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What is it?

Profemin is an over-the-counter menopause relief supplement. This product addresses the common symptoms of menopause using only herbal ingredients.

Profemin relies on a blend three herbal ingredients long used in traditional Asian medicine. The makers of Profemin claim this product offers an alternative to hormone replacement, without the side effects, or the prescription.

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Profemin Ingredients and Side Effects

The Profemin website has provided visitors with both an official product label for the supplement, as well as a short profile on each of the listed ingredients. Here’s a look at the herbs you can expect to find inside this product:

Angelica Gigas Phlomis Umbrosa Cyamchum Wilfordii

Angelica Gigas: A plant whose seeds, root and fruit can be used for medicinal purposes, angelica is used to treat nerve pain, insomnia and may help some women start their periods.

  • Angelica may affect some users’ sensitivity to the sun.

Phlomis Umbrosa: There’s not much information available about phlomis umbroisa on its own, but according to the Profemin website, this ingredient is thought to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Cyanchum Wilfordii: A plant used in traditional Korean medicine, cyanchum wilfordii is thought to slow greying hair, prevent hair loss, treat diarrhea, colds and arthritis. This ingredient is thought to also have a positive effect on the immune and circulatory systems.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available in regards to these ingredients and their potential for side effects.

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Profemin Quality of Ingredients

Profemin only contains the three herbs listed above, as per the official website and the product label.

There’s not much information available from sources other than the website, so we don’t have a good sense of what the potential side effects are or if they are truly useful in alleviating menopausal symptoms.

Based on the reviews, results have been mixed at best, with many people claiming this they had various reactions to the product, or mentioning that it wasn’t particularly effective in delivering the advertised benefits.

Based on our evaluation of the formula, we feel that there’s just not enough information available about these ingredients. We don’t know if they are safe, and the primary uses seem to have little to do with the symptoms generally known to be associated with menopause.

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The Price and Quality of Profemin

Profemin is sold on the official product webpage for $79.90 for a bottle containing one month’s supply, plus $9.95 in shipping and handling charges.

The site is currently offering a promotion where shoppers can get two bottles for the price of one, though it doesn’t mention how long the promotion lasts.

The site also offers a “free” 60-day trial of Profemin, which automatically enrolls users in a bi-monthly billing cycle—charging users $70.90 plus shipping and handling. They do mention the stipulations of the trial, but these promotions are often used to loop people into ongoing charges that are hard to cancel.

Profemin is available on Amazon for $57.95, which is cheaper than the usual offer and includes free shipping to Prime members. Other than Amazon or the Profemin website, this product doesn’t appear to be sold on any additional platforms.

In comparing the price with the ingredients listed on the label, we believe this may be overpriced. Consumers aren’t getting a product with a proven track record, the $79.99 price tag, or even the $57.95, doesn’t make a lot of sense. We came across a number of reviews that suggested this product was far too expensive for far too few results.

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Business of Profemin

Profemin appears to be made by a company known as Profemin LLC, though the address is linked to a few other supplement businesses. Here’s the contact info listed on the Profemin website:

Phone: 800-221-0905

Email: [email protected]

Address: 4910 Longley Lane, Suite 101
Reno, NV 89502

The Profemin website does offer some information about the product and what users can expect from taking this, rather than a traditional estrogen supplement.

But, while the site features plenty of graphics and a headshot of the naturopath endorsing this product, there’s little substance where actual science is concerned. The herbs used to make this, aside from angelica, are not widely known, and the site provides only about a sentence dedicated to each part of the formulation.

By looking up the address associated with Profemin, we found a Better Business Bureau profile linked to a few other supplements, featuring 43 registered complaints. Apparently this product makes a weight loss supplement that many people have gotten sick from taking. Other users had trouble cancelling their enrollment in the subscription service.

Doctor Marcus Laux, the naturopath featured on the website is, in fact a real doctor, but we were unable to find much information about his practice, other than some past work experience.

Customer Opinions of Profemin

After looking over the reviews for Profemin, it’s clear that this product has been effective for some people, but many of the reviews reflected dissatisfaction with the experience of taking this product. Here’s a look at what some of the previous users had to say:

“I ordered this product, and when it arrived, it was nearly expired. I called to see if I could get a refund or exchange the product, but was unable, as the company said they had no record on file.”

“I was not happy with this product, it was way too expensive for something that offered zero benefits with use. In terms of efficacy, black cohosh is a much better herbal solution, and my OBGYN agrees.”

“I should have known after buying a product I found on an infomercial—but was desperate for some relief. This was expensive and didn’t solve my problem of hot flashes. Read the reviews first.”

“I gave this a 60-day shot, and never saw any improvements. I was hoping it would help with night sweats, but I’m still getting them. Time to try something else. Would not recommend.”

While Profemin does have some positive reviews, it’s clear that many people were disappointed with the results they saw while using this. It seems the formula may not be the most consistent method of fighting hot flashes, though everyone’s body chemistry is different, and it could be an effective solution for some.

Overall, based on the mixed reception of Profemin in combination with the somewhat shady business practices at play, we’d feel more comfortable recommending a menopause treatment with a better reputation.

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Conclusion – Does Profemin Work?

Based on our analysis of several factors, we’re not entirely sure that we would recommend Profemin. Between the fact that the ingredients used to make this product have little information about their use in treating menopause, nor what their side effects are, as well as the negative reviews—we’ve come to the conclusion that there are better solutions on the market for menopause relief.

At first glance, this product seems relatively promising. The site features a certified naturopathic doctor and touts the benefits of using herbal ingredients rather than synthetic estrogens. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes clear the company behind Profemin is taking advantage of customers through offering a free trial of the supplement that automatically enrolls consumers in bimonthly orders.

Additionally, we don’t know anything about whether this formula is safe. The Profemin website features a tab entitled, “science,” but doesn’t include anything aside from a graph, and a picture of the doctor that formulated the product. We don’t get to learn about these ingredients or how they work inside the body to treat menopause.

Because of all the separate issues with this product, it’s clear that there are better, more trustworthy menopause solutions on the market, and users are better off trying a supplement with better reviews or talking to their doctor to find something that fits with their health and lifestyle.

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