones.

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Conclusion – Does Hyperbiotics Pro Women Work?

Hyperbiotics Pro Women may be worthwhile for a number of women who are experiencing recurring problems with yeast infections, UTIs and unwanted bacteria.

Probiotics can be quite helpful in helping women achieve pH balance, causing all sorts of problems; something that may be made worse during menopause. Hyperbiotics Pro Women contains a fairly diverse group of probiotic strains, working together to help women deal with a number of concerns.

Based on the information we’ve gathered about this product, as compared to similar items on today’s market, Hyperbiotics Pro Women is a well-regarded supplement with a range of vaginal benefits.

We so no quality issues or red flags here, but it’s worth pointing out that menopausal women who have been driven to try a vaginal support supplement may not see all of their issues resolved. A hormone balancing supplement will better help deal with the symptoms that come from the loss of estrogen and progesterone.

After reviewing this product, and many other women’s support formulas, we’ve learned that Femmetrinol is the most effective product of its kind. Ingredients like black cohosh, chasteberry, wild yam and others help restore balance between estrogen and progesterone—which can treat and prevent the pH-damaging vaginal dryness you may experience during menopause.

Femmetrinol is has been subject to a range of quality control procedures put in place to ensure users receive a product that benefits their overall wellbeing, and delivers the advertised benefits. Click the link provided to learn more about Femmetrinol.

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