Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus is a daily supplement used to support women through menopause. This product is designed to help women deal with night sweats and hot flashes, as well as maintain healthy bones and breasts.

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus is made from soy, red clover and black cohosh, all natural sources of estrogen This gel contains ingredients that work to block harmful bacteria, while allowing good bacteria to continue to grow.

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Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus Ingredients and Side Effects

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus is made from a few select ingredients known for their phytoestrogenic properties. Here is a brief look at the most active ingredients present in this formulation:

Black Cohosh Fermented Soy
Red Clover Extract 

Red Clover Extract: A plant used for a number of indications form lowering cholesterol to coughing, asthma and more, red clover, like soy, contains isoflavones, which may help treat hormonal issues like hot flashes, menstrual issues and more.

Fermented Soy: Soy contains substances known as isoflavones, which convert into phytoestrogens inside the body. These phytoestrogens are thought to improve symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats commonly associated with menopause, as well as menstrual pain and maintaining healthy bones and breasts.

Black Cohosh: An herb long used by Native American tribes to help ease some of the common symptoms associated with menopause—hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and fatigue, black cohosh contains phytoestrogens, which impact levels of the hormone inside the body.

Black cohosh actually contains several chemicals, some may work to improve immune system health, while others are thought to have an effect on the nervous system or inflammation.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven menopause pill such as Femmetrinol for better results.

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus Quality of Ingredients

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus has an estrogen-heavy ingredient profile. Users with low estrogen levels are clearly the key demographic here, and if that’s the case—this may well be a good solution.

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus contains a mix of known sources of phytoestrogens, fermented soy, black cohosh, red clover and more—which may help women in menopause, as well as women dealing with breast problems or painful menstruation.

While this could be a good solution for many people, it’s worth noting that this product doesn’t address the issue of low progesterone, another major component in menopause symptoms—especially things like low energy or the lack of a desire for sex.

Basically, we’d recommend this product to women without hormone-sensitive conditions (soy can exacerbate these types of health problems), who have low estrogen levels.

Those with the need for increased progesterone may want to find a different product. Something containing progesterone-oriented ingredients like wild yam or chasteberry.

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The Price and Quality of Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus

Though Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus is not sold on the official website, it’s pretty easy to find. Nature’s Way is a large company that has amassed a robust retail portfolio over the years.

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus can be found at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS and more, as well as in online stores like iHerb, Vitamin Life and Amazon. The product comes bottled in 60-count containers, which amounts to a one-month supply.

The supplement retails between $11 and $17, depending on which channel users buy from—though it looks like prices fluctuate.

Even at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, this product seems relatively affordable. Since Nature’s Way is a trusted brand, it’s safe to say this is a good value for those who truly have low estrogen.

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Business of Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus

Nature’s Way EstroSoy is made by a company known as Nature’s Way. Below, we’ve listed their contact information, and some background on who this company is.

Phone: 800-9NATURE

Address: Customer Service Department
825 Challenger Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus is made by the company, Nature’s Way, who makes a number of supplements that can be found through several different channels.

While products cannot be purchased directly through the Nature’s Way website, the site functions primarily as a way for potential customers to read a little more about who they are buying from.

The product descriptions are a little short, but users can learn more about how items are sourced and find some statements that highlight the company’s commitment to quality and natural ingredients.

While the description for Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus is short and to the point, most users are likely to find that it provides sufficient information.

In general, Nature’s Way is a company that most readers will find familiar and worth giving a try. Our recommendation is, menopausal users should know whether they’ve got a serious estrogen deficiency before blindly giving this supplement a try.

Customer Opinions of Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus does not have all that many reviews, which is somewhat surprising, given this product is sold through so many different channels. Of those reviewers we did find comments from, most did say that they liked the product. Here are some of the comments previous users have elected to share:

“Really effective in keeping hot flashes away. I used this product when my hot flashes returned in full force after a brief love affair with a different product. Thank you, Nature’s Way for putting me out of my misery.”

“I take this product to regulate my menstrual cycles, and it’s pretty good. I know it’s meant to be used more as a menopause product than anything, but it’s been a real boon for my reproductive system.”

“Once I got in the habit of taking these pills each day, I started to see some relief from the hot flashes. A few weeks later, I stopped getting them altogether and am now sleeping through the night with ease.”

“I’m 80 and firmly believe the OLD formula of EstroSoy has been keeping me healthy for years. I do not want to take black cohosh and am angry that the makers of this product messed with a good thing.”

It’s strange that there aren’t too many reviews for this product. The ingredient profile is pretty standard for a menopause supplement and Nature’s Way is something of beloved (and affordable) maker of vitamins and supplements.

Though we’re looking at a smaller pool of reviewers, it seems that most people claimed this was an effective tool in fighting hot flashes, but there weren’t too many mentions that brought up other menopause symptoms like low energy and libido or mood swings.

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus is potentially a good product for some menopausal women, but we’d like to see more feedback before recommending women go out and buy this product.

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Conclusion – Does Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus Work?

Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus might be the right solution for some menopause sufferers. Increasing estrogen is known to have a positive effect on long term bone health, breast health and may reduce the frequency and severity of many menopause symptoms.

Plus, this supplement removes many of the risk factors of taking synthetic hormone replacement therapies, as its made exclusively from plant-based ingredients.

Now, the drawback here is, many women experience menopause symptoms due to a loss of progesterone, or a loss of both female sex hormones. So, in many cases, simply focusing on estrogen might not solve all menopause-related problems.

It’s probably a good idea to talk to a doctor before taking any type of supplement designed to mess with your hormones—yes, even if you’re only planning on using herbal solutions. Getting your hormone levels tested can help you determine if a phytoestrogen-centric product like Nature’s Way EstroSoy Plus is the best path forward, or something that focuses on balancing progesterone and estrogen levels at the same time—something containing a blend of say, wild yam and black cohosh or soy.

In looking at the full scope of menopause products and hormone replacement treatments, we have found that Femmetrinol best brings menopausal women a sense of balance with regular use. Herbs such as black cohosh and wild yam offer a range of benefits to consumers—relief from hot flashes, fatigue, low sex drive, insomnia and more.

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