Serre Stick Review (UPDATED 2023): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Serre Stick is a vaginal tightening wand, meant to work instantly. Serre Stick claims to work within 30 seconds, with tightening effects lasting for a few days at a time.

Serre Stick is a wand that expands when held underwater, and decreased in width when placed in the vagina. The shrinking that occurs in the wand, according to the website, gives users a temporarily tighter vagina.

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Serre Stick Ingredients and Side Effects

Serre Stick is a wand, so there are no active ingredients used to make this product. That being said, we don’t know much about the materials this product is made from, other than the fact that it expands in the water, and shrinks when inserted vaginally.

The official Serre Stick website gives little insight on how this product works, while the Amazon page, mentions the stick is loaded with herbal ingredients. Overall, the vague and conflicting information makes it a bit of a challenge to provide a fair and balanced review of this product. Here’s a look at what you may find inside:

Indonesian Grassroots Pearl Stratum Powder
Alum Alumen Borneol 

Indonesian Grassroots: A key ingredient in the Serre Stick, we were unable to find any information about this herb, or blend of herbs.

Alum Alumen: An form of aluminum used in a number of traditional Chinese remedies, as well as baking powder there’s not much information available on the use of alum, but it may have a deodorizing effect. Alum is used in deodorants and may be absorbed into the blood stream.

Pearl Stratum Powder: Made from literal pearls, pearl stratum powder is thought to have an antiaging effect. It’s often used to treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles and may protect against the production of excess melanin resulting in freckles or age spots.

Borneol: A rare Chinese herb, borneol is an anti-inflammatory ingredient, used to reduce swelling and pain. It may also have an antibacterial effect.

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Serre Stick Quality of Ingredients

Serre Stick is a little confusing as a product. It’s an object meant to be inserted into the vagina to both tighten the vaginal walls, plus the makers of this product claim it may also be used to eliminate vaginal dryness, odor and discharge.

Each wand lasts up to three months, so you’ll need to order a replacement every so often.

Overall, there’s no science — or even any explanation — on the website that clearly illustrates how this product works, and why someone might buy this over doing kegels for tightness or treating any issues causing excess odor or discharge.

Additionally, ingredients like borneol or Indonesian grassroots don’t have much information available online regarding their usage, safety or efficacy.

The vague quality of information, combined with the lack of an official ingredient list makes us a bit wary of recommending this product.

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The Price and Quality of Serre Stick

Serre Stick is sold through the official Serre Stick webpage, as well as on Amazon. The regular price for one stick is $49.99, and it generally lasts users about 3 months’ worth of regular use. The product claims the effect of each use may last up to five days.

The price seems a bit high on this product, but there’s nothing to compare it with. It’s hard to justify this purchase, as we still don’t have a good sense as to how it works, and the description of the product is vague, hard to understand and is completely devoid of any documented scientific information.

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Business of Serre Stick

Serre Stick is made by natural products company, Viva Labs. Here is the contact information they’ve shared on the official webpage:

Email: [email protected]

Address: Serre Stick
PO Box 116
Manchester CT 06045

The Serre Stick official webpage contains very hard to understand copy—things are described in vague detail, and we never get a good sense as to how this product actually works.

Customer reviews have provided some further insight into what makes the Serre Stick work, but it’s still likely a bit confusing for a number of potential users.

The lack of clarity is exacerbated by the fact that the website seems to be written by someone with a poor command of the English language or is translated into English from another language.

The website uses a lot of text to explain why someone might find this product useful, but they never fully make clear how it sets out to tighten the vagina, eliminate discharge, fight yeast infections and more. Unfortunately, they never lay out the ingredients used in the wand.

Customer Opinions of Serre Stick

Serre Stick had some mixed reviews regarding whether or not this is a good product. It seems consumers’ experiences range greatly, though many people mention a “white buildup” that occurs in the vagina after use. Here’s what people are saying:

“Just to clarify, this product does not actually tighten vaginal muscles, it causes the tissue to swell with use. Basically, it works to add some “texture” to the sexual experience and simulate the feeling of tightness.”

“It’s okay. Bought the Serre Stick a few times and it tightens things up a decent amount, but the stick itself can be rather…crumbly. Ordered one recently that essentially crumbled after only a few uses.”

“It does produce a tightening effect in the vagina, but I really didn’t like that this white tissue stuff gets stuck in there and comes out over the course of the sexual experience. It’s pretty off-putting.”

“Serre Stick did help me tighten up a bit down there, but did not offer any real benefits beyond that. Honestly, I felt a little dried out after using, which didn’t really help improve sex with my partner.”

Serre Stick does seem to produce a tightening effect for many women. However, no one reported any deodorizing benefits, nor any effect on the amount of yeast infections they were experiencing.

Many women reported the presence of white tissue in their vaginal areas, which likely crumbled off of the stick while using. While this may be a minor issue for some women, others may find this especially embarrassing, particularly if they are using this product before an intimate encounter with a new partner.

Overall, few people mentioned the use if this product for deodorizing purposed or to provide some yeast control. We don’t know much about the ingredients used in this product, and the customer reviews didn’t provide much insight in that respect.

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Conclusion – Does Serre Stick Work?

Serre Stick does not provide enough information to consumers to clearly paint a picture of what this product actually does to the vagina with use. Sure, the site says this product tightens, deodorizes and prevents yeast infections, but how? They never really say.

Serre Stick’s reviewers gave us a bit more insight. One user mentioned this product works, as one of the ingredients causes the vaginal tissue to swell with use, rather than actually tightening the muscles. Some users detailed their experience, claiming they felt this product did help them achieve tightness, while others mentioned the product fell apart or just didn’t do anything for them.

We’re not sure how this product really aims to deal with any vaginal health problems like infection, odor, yeast overgrowth, menopausal dryness and so on. Our advice to consumers is to check with a doctor before trying something like the Serre Stick that has no basis in actual science, nor does it have a solid track record amongst those who have tried this product.

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