Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse is a product that aims to eradicate candida with use. This product works to fight yeast overgrowth that leads to vaginal infections, digestive problems and brain fog.

Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse relies primarily on an herb called horopito, which may have some antifungal properties. This product is meant to be taken orally on an ongoing basis.

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Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse Ingredients and Side Effects

Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse has a fairly short list of active ingredients included in the formula, as per the product label. Based on our evaluation, it seems that this product has a very narrow focus—killing candida in the body. Here’s a look at the key components in this product:

Horopito Extract  Olive Oil

Horopito Extract: Horopito is an herbal ingredient that has long been used for medicinal purposes by New Zealand’s Maori people. Traditionally, the horopito leaves were used to treat toothaches and stomach aches, as well as coughs, colds and more.

Horopito is also thought to have anti-fungal properties, which may help reduce candida overgrowth in the body—treating digestive issues and yeast infections with use.

Olive Oil: Olive oil contains both caprylic and lauric acids, which are known for their anti-candida properties and potential to strengthen the immune system.

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Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse Quality of Ingredients

Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse really only contains a couple of anti-candida ingredients, and as a result, it seems that this product only has one indication—to kill off excess candida.

There are a number of studies that have been conducted on horopito and its use as an anti-candida supplement, but it’s worth mentioning that if this product does what it sets out to do.

Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse does not do anything to replace any lost bacteria or yeast with good bacteria, so any efforts at maintaining a healthy balance of microflora will need to be provided by additional probiotics.

Overall, this product seems like a good product, with science standing behind it—which is more than we can say about many of the products we review.

Unfortunately, for our purposes, this product may not be right for most of the women in our target demographic. While menopause may bring about a range of changes that lead to frequent vaginal infections or dryness, this is a separate issue than candida—an issue meant to be solved through hormone balancing herbs, or in some cases, hormone replacement therapy.

If you think you have candida, it’s a good idea to get tested before resorting to taking care of the issue without supervision. Otherwise, you may end up killing off some of your body’s essential organisms.

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The Price and Quality of Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse

Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse is offered through the official Kolorex website, but the company is based in New Zealand, so international shipping might get expensive for potential consumers.

Fortunately for US consumers, this product is available through a broad range of online channels. Amazon, Swansons Vitamins, Lucky Vitamin and more. Amazon sells this product for around $30 for a one-month supply, with free shipping available for Prime members.

It’s hard to say whether or not Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse is a good value. While reviews are generally pretty positive and horopito has a number of studies documenting its use as an anti-fungal agent, users are paying $30 a month for a supplement with one active ingredient, and nothing present that ensures consumers replace any lost bacteria.

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Business of Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse

Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse is made by the New Zealand-based company, Kolorex. Unfortunately, this company does not provide any contact details outside of a form included on the website.

Kolorex is a natural supplements seller, that has based its entire business model on the anti-fungal herb, horopito. A whole page of the website is dedicated to discussing the scientific links between horopito and candida, as well as how horopito can help with foot fungus and maintaining positive vaginal health.

The site features a range of products; supplements for bone health, body building, sleep, diet and more. The about us section is fairly extensive, giving users a chance to learn more about what they do, and their guiding principles.

Customer Opinions of Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse

Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse has a fair amount of reviews, most of which are positive. There were some people who claimed this product did not work for them, but it’s worth pointing out users will might experience a wide range of effectiveness when using this herbal solution. Here’s a look at some of the feedback we encountered in our research:

“If you are dealing with yeast problems, this product is perfect for you. It’s essentially like swallowing napalm—it gets the job done in short order. So far no tolerance build up and no negative side effects.”

“I think this is working! I find that it’s a good idea to take some omega 3s and probiotics along with the candida cleanse to replenish any lost microflora. Don’t take this with food, it tends to make me nauseous.”

“Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse is has been a gift from the gods. I get candida here and there, and this always gets me feeling back to normal after just a few days. Recommend this to anyone with yeast woes.”

“I’ve been dealing with candida for years. My doctor always gave me medications for yeast infections and they never worked. This has been super effective.”

Overall, it seems like most people who used Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse were pleased with the results. But, it’s worth noting, most reviewers did have some sort of ongoing issue with candida, beyond frequent yeast infections.

Another thing we should point out is, while the commenter above did not have a good experience when taking this supplement with food, the instructions on the package claim otherwise. Different bodies have different needs, so some may find this product goes down smoother without food.

It’s clear that horopito is a solid ingredient—it’s just interesting that it hasn’t been picked up on a massive level by other supplement companies.

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Conclusion – Does Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse Work?

Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse has a number of positive reviews, but it’s clear that this product simply isn’t designed for purposes beyond eliminating candida from the body.

That being said, this product does appear to be good at what it sets out to do, and relies primarily on horopito to deliver the advertised benefits. We like that Kolorex has dedicated so much time in researching the link between candida and horopito, and that there are documented studies, from reputable outside sources proving its use as a potent antifungal.

While Kolorex Advance Candida Cleanse seems like it might be a good product for candida, we’d like to iterate once again that this doesn’t necessarily mean this product is for everyone experiencing vaginal irritation. It’s designed for candida overgrowth. Taking an antifungal when it’s not necessary may have a negative impact on the microflora populations inside the body, killing off essential organisms along with the yeast.

Menopausal users experiencing vaginal issues may want to go to a doctor to find a solution before using this particular product. Why? Menopause causes a drop off in hormones which may cause all sorts of issues stemming from vaginal dryness or a change in pH. In many cases, getting hormones back in balance through the use of a supplement, as well as taking a probiotic may do the trick.

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