Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco is an encapsulated form of the herbal antifungal ingredient, pau d’arco. This supplement may work to eliminate parasites, candida overgrowth and more.

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco is used to treat a range of conditions from sexually transmitted diseases to yeast infections and the common cold. While pau d’arco is fairly easy to find, its efficacy and safety still needs to be researched in order to understand the full scope of risks and benefits.

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Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco Ingredients and Side Effects

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco is made from a single ingredient, pau d’arco — a natural supplement sourced from the Amazon region. Here’s a quick look at what users can expect when they purchase this supplement:

Pau d’Arco 

Pau d’Arco: Used to treat all kinds of infections, pau d’arco is a supplement sourced from a South American tree with pink, trumpet-shaped leaves and extremely hard bark.

Pau d’arco is thought to eliminate parastites, fungal infections, diarrhea and some sexually transmitted infections. It may also be used as a homeopathic yeast infection remedy, as well as a treatment for cold and flu symptoms.

  • Pau d’arco may cause certain side effects like diarrhea, dizziness, anemia, vomiting, nausea and internal bleeding.
  • This ingredient may delay blood clotting and is not recommended for people with bleeding disorders.

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Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco Quality of Ingredients

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco does have largely positive reviews on a number of platforms. People use pau d’arco in treating all kinds of conditions from candida to nail fungus or to ward off incoming signs of cold and flu.

Generally speaking, it seems like this Amazonian herb holds some solid potential for users looking for a relatively low-cost solution for a range of minor health concerns.

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco does have some side effects that users should be aware of. While not especially common, taking this supplement may cause things like anemia, vomiting, diarrhea or bleeding. WebMD states that this product “may be unsafe,” but further research is needed to determine the likelihood of an adverse reaction.

For our purposes, we’re not entirely certain pau d’arco is the best solution. While it may be effective in eliminating excess yeast or providing immune support, pau d’arco doesn’t balance hormones or vaginal pH levels.

It also doesn’t replace any of the good yeast or bacteria the body needs to maintain healthy microflora in the vagina or the digestive tract.

In the end, it may be a good supplement to keep in the medicine cabinet, but it doesn’t seem to offer meaningful, long term vaginal support.

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The Price and Quality of Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco is not sold through the manufacturer’s website, as Nature’s Way functions exclusively as a wholesale distributor, not a direct-to-consumer seller.

Users can find this product quite easily. Nature’s Way has relationships with a number of stores — online and brick and mortar — including Amazon, iHerb, GNC, Vitamin Life, Puritan’s Pride and more.

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco is sold in 100-count and 180-count bottles, with the smaller size selling around $5 on average and the large typically selling for around $8-10.

This supplement is relatively affordable compared to other antifungal supplements, though it does only contain a single ingredient — one that comes with the risk of some unsavory side effects at that.

Overall, though, this product looks to have some decent reviews, so many people likely consider this product to be of good value.

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Business of Nature’s Way Pau d’Arco

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco is made by the supplements company, Nature’s Way. Here is their contact information listed below:

Phone: 800-692-9400

Nature’s Way is a large company that specializes in making supplements sourced from herbal ingredients, rather than lab-made chemical substances. They’ve got a good reputation as a wholesale company and enjoy distribution across many well-known shopping platforms, both online and in-person.

The site, on the large scale looks nice and provides some good information. Consumers get a chance to look over the company’s policies on sourcing, their commitment to quality and more. They are affiliated with the American Botanical Counsel, as well as the Verified Non-GMO Project.

Nature’s Way makes hundreds of products, spanning multiple product lines, but fails to offer detailed descriptions for any of them.

We understand that’s a lot of content to provide, but the only description consumers get for the pau d’arco supplement is that pau d’arco is a botanical ingredient that grows in the rainforest. There’s no information explaining who might use this supplement or why.

The Amazon listing also fails to give consumers any additional info. The description on the e-commerce platform opts to discuss Nature’s Way’s commitment to helping restore the rainforest, rather than explaining what this product does.

In general, single ingredient supplements are sought out by consumers after a bit of research on their end, but Nature’s Way really forces people to learn about their offerings all on their own — which may be a disservice to them, especially given the amount of misinformation out there regarding health and supplement info.

Customer Opinions of Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco has a range of indications documented in the reviews we found. In general, the feedback leans positive, but it’s hard to get a sense of how well this product works for treating vaginal infections, candida and minor symptoms like itching, burning and odor:

“This was great. My husband’s nail fungus turned his finger nails almost entirely black. After a few days of use, the infection cleared right up. It was really something.”

“Ugh. I don’t know if I just got a bad product or what but this product didn’t do anything for my digestive issues. I think I might just go with the common wisdom and invest in a decent probiotic.”

“This pau d’arco supplement was really helpful in clearing up my nasty candida infection. My naturopath recommended this to me, and it cleared things up in short order.”

“Went to an herbalist for my ongoing candida, and he told me to take pau d’arco. Was using a different brand I really liked, but ran out and tried this one instead. Not as potent. You get what you pay for.”

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco has several good reviews. Plus, Nature’s Way is a good company with a good reputation. While pau d’arco may have some negative side effects, it seems that there aren’t many reports of consumers having a negative reaction with use.

That being said, this product is clearly used primarily as an antifungal supplement — making it not especially relevant for our purposes. Menopausal women aren’t going to find this especially useful unless they’re also suffering from candida.

What’s also interesting is, we’ve come across a few people who believe that pau d’arco played a role in helping their cancer go into remission. We’re not sure if there’s a proven link between pau d’arco and cancer treatment, but it’s important to note that the maker of this product never claims this product can cure cancer.

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Conclusion – Does Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco Work?

Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco does seem to be a well-reviewed product — and people from all different age groups and physical conditions have reported some success. From treating yeast infections and nail fungus to the less likely use as a homeopathic cancer treatment — we found that this product has a wide range of uses.

We’re not sure that we can fully recommend Nature’s Way Pau D’Arco. First, it’s not a menopause supplement. It may help treat yeast infections or candida, but likely won’t improve vaginal health in those experiencing these issues due to a loss of hormones.

Second, there’s simply not much information about the validity of this product in treating any of the conditions outlined above. We don’t know if it causes any long term effects—or if it’s safe. More research is needed to determine this.

Femmetrinol is our experts’ favorite supplement when it comes to taking on menopause with force. Ingredients such as chasteberry, black cohosh and wild yam round out the supplement — balancing hormones and eliminating uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and more.

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