Femmenessence Review (UPDATED 2023): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Femmenessence is a supplement aimed at easing the symptoms of menopause within 21 days. Femmenessence is designed to help restore hormonal balance and sex drive, as well as reduce hot flashes and night sweats and more.

Femmenessence primarily functions through the use of black cohosh, which works to address the symptoms of menopause, while other ingredients balance hormones like estrogen and progesterone. According to the official website, Femmenessence works to both treat and prevent symptoms.

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Femmenessence Ingredients and Side Effects

In looking at the Femmenessence website, we’ve found this product is made exclusively from maca extract. Here’s a look at this ingredient and what users can expect to see from using Femmenessence:

Maca Root Extract

Maca Root Extract: Maca is a root crop grown in Peru, known for its high nutrient content. This ingredient is rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, E, as well as minerals like zinc, calcium and magnesium.

Maca has long been used to promote the sexual function of both men and women, and may have an effect on fertility and promote energy and physical endurance with use.

In addition to the more well-known benefits of maca, this ingredient is thought to help maintain healthy bones as women age and experience a decline in estrogen levels. Maca is also thought to improve common menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and night sweat, which generally result in disrupted sleep patterns.

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Femmenessence Quality of Ingredients

Femmenessence contains just one single active ingredient, the popular superfood, maca root. This ingredient is touted by nutritional experts for its high nutritional content, as well as its natural ability to improve libido and physical energy levels.

There is some evidence that this ingredient may be useful in helping women dealing with the symptoms of menopause, but there’s little evidence that it helps with anything aside from hot flashes and night sweats. There’s not much evidence suggesting this ingredient works to holistically treat the underlying cause of menopause, loss of estrogen—we can’t find any definitive data that suggests one way or another if maca is a viable alternative to herbs like soy isoflavones or black cohosh or a traditional HRT regimen.

Overall, it does seem like Femmenessence could provide some health benefits for women going through menopause, especially where energy and libido are concerned, but users looking at this product may want to think about buying a supplementary product to take on the mental symptoms of menopause, as well as more severe hot flashes.

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The Price and Quality of Femmenessence

Femmenessence can be purchased directly from the official website, as well as from stores like Whole Foods, CVS, Sprouts and numerous smaller natural foods stores.

The site offers this product at $34.99 for a 30-day supply, or you can get a starter pack for $69.98 for three boxes. The starter pack saves users $35, and the makers of this product encourage buying the larger quantity in order to ensure users stay on the supplement long enough to see results.

It’s a little hard to find the “buy now” portion of the website, but they don’t try to loop you into an automatic payment marketing scheme or anything else that presents a red flag.

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Business of Femmenessence

Femmenessence is made by a company known as Natural Health International. Here is their contact info, as well as some details about the brand:

Phone: 415.243.9991

Email: [email protected]

Address: 224 6th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

The Femmenessence site is not very user-friendly, and it’s hard to find any information about the contents of this supplement. Users are forced to scroll down for an excessive amount of time through walls of texts, charts and more, which despite there being quite a bit of good information, is really overwhelming to a website visitor who may just want the bullet points before diving deeper into the specifics about who makes the product and how it helps with bone density and so on.

Despite the poor user interface, the site itself mentions multiple doctors and naturopaths have endorsed Femmenessence and it meets a number of criteria natural products retailers appreciate—vegan, non-GMO, etc. The fact that this product is in Whole Foods speaks volumes for its safety and quality of ingredients.

After doing some further research, it seems this company has won at least four awards for its line of supplements supporting women’s health at all stages.

Customer Opinions of Femmenessence

Reviews for Femmenessence were mixed, but many people had a good experience using the herbal supplement, though it seems the results were rather subtle for many users. Here are some of the accounts we found from consumers who have tried Femmenessence:

“I’ve been taking this product for a month, and am not sure if its doing much. I feel like I have more energy, but I’m honestly not sure. One thing I have noticed is, I feel calmer—which makes it worth the money.”

“When I first started taking this, I was convinced it was a miracle pill or something, but as time wore on, the results have diminished and I’m not getting any relief from my primary menopause symptoms.”

“My friend recommended this to me after she found it helped calm her hot flashes. For me, not so much. I’ve been taking this for over a month and have yet to see positive changes, and my night sweats are worse.”

“I so badly wanted this to work, but I went through two boxes and all it did was make me break out very badly and feel angry and aggressive. Since I’ve stopped using it I feel better and my skin is clear.”

Femmenessence had a number of positive reviews, but few of them mentioned any relief beyond some slight increases in energy and a better mood. Because this is made with maca, we’re not surprised that this helped with energy, as the super food is often used to beat fatigue, among countless other uses.

A few people mentioned feeling worse than before—feelings of anger, irritability or just general unease, while others mentioned breakouts occurring with use. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, but we’re not sure that this product yields consistent enough results.

Maca could have an effect on the symptoms of menopause, but it seems unlikely that this one ingredient on its own is as useful as a supplement designed to address the full scope of menopause concerns with a more well-rounded selection of ingredients.

It’s hard to say whether Femmenessence is a good product, but consumers with more severe symptoms may want to look elsewhere for better results.

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Conclusion – Does Femmenessence Work?

Femmenessence appears to be a safe product made by a company that clearly follows strict guidelines as per the norm in the natural foods industry. The Femmenessence product line has won some awards in this space and seems to produce few negative side effects.

That being said, passing the guidelines to be in Whole Foods or anywhere else with high expectations for their products doesn’t ensure that the product is the most effective.

Overall, it’s hard to recommend a product that clearly only relies on maca root as a means to balance hormone levels. Should women be suffering from severe menopause symptoms, they’ll likely need something that can stand up to the intense hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and more that make this period so difficult for many women.

Femmenessence likely offers some good benefits, as maca is a known superfood, with a number of medicinal uses. But, failing to add any ingredients like black cohosh, wild yam or any form of isoflavones seems like a missed opportunity—especially if users are already spending upwards for $30 a month on a supplement.

For women suffering from menopause, our experts most recommend Femmetrinol is the best solution for treating symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and all the emotional ups and downs resulting from changing estrogen levels.

Femmetrinol is made following good manufacturing practices, and has been subject to a number of quality testing measures to ensure maximum benefits. Click here to take a closer look at the ingredients used to make Femmetrinol.

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