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What is it?

Stronvivo is a supplement aimed at boosting nitric production in the body. Stronvivo is mad primarily to improve sexual function in users as they age, and may help restore libido in women going through menopause.

Stronvivo is a blend of amino acids—L-arginine, L-carnitine and L-citrulline, which work together to stimulate the production of NO. Stronvivo is advertised as a sexual enhancement product, but it may also be an effective tool in improving the health of the circulatory system.

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Stronvivo Ingredients and Side Effects

Stronvivo is made from a blend of amino acids, all known for their effect on the blood’s movement through the body. Here’s a look at some of the health benefits—both sexual and not—that this product aims to provide:

L-Arginine L-Carnitine

L-Arginine: An amino acid used by the body to make proteins, L-arginine is a precursor to the substance, nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is used to treat heart and blood conditions, improving circulation and enhancing energy levels with use.

L-arginine is often used to improve sexual function in men and women, improving blood flow to the genitals for easier arousal.

L-Citrulline: An amino acid that changes into nitric oxide through a function of the kidneys, this ingredient is also used for immunity, heart and circulatory health and keeping blood pressure in check.

Many people take L-citrulline supplements to help improve the capacity for muscle building, as well as improve energy and athletic performance.

L-Carnitine: L-carnitine is another amino acid, essential for producing energy in the body, as well as improving the function of the heart, brain and muscles.

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Stronvivo Quality of Ingredients

Stronvivo is an amino acid supplement designed to improve blood flow in the body by stimulating the production of nitric oxide. There’s no doubt that an uptick in nitric oxide can help users become more aroused more easily, which is why you’ll see ingredients like L-arginine used in a large number of sexual enhancement products.

As a menopause supplement, Stronvivo is not the most practical solution. It only contains the amino acid blend, meaning it won’t have an effect on hormone production or help balance the estrogen/progesterone ratio.

It’s true that people of all ages, male or female can stand to benefit from improving circulation and blood flow—it does indeed help with sexual concerns, and can serve as a tool for helping users prevent heart attacks, blood clots or strokes.

In looking at Stronvivo as a menopause supplement, our recommendation is to address hormonal imbalances before attempting to treat sexual dysfunction on its own. Often lack of libido or vaginal dryness stem from a drop off in hormone production.

Resolving the hormone issue, may help improve sexual wellbeing and treat other concerns like hot flashes, night sweats, yeast infections and more.

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The Price and Quality of Stronvivo

Stronvivo is sold on the official websites by the single bottle, or in a pack of three. Both options allow users to choose between an autopay option and or through manual checkout.

The regular price for a one-month supply is $69.99, though users who enroll in the autopay program can get this for $49.99 per bottle. Users who wish to purchase a three-month supply are normally charged $219.97, but autopay shoppers only pay $149.97.

Stronvivo is also sold through Amazon, but only through third-party sellers. A three-pack costs $179.99 and is not eligible for free shipping through Prime.

Based on our evaluation of this product, it seems like it’s way overpriced for what is essentially an L-arginine supplement.

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Business of Stronvivo

Stronvivo is manufactured by a company known as Abbey Research Ltd. Here’s a bit of background information about the product, and the company that makes it:

Phone: (713) 568-4560

Address: Abbey Research Ltd.
88 Jensen Dr. Suites B&C
Houston TX 77020 USA

The Stronvivo site is loaded with information about nitric oxide and the role it plays inside the body. The site features a look at how much we’ve learned about the substance since its discovery in the 1990s and how we’re now able to utilize this ingredient as a way to improve sexual health in people as they age.

The site looks clean and features plenty of ways to get in contact with the company—you can even contact the CEO directly with concerns.

We like this effort toward transparency. It’s something you don’t see a whole lot of in the sexual supplements industry, and the accessibility may help put some potential users at ease.

There are multiple sections on the site dedicated to nitric oxide’s many uses. It can help with leg pain, heart health and of course improve the ability to get turned on when sexual situations emerge.

Finally, what we like most about Stronvivo is the fact that the website features links to medical journals and clinical studies. Rather just mentioning that the product works, users can visit links and really learn a lot about what they may potentially be putting in their body.

Customer Opinions of Stronvivo

Stronvivo has mixed reviews. Many people liked this product and felt it was an effective tool for sexual health, while others thought it failed to live up to expectations. Here’s a look at some of the comments we came across:

“I hate taking pills and supplements, but I decided to give Stronvivo a try, as I’m beginning to show some early signs of heart disease. I like it, as I’ve noticed it gives me more energy than I’ve had recently.”

“using this product in combination with a topical testosterone product and so far so good. I’m almost 70 and have noticed my energy levels are greatly improved and I’m feeling pretty darn youthful.”

“I’m a gal in my 60s, and started taking Stronvivo a few months ago after a few friends recommended it. Wow. So much more energy, my thoughts seem clearer. It’s kind of expensive, but worth it.”

“I mean, it’s L-arginine. Good supplement, sure. But, this product is really, really overpriced and certainly not worth the money. You’re better off with something else.”

Stronvivo had a lot of positive reviews, but there weren’t all that many to look through. Most of what we found seemed to suggest that this supplement is effective in helping people overcome low energy levels, which in many cases may be worth the high price tag.

Though the official website mentions the sexual benefits most of all, we didn’t see any mentions of a dramatically improved sex drive in men or women.

Based on the information gathered, it’s hard to know if this product is worth the price. L-arginine (and carnitine and citruline) can be purchased at a much lower rate than what Stronvivo is offering. This may be an effective product, but there’s not enough evidence suggesting this is any better than similar, lower cost supplements.

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Conclusion – Does Stronvivo Work?

Stronvivo does clearly have some potential. The makers of this product have cited numerous studies and provided a lot of key information about nitric oxide and its ability to help users deal with a range of health issues—especially those that emerge in middle age or older.

Stronvivo received several positive reviews, though we are looking at a small sample size, from people who claimed this product was quite effective in improving energy levels and mental clarity.

In terms of sexual benefits, we did not see anything that suggested this product had a dramatic impact, but L-arginine is known to improve the condition of people with sexual dysfunction.

Menopausal users didn’t weigh in on their experience with Stronvivo, but we’re not sure it’s the most appropriate solution for women in this stage who are looking for something to combat vaginal dryness or low libido.

Stronvivo might be a good supplement, in combination with a menopause product targeting hormone production, but it’s really expensive for something with limited benefits.

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