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What is it?

Remifemin is a supplement that provides natural relief to women suffering from menopause. This supplement specifically targets hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings.

Remifemin is designed for women who do not want to take estrogen or are looking for an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Remifemin is made from black cohosh extract, which is thought to act similarly to estrogen inside the body.

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Remifemin Ingredients and Side Effects

Remifemin is made from only one key ingredient, the herb, black cohosh. Here’s a look at this ingredient, and what users can expect from using this as a daily supplement:

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh: This ingredient was long used by Native Americans for a range of medicinal issues, before being discovered by Europeans for its ability to act much like the hormone, estrogen. Black cohosh is primarily used as an herbal treatment for menopause symptoms like hot flashes, sleep issues, changes in mood, heart palpitations, night sweats and vaginal dryness. It may also be used as a means to induce labor or treat premenstrual syndrome.

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Remifemin Quality of Ingredients

Remifemin has a relatively simple formula, relying exclusively on the merits of black cohosh to deliver a range of benefits to people suffering from symptoms of menopause.

Because this product only contains a single ingredient, it’s worth pointing out that Remifemin may be limited in its ability to fully address the range of symptoms that are associated with menopause. Other natural supplements that specifically target menopause are typically made with a more comprehensive formula, with other ingredients filling in where some might fall short.

That being said, this product did receive several positive user reviews, so there’s clearly some potential. Either way, it is advisable to speak with a doctor before taking this product, as it may interact with other supplements or medications.

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The Price and Quality of Remifemin

Remifemin is not sold on the official webpage, but it can be found both online from Amazon, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and more, as well as in a number of brick and mortar drugstores.

This product comes in three different sizes, a 21-tablet, which Amazon sells for $12, as well as 60 and 120-count versions, which go for $12.58 and $18.44, respectively. All options are eligible for Prime shipping. Walgreens, by comparison, offers the 60-count box for $17.99.

Remifemin is relatively affordable, as compared to other herbal menopause products, but when compared to other supplements advertised as simply, “black cohosh,” it’s a little more expensive. It looks as though users are paying for a brand name or menopause related messaging rather than the contents of the product.

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Business of Remifemin

Remifemin is made by a company called Enzymatic Therapy, a vitamins and supplements manufacturer. Here’s their contact information, which can be found on the Remifemin website:

Phone: 920-469-4444

Address: 825 Challenger Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311

The Remifemin site features a store finder, as well as some information about how black cohosh can play a key role in helping women tackle menopause-related symptoms.

What’s nice about this website, is, while it looks a little outdated, there are clinical studies cited, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section that answers a number of questions related to menopause and this product.

Remifemin has been around for about 60 years, so consumers are likely getting a product made by a trustworthy company, that is unlikely to be unsafe for most people.

In looking closely at this company, as well as the official product website, there aren’t any immediate red flags that come up. Remifemin is easy to find from a number of mainstream shopping outlets and has been around for several decades. But, just because this product is well-established and legitimate, doesn’t mean it’s the best solution on the market.

Customer Opinions of Remifemin

Results varied widely with use of Remifemin. The vast differences in the way this product performs can be attributed to the fact that black cohash acts differently in different people. Here’s a look at some of the consumer opinions we came across while looking at this product:

“I took this product, as I was experiencing truly horrific hot flashes, and my doctor will no longer prescribe estrogen. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much luck with this one—not sure about the OTC stuff.”

“My doctor recommended this product, and I found it was pretty effective in treating hot flashes, mood swings and more. You may get flu symptoms with extended use, so take breaks here and there.”

“This did not work for me at all. There hasn’t been a single over-the-counter solution that has helped my hot flashes. I finally switched to prescription progesterone and estrogen.”

“I love this product. I no longer am having hot flashes, my brain fog has started to clear up and my memory is improved. It’s nice to not be angry all the time.”

Remifemin has mostly positive reviews, but there were also a considerable amount of people who were unhappy with the results they got after trying this product, In some cases black cohosh is effective as a natural estrogen, but the results aren’t always consistent, which could be why this doesn’t seem like a solution that’s appropriate for all women suffering from menopausal symptoms, especially when it is the only ingredient.

Overall, it seems like there were a considerable amount of people who claimed this product didn’t work, though there were few reports of negative side effects that came along with use.

One exception, however, was a woman who mentioned that after taking this for a few months she experienced some flu-like symptoms, and that it’s happened more than once. Its likely users can avoid this by taking breaks here and there, but talk to your doctor to determine the best course of action.

That being said, users who want to avoid the risks of taking a synthetic estrogen product may want to give Remifemin a try. There are a number of positive reviews, due to the widespread availability of this product, meaning there’s definitely some clear benefits associated with use.

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Conclusion – Does Remifemin Work?

Based on the reviews we found for Remifemin, we feel like it could be worth a try for a number of women who would rather try something natural instead of taking estrogen or progesterone. Yes, there are some risks with black cohosh, but it’s likely a safe choice for many women.

The reviews were mixed, which is to be expected, as black cohosh doesn’t mimic estrogen in every woman’s body, and in some cases can cause the hormone to increase or decrease. But, in the cases that it does behave like estrogen, it may be effective in alleviating symptoms associated with the loss of hormones like mood swings, night sweats and hot flashes.

That being said, we’re not 100 percent sure that a supplement like Remifemin that only contains one active ingredient can compete with other supplements that offer more of a complete package of ingredients. This product does fall on the less expensive side of the menopause product spectrum, but those black cohosh pills that don’t have menopause-centric packaging are considerably cheaper and contain the same ingredients.

In general, it’s tough to say if we completely recommend Remifemin, as it takes about eight weeks to see results and there’s still no guarantee. It also may interact with other supplements or types of medication, so you’ll have to check with a doctor to see if it’s safe to take Remifemin along with any other type of product.

Our experts have found, after looking at many products that target symptoms of menopause, that Femmetrinol is the best solution for alleviating much of the discomfort associated with this phase in a woman’s life. Through a number of herbs, this formulation offers a well-rounded approach to taking on symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and more.

The makers of Femmetrinol work hard to ensure they are putting a high quality menopause solution on the market, testing all ingredients for safety and efficacy. Consumers can rest assured this product has undergone testing and will provide the benefits advertised. Click here for a deeper look at Femmetrinol and its key ingredients.

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