Nature’s Answer UT Answer Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Nature’s Answer UT Answer is a product made to treat and prevent UTIs. This supplement is designed to be used as a fast-acting 3-day regimen.

Nature’s Answer UT Answer is a blend of cranberry concentrate and D-mannose. According to the website, this product is designed to prevent bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract — clearing out the organisms responsible for the infection.

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Nature’s Answer UT Answer Ingredients and Side Effects

Nature’s Answer UT Answer contains just two ingredients, cranberry and D-mannose—two ingredients that are thought to potentially get “bad” bacteria out of the urinary tract and from there, eliminating the infection. Below, we’ve provided a brief overview of what this product is supposed to do.

Cranberry D-Mannose

Cranberry: Cranberry is thought to help prevent the antioxidant benefits you’d get from drinking cranberry juice, minus the sugar and calories.

Cranberries contain a chemical known as salicylic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, reducing internal swelling and preventing blood clots and the growth of tumors.

Cranberries may also be used to pass kidney stones, treat and prevent UTI and may be used as a diuretic to increase urine flow with use.

There are a couple of theories about how cranberries might work to prevent UTIs—one is, the cranberries make urine acidic, which makes it hard for bacteria to survive in the urinary tract. The other is, the cranberry makes it difficult for bacteria to stick to the walls of the urinary tract.

  • Side effects may include upset stomach and diarrhea.

D-Mannose: D-mannose is a type of sugar, related to glucose that may work to both treat and prevent urinary tract infections. How it works is, D-mannose may prevent certain types of bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract.

  • Side effects may include diarrhea, bloating and in large doses, may have an adverse effect on the kidneys.

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Nature’s Answer UT Answer Quality of Ingredients

Nature’s Answer UT Answer is formulated with the basic idea that cranberry can be used as a tool to treat and prevent urinary tract infections.

While cranberry has long been thought of as a way to keep urinary tract infections at bay, it’s not necessarily meant to be a replacement for more traditional medicine.

Cranberry may have some positive effect when it comes to prevention — plus it has some useful health benefits—but it isn’t going to cure a serious UTI.

Cranberry does have some solid evidence in its favor—but it has yet to be definitively proven as a go-to treatment for UTIs. For example, preventing bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract might not be exactly how it works, but it’s one of the stronger theories.

According to the New York Times, most doctors recommend a course of antibiotics, rest and ibuprofen to treat urinary tract infections—with one doctor mentioning that spending money on cranberry juice may only be worth the money if you truly enjoy drinking the stuff.

As far as our readers are concerned, we don’t see the benefit of Nature’s Answer UT Answer as a potential tool in the menopause medicine cabinet. Sure, some women tend to get more UTIs as they get older, but rounds of cranberry treatments are certainly not the answer.

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The Price and Quality of Nature’s Answer UT Answer

Nature’s Answer UT Answer is sold through the official product page, for $34.99 for a bottle containing four liquid ounces—which amounts to just eight servings.

While the price set by Nature’s Answer seems pretty high, especially considering this product is primarily made from cranberries, users can easily find this product for up to half off per bottle. Amazon offers this product for $18.58 (you can get two bottles for $39,95), iHerb has it for $17.72 and Vitacost, $16.59.

But, given the ingredient profile and the price competing products are going for—the Vitacost price even feels a little high.

Our recommendation is that users with a UTI visit a doctor. Cranberry is not a proven cure for this ailment and prolonging legitimate care may lead to kidney problems or worse.

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Business of Nature’s Answer UT Answer

Nature’s Answer UT Answer was created by a company known as Nature’s Answer. Aside from a contact form posted on the official website, the company has not provided any of their contact details.

But Nature’s Answer has long been in the supplements business—they’ve been making vitamins and food-based dietary supplements since the early 1970s and enjoy widespread distribution and a decent reputation.

The product page for this item features an official label and some bullet points highlighting what exactly the cranberry supplement aims to accomplish. While this information is likely sufficient for most consumers seeking a clear picture of the product, more web copy is dedicated to explaining Nature’s Answer’s sourcing standards and commitment to quality.

We did have an issue with how this product is advertised. Nature’s Answer never explains that cranberry on its own likely isn’t the best course of action in treating UTIs.

That designation would go to antibiotics—and it seems a bit irresponsible to allow consumers to assume this product is an adequate replacement for more traditional care.

Customer Opinions of Nature’s Answer UT Answer

Nature’s Answer UT Answer has pretty good reviews especially when you compare the feedback to other OTC urinary tract support.

Since it may not be especially relevant to the reviews—we don’t have any information as to what demographic these women are from—whether they’re in menopause or not.

Here are some of the comments people shared after using this product:

“Definitely worth a write up, thought I’d spread the word here and mention how much I like this product. I suffer from UTIs all the time, and it really works. Saved me a trip to the doctor, which is just great.”

“A great three-day regime for getting rid of UTIs, plus it’s so much better than going to the doctor for recurring infections. Wish I knew about this sooner, I could have saved myself a few trips.”

“Helped my recurring UTIs. I get them every so often and can kind of tell when one is coming. I take this every time I can feel an infection creeping up on me and it really does the trick. I highly recommend this.”

“This product did not work. I’d advise actually going to the doctor if you have an infection. This might work for an early stage infection, but just get on antibiotics. It’s not worth getting a kidney infection.”

Nature’s Answer UT Answer has a lot of positive reviews, but most of them were from those who get frequent UTIs. Our guess is that users were able to detect the very first stages of an infection and nip it in the bud.

A few users mentioned that the price was a little high, especially for those who get infections on a regular basis.

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Conclusion – Does Nature’s Answer UT Answer Work?

Nature’s Answer UT Answer could potentially help with urinary tract infections, but we cannot recommend this product, as there’s not enough evidence proving that this formula is a proper replacement for more traditional care when it comes to treating UTIs.

Nature’s Answer UT Answer seems like it’s made by a company that cares a great deal about where its ingredients come from, and how products are made. We like the focus on plant-based ingredients and the natural approach to treating common ailments—but we don’t like that this product is sold as a viable alternative to antibiotics.

This product does have some good reviews, and it may well hold some potential with infections that are caught really early on. We’re simply wary of a company that doesn’t direct consumers to get medical help if they have a medical issue.

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