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What is it?

Serenol a non-hormonal product that addresses the emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Serenol is intended for use in women suffering from mood swings, irritability and more.

Serenol is made from a formula that contains Swedish flower pollen extract and royal jelly—which may help reduce PMS symptoms, but also are thought to help with menopause. This supplement is meant to be taken daily for at least two months for the optimal affect.

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Serenol Ingredients and Side Effects

Serenol is made from a few key ingredients thought to support the level of estrogen in the body and reduce PMS-related emotional swings. Here’s a quick look at the contents of this product:

Swedish Flower Pollen Extract Royal Jelly Chromium

Swedish Flower Pollen Extract: Not to be confused with the pollen used to make honey, Swedish flower pollen refers to the collected male germ of a flower and is primarily used to treat prostate conditions, increase urine flow and can sometimes be found in male sexual enhancement products.

This ingredient is thought to potentially mimic the may estrogen performs in the body—which may balance out hormone levels, alleviating mood swings, anxiety, depression and irritability associated with PMS. It may also have an effect on hot flashes and other menopause symptoms.

  • In rare cases, some users may experience a serious allergic reaction with use, especially if there is history of a bee allergy.

Royal Jelly: A substance secreted from the glands of bees, royal jelly is used to help treat allergies and asthma and may help reduce symptoms of both menopause and PMS—particularly irritability, swelling and weight changes.

  • Side effects may include irregular vaginal bleeding, headaches, nausea, cramping, muscle aches and rash.

Chromium: Chromium is a mineral used to help the body move glucose through the blood stream and help the body turn food into energy. It may also help prevent bone loss in women going through menopause.

  • High levels of chromium may cause kidney damage, raise the risk of certain cancers and inflammation.

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Serenol Quality of Ingredients

Serenol is made from drug-free ingredients and appears to be a safe product for most people, perhaps with the exception of those with a serious pollen allergy. There’s a chance this could be effective, though at the same time, we’re concerned it may not be potent enough to provide the wide ranging benefits users are looking for.

Swedish flower pollen is often used to treat prostate or urination issues, rather than the symptoms women face both during menopause and the reproductive prime of their lives. In looking deeper into this product, it seems some users have been using this product to treat perimenopause, rather than just PMS, but it’ clear there’s an overlap, as both are dictated by the state of hormones in the body.

It doesn’t seem like royal jelly has been proven to reduce PMS symptoms, though it may have some use for those that emerge during menopause.

Overall, we don’t have enough information to know whether this product has been shown to be effective in a wide range of users.

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The Price and Quality of Serenol

Serenol is available from the online shopping portal on the official product website and the regular price on this item is $49.99 for a one-month supply, equivalent to 60 tablets. This price is only available to users if they opt to enroll in the subscription program, otherwise the product will cost users $63.99 for the same amount.

The Serenol website features a number of discount codes, users can get their first three boxes of the product for $34.99 a box—though this offer appears to also be contingent in participating in the subscription program.

Aside from the hard sell on the automatic payment program, frequently seen on all kinds of supplement websites, the site contains some good information and appears to be safe for most users.

Unfortunately, the price seems quite high for a product that contains only a handful of key ingredients. Swedish flower pollen is available as a supplement from a number of retailers and often sells for a fraction of the price.

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Business of Serenol

Serenol was created by a company known as JDS Therapeutics, maker of a number of products aimed at women’s health concerns:

Phone: 888-596-5154

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1 Manhattanville Road

Suite 104

Purchase, NY 10577

Interestingly, this company makes another product, called Relizen that aims to treat menopause symptoms, rather than PMS—both products rely on Swedish flower pollen as a key ingredient, which makes us wonder why they’ve opted to sell this under tow different labels, rather than a catchall product that addresses hormonal concerns that come up pre, peri, and postmenopause.

Both Serenol’s website, as well as the JDS umbrella site are very clean and professionally designed. They’ve taken measures to ensure consumers can trust this brand, offering a look at past reviews, how to take the product and what users can expect to find inside.

We like the transparency here—especially with things like reviews that aren’t so good, as it puts forward an image of an honest company consumers are likely to trust.

What we didn’t like, as mentioned above in the pricing section is, this company is really pushing the monthly auto-ship program and keeps mentioning that users should give this a try for at least three months—both tactics make us feel as though we’re being upsold constantly.

Customer Opinions of Serenol

Serenol has gotten some buzz here and there over the past few years from women’s magazines reviewing the product for its promise to get rid of PMS once and for all. It was, however, a bit hard to find reviews from regular people who detailed their experiences with the product, and the only reviews we were able to find came from the official website:

“My mood swings seem to be a little less erratic, though I’m not sure there’s a major difference. I’m less hungry and I think I’m sleeping better.”

“Definitely recommend this product for women in their 40s experiencing more drastic changes in mood and general imbalance. This has helped me a lot.”

“It has helped a bit with my hot flashes. Took a few weeks to kick in, but I’m experiencing reduced symptoms of perimenopause.”

Aside from the mentions in various women’s publications, most of the writers hadn’t tried this product themselves and were clearly responding to a press release by JDS Therapeutics.

Again, since we found these reviews on the website, there may be a bit more bias involved than those found on Amazon or an independent forum, but the official website does include some negative reviews too.

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Conclusion – Does Serenol Work?

Based on our evaluation of the Serenol formula and its efficacy, we likely wouldn’t recommend this product to menopausal women.

Despite the fact that this product is marketed toward women experiencing PMS, without mentioning the targeted age group, we don’t know if using Swedish flower pollen is the best way to improve hormone levels and even out emotional symptoms, or relieve physcial ones like hot flashes.

While it’s clear there isn’t much of a risk of an adverse reaction associated with using this product, we aren’t sure that this product can actually deliver all the claims it promises, and those seeking a means to reducing hormonal symptoms at any stage may be better off using a product that actually is proven to target hormone-related issues.

Our other concern with this product is the steep price tag. This product is regularly offered for $63.99 for only a one-month supply. The company brings this down to $49.99, but only if users sign up for a monthly autopay program, which is a well-known marketing tactic used to get consumers on the hook for more payments when they forget to cancel right away.

We’ve reviewed a wide range of supplements before discovering Femmetrinol best helps users address menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, fatigue and night sweats without the use of any synthetic hormones that come with a whole host of risks. With its natural formulation featuring damiana, black cohosh, wild yam and others, this product provides relief for women as they navigate this change in life.

The makers of Femmetrinol have subjected this product to a number of processes to ensure that they are putting forth the kind of product women can count on for their menopause-related needs. Read more about the many ways Femmetrinol can help you feel in control of your body –click here.


2 Responses to Serenol Review

Sharon Sirianni says:

I am 76 years old and had a hysterectomy when I was 49 years old. I take the lowest dose of estridol.5% because when I go off hormones I get warm spells not flashes just suddenly very warm. What can serenol do for me. I take few medications but I have taken supplements for years and am in good heath. I go to the gym five days a week and walk two miles while there. I have a 48 year old friend who recently started this product and speaks highly of it. Thanks

Bambi says:

I am 55 and started taking Serenol when I was 54. I had a hysterectomy and was experiencing warm spells, not so much hot flashes. Serenol works great for me! I recommend it to my friends. It also helps with my mood swings. The cost is a bit high but being that it’s chemical free and only a few natural ingredients and it helps I don’t mind paying for it. Thanks

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