Feminil Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Feminil is a female sexual enhancement product designed to restore libido and performance with use. The product description claims that taking Feminil has a compounding effect, enabling better self-lubrication and sensitivity.

Feminil may also be used in post-menopausal women. The supplement contains ingredients to support hormonal balance, relying on maca to provide this benefit.

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Feminil Ingredients and Side Effects

Feminil is made with just four key ingredients, which the website claims can stimulate arousal and sexual function in women, with the effects compounding over time. We’re not sure it can do everything advertised in the web copy, but it may provide some benefits. Here’s a look inside:

Maca Saw Palmetto
Gingko Biloba Black Pepper Extract

 Maca: Maca has many uses and is loaded with some key nutrients like B vitamins, vitamin E and more. Maca is thought to potentially regulate hormones in the body, which may help women with menopause symptoms, painful menstruation and more.

Maca is also used as a source of energy—some claim it helps improve athletic performance and endurance. It’s also thought to have potential as an aphrodisiac and may be used to treat men experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto: A plant used to make medicine, saw palmetto is most often used for its ability to treat the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. Additionally, saw palmetto is used as a mild sedative and as an aphrodisiac.

  • Side effects may include headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, constipation and diarrhea.
  • Saw palmetto may be linked to liver or pancreas damage, but this link still needs to be further explored.

Black Pepper Extract: Also known as piperine or BioPerine, black pepper extract is used in a number of supplements to help improve nutrient uptake.

The product webpage claims this product is used as an aphrodisiac, but there’s not all that much info about this indication elsewhere on the web.

Gingko Biloba: An herbal remedy for a number of issues, gingko biloba is primarily known as a way to improve memory function, fight fatigue, depression and more. Additionally, this ingredient may be used to stimulate sexual arousal.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven menopause pill such as Femmetrinol for better results.

Feminil Quality of Ingredients

Feminil contains some ingredients known for their many health benefits. Maca contains a number of nutrients and is well-regarded as this superfood of sorts. This ingredient looks to be the most potent of the bunch, and users can expect to see some benefit from taking it.

While maca has been linked to some indications like menopause control and hormone regulation, we’re not sure how much of this ingredient is actually included in the blend.

The remainder of the Feminil formula likely won’t do much to stimulate any meaningful, long term sexual improvement for women suffering from low libido, dryness or other sexual issues.

Finally, we aren’t crazy about the presence of saw palmetto. While this herb is fairly widely used, there are some side effects associated with its use—nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and more, as well as the link to potential organ damage.

Overall, it’s hard to say whether this is a good quality product. For the most part, the ingredient profile looks pretty good. The only issue is, we’re not quite sure where all these potent sexual benefits are supposed to come from.

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The Price and Quality of Feminil

Feminil is sold directly from the manufacturer through a website called 500cosmetics.com. One box of Feminil (a one-month supply) retails for $42.41 and comes with a complementary guide on how to “recuperate your sexual appetite.” Shoppers can stock up and save—getting steeper discounts by increasing the size of their order.

This product is also offered through Amazon at $49.95 per box, plus free shipping. There’s only one review posted for the supplement, which leads us to believe this is not a best-selling product.

Based on our look at both the ingredient profile and the price, as compared to other herbal female reproductive products, Feminil may cost more than most people are willing to pay. Ingredients like maca, gingko biloba and saw palmetto are all widely available at a fairly low price.

Additionally, we’re not sure this product contains all the necessary components needed to balance hormone levels in menopausal women, nor stimulate any meaningful, long lasting desire.

Based on the formulation, this product falls flat on both advertised indications, and for that reason, we do not believe Feminil is a good value.

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Business of Feminil

Feminil appears to be sold by a company known as 500 Cosmetics, which according to a forum dedicated to this product, owns the official website.

Phone: 001 2404732368

Address: Calle Ana Mariscal, 5 – 28223

Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (SPAIN)

Email:  [email protected]

Feminil is owned by a Spanish company known as 500 Cosmetics, making it slightly more understandable that it’s tricky to find much information about the company or anyone who has tried this product and left any meaningful feedback.

The site looks okay, but the many different package options equipped with free gifts and a guide to sex undermine the credibility of the business to some extent. They make it feel a bit spammy, like the company is trying very hard to provide a good deal in the hopes consumers overlook the fact that they never get to see a product label or any scientific evidence the product really works.

It may also be worth pointing out that this business does an affiliate sales type program, promising high commissions and more if you opt to join their remote sales force. While this doesn’t necessarily mean Feminil is a bad product, we’d advise our readers to be wary of falling into these multilevel marketing schemes.

Customer Opinions of Feminil

Feminil, unfortunately has very few reviews. The one review posted on Amazon was in Spanish and there were few mentions of this product on other channels. And based on that information alone, it’s hard for us to recommend this product to anyone looking for an aphrodisiac or menopausal support.

Comments were few and far between, and while there are a fair amount of entries on this Feminil forum we came across, the posts are essentially a series of unanswered questions.

The forum doesn’t really foster a sense of discussion at all—a couple people in the thread mentioned the product was useful, but most of the participants appeared to be people who had not yet tried the product.

Feminil may have some potential, but at this point, we have little information about this product and how it might affect those who take it.

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Conclusion – Does Feminil Work?

Feminil is not a product we’d recommend to our readers. For one, there are almost zero reviews online from anyone who has actually tried this sexual enhancement solution. So, we don’t know if Feminil causes any side effects or if it truly helps balance hormones and improve sexual interactions.

We cannot recommend any product that doesn’t have documented evidence of its safety and effectiveness, and Feminil is no exception. The one review we encountered was in Spanish, and there are no clinical trials or scientific studies backing the claims put forth in the product description.

Second, Feminil does not have an ingredient profile that falls in line with the benefits it reportedly offers to consumers. For example, there are four key herbs in the product, based on the official web copy—none of these are particularly well known for their estrogenic properties or their ability to increase progesterone.

For something that claims to be a supportive menopause product, the formula is missing a lot of the more effective homeopathic solutions for hot flashes, night sweats and more.

Feminil might have some benefits, sure. Maca and gingko biloba, for example., do provide a number of health benefits, and users may find that this product has some use. But, we have not seen an official product label and don’t know what the dosing is, or if the formula is accurate.

Femmetrinol is our top pick for menopause support. This product contains a blend of safe and effective herbal ingredients like black cohosh, wild yam and more—which bring balance back to the body and treat the long list of menopause symptoms.

Femmetrinol is so effective because the makers of this product have taken great pains to ensure the supplement is made with the best herbs, then painstakingly tested for quality and efficacy. Check out our guide to the benefits of Femmetrinol by clicking here.

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