Multigyn Active Gel Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Multigyn Active Gel is a topical treatment used to fight vaginal discomfort. This product works to eliminate irritation, odor, discharge and pain, as well as prevent yeast infections and fungal growth.

Multigyn Active Gel has a 4.1 pH level, which, according to the website is the ideal environment for vaginal flora to thrive. This gel contains ingredients that work to block harmful bacteria, while allowing good bacteria to continue to grow and flourish.

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Multigyn Active Gel Ingredients and Side Effects

Multigyn Active Gel is a topical solution made from bioactive polysaccharides, which are part of a Multigyn patented ingredient blend known as 2QR-complex. The complex is part of a proprietary blend, which the maker of this product has opted not to share:

2QR-Complex Galactoarabinan Polyglucoronic Acid

2QR-Complex: A patented topical ingredient used for its anti-microbial properties, 2QR is used to soothe dry, cracked skin, redness and irritation. This complex works by adhering to skin, neutralizing harmful bacteria and reportedly, restoring healthy microflora to the area.

Galactoarabinan Polyglucoronic Acid: Unfortunately, there’s not much information available about this ingredient and what it’s intended use is.

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Multigyn Active Gel Quality of Ingredients

We don’t know much about the ingredients used in the Multigyn Active Gel formula.

Based on the claims the makers of this product have listed on the website, this product sounds like it could be beneficial for women experiencing some mild vaginal discomfort or just feel that their intimate areas are a little “off.”

We understand the benefit of keeping a proprietary blend under wraps, but the secrecy does make it a little more difficult to evaluate this product in a fair and balanced fashion.

Multigyn Active Gel, based on what we know, seems like it could be an effective tool for managing vaginal concerns that emerge during menopause. Things like vaginal dryness, pH imbalance or more frequent issues like odor, itching and discomfort often go hand in hand with the loss of progesterone and estrogen.

Our concern with this particular formula is, that it contains glycerin, which may further dry out the vagina. In some cases, this inactive ingredient may cause yeast infections.

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The Price and Quality of Multigyn Active Gel

Multigyn Active Gel is sold by the manufacturer for l

€15.95, plus international shipping. The company that makes the gel is based in the Netherlands, so consumers outside of Europe may want to buy this product from another source to reduce waiting times and shipping fees.

This product is sold on Amazon for $15, with free shipping. Some users reported long wait times through this channel as well. A few people mentioned that they always buy a few units at a time due to the waiting period.

The official website mentions this product may be available in drugstores around the world, but the “find a retailer” feature is not very user friendly and did not provide any definitive answers as to where one might buy this product in the US or elsewhere.

Based on the pricing, Multigyn Active Gel seems to be relatively affordable—the only issue is, users with persisting pain or irritation may not want to wait for meaningful relief.

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Business of Multigyn Active Gel

Multigyn Active Gel appears to be made by a company that also uses the name Multigyn Active Gel. They have neglected to provide consumers with any contact details, aside from a form posted on the “contact us” page.

Phone: +31.15.2561999

Address: BioClin B.V.
PO Box 95
2600 AB Delft
The Netherlands

Email:  [email protected]

Multigyn has multiple websites that cater to countries all over the world. You can buy directly from the official website, which ships products to anywhere in the world, with the exception of Russia.

This company is based in the Netherlands, so users in the US are better off buying in person or through channels like Amazon to avoid international shipping charges.

The Multigyn website does clearly lay out what Multigyn Active Gel is supposed to do for consumers. The description makes sense and the benefits are communicated in a clear manner.

The issue, which we’ve mentioned above, is, we don’t really know what all is included in this product. The active ingredient is kept under wraps and we don’t get a good sense of how individual ingredients work to balance pH levels and keep harmful bacteria out of the vagina.

We like the language used on the site, overall—there’s nothing that suggests the brand is trying to oversell the benefits of the product or overcharge consumers—but we would like to see a bit more information.

Customer Opinions of Multigyn Active Gel

Multigyn Active Gel does have some pretty good reviews, but there weren’t a whole lot of comments posted online. Most users backed up the claims featured on the Multigyn site—this product does seem to be effective in treating mild vaginal issues like burning or odor, but it may not be strong enough to take the place of antibiotics in the case of a true infection. Here’s a look at the feedback previous users posted online:

“This product has helped me, though not as much as I was anticipating. It does help soothe some of the vaginal itching and burning, but it’s messy. You’ll need to wear a panty liner when you use this gel.”

“This is great for the minor stuff—unpleasant smells, itching, general discomfort or chafing, but if you have BV, this is not enough. Good product, but go to the doctor if you have an actual infection.”

“Multigyn Active Gel is good for blocking odor and itching, and takes care of the problem quick. It’s good prevention, too. Using this after sex seems to help keep infections away. I recommend stocking up.”

“I’ve been dealing with BV for about 10 yrs. My doctor always gave me medications for yeast infections, and the BV always came back. This product is great, but you may need to use it for a month or more.”

This product never claims to replace traditional BV treatments, though some users mentioned it was effective for them. It seems this product simply functions as a supportive solution for people who deal with issues like itching or odor on a regular basis.

Multigyn Active Gel could be a good product for menopausal women, though this group should also consider taking a product aimed at balancing hormone levels—as an imbalance is likely the cause of dryness, chafing, odor and more at this stage in life.

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Conclusion – Does Multigyn Active Gel Work?

Multigyn Active Gel, based on the comments left by consumers, seems like it has some strong potential to be a good tool for menopausal women experiencing some unwanted changes to their vaginal microflora.

Past users felt this product was effective in helping them overcome mild, but uncomfortable vaginal issues, but it might not be strong enough to combat recurring yeast infections or BV.

That’s not exactly the point of Multigyn Active Gel, though. This product functions as a supportive tool, used to regulate pH balance, as needed.

While this product seems promising in a lot of ways, it does have a couple issues. We don’t know much about the ingredient profile—which features a patented blend of polysaccharides. This isn’t a huge issue, but it does leave some questions from the perspective of someone trying to evaluate the quality of a product.

Additionally, this product contains glycerin, which some people claim may cause dryness or yeast infections—as it evaporates quickly. This runs counter to what someone might expect from a soothing, pH-balancing product.

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